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  1. 12 hours ago, Sarge4Tide said:

    Doesn't have to be a Jets draft pick - a player you thought would be a bust who turned out to be great or a player you thought would be great who turned out to be a bust?

    I'll straight up admit to thinking Trent Richardson would be the greatest RB in the NFL.  I also thought another Bama player, Keith McCants would be a Hall of Famer.  


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    I like this prospect (Brian Asamoa) Oklahoma LB SOOOO much *SPECIFICALLY* for the Jets/Selah defense, I had to make a thread about it.  


    "Does the heavy lifting, as most of his tackles were solo efforts.

    Quick read and react in early stages of the rep.

    Reads his keys and recognizes misdirection in the run game.

    Full-throttle trigger to disrupt blocking scheme.

    Very good sideline-to-sideline chase speed.

    Projectable traits and flashes as a playmaker.

    Movement is athletic and easy in coverage.

    Able to expand coverage area from zone.

    Should shine as a kick- and punt-cover talent on special teams."

    I saw him play in two games and thought to myself that he reminded me of the LBs that the Saints had in the mid 80's to 90's.  Swilling, Mills, Turnbull.  Then, I went and watched a few highlights and I got a few more ideas.   

    If Saleh is going to be running the 4-2-5 a lot (where the DB and LB flex) *THIS* is the ideal guy to be the rambler in that defense.

    Let's see if JD has done his study work.  I'm going to be ecstatic if they draft him.

  3. 6 minutes ago, GangGreen Machine said:

    Jets biggest flaw in the WR room last year seemed to be getting separation outside of Moore in a few games and Berrios at the end of the season.

    London is a throwback bully ball WR. Rules have changed for the better for wide outs so no priority need for elite physicality.

    Id like some more speed and agility in the next high pick WR to become a jet. Maybe someone with traits similar to Mr. Hill but without the baggage. 

    As soon as teams start looking to follow a trend, the trend is over.  London has good hands and is aggressive to the ball.  Can play outside or in the slot/seam.  He can and does get some separation by cutting and making moves.  I don't see him getting a lot of yards after the catch, though.  A not so wealthy man's Keyshawn Johnson.   

    Just a guess, but I think he would be better for a QB that throws on time and has ideal ball placement.  London will run nice short and medium routs and come out of his move/break with some space, but he's not going to be much help for a QB that improvises and moves around more than rely on precision and pre-snap read.  

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  4. 3 hours ago, THE BARON said:

    Dont waste your time with Kiper.  Here are two expert drafts from The Baron.   I consider Ickey and Sauce the two best players in the draft, and ones that will fill a key need.  Since it highly improbable that the Jets can land both, I have one daft taking Ickey at # 4 and one the other takes Sauce at # 4.  TheBaron *personally* guarantees four starters in either draft and two perennial ProBowlers.  I'm also POSITIVE that my later round draft picks will be noteworthy produces.  This would be a draft for the ages.





    3 hours ago, THE BARON said:

    download (1).png

    And here is one more FIVE STAR EXPERT draft from THE BARON with Hamilton as the # 4 pick



  5. 1 hour ago, slats said:

    Edge and WR. Jets have two left tackles, already. 

    I dont count Becton and how much longer will Fant be available and at his best ??? That position is so important and Ickey is such a great prospect, I cant's see how you pass on him for any other player in the draft besides perhaps Sauce or Hamilton.  Thibs would be off my draft board for the first round. 

  6. Dont waste your time with Kiper.  Here are two expert drafts from The Baron.   I consider Ickey and Sauce the two best players in the draft, and ones that will fill a key need.  Since it highly improbable that the Jets can land both, I have one daft taking Ickey at # 4 and one the other takes Sauce at # 4.  TheBaron *personally* guarantees four starters in either draft and two perennial ProBowlers.  I'm also POSITIVE that my later round draft picks will be noteworthy produces.  This would be a draft for the ages.



    download (1).png

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  7. 6 hours ago, slimjasi said:

    First impressions are everything for a lot of people, but yes, a number of us have pointed out that his short passing was appreciably better as the season progressed. 

    And it will probably get a lot better with the two new TE's and that should also help bring in the DB's shallow and improve the long passing game as well.

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  8. 55 minutes ago, Dunnie said:

    In this world of woke extremism.. we all live in fear of phrasing things the unacceptable way....

    .... I may choose instead to live in the mountains ... alone in solitude ... with my rifle, my pony and me.

    Indeed.  Probably, most here understand this, but I thought it might be helpful to point it out.  The media, meaning many of the people that call the shots at the networks, newspapers and Hollywood studios do not have a progressive agenda or a pro "minority" agenda as it may appear.  They have a "for profit" agenda.  They would not feel as if they were accomplishing to see a person with a dark complexion and another with a light complexion accepting and respecting each other and proceeding in honesty synergy.  What they like to do is motivate an attitudinal view that would provoke people with no significant human differences into strangling each other so the media bosses can come pick the wallets off the two dead bodies.  That, they like. Beware, keep cool and give your larger brain a chance.

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  9. I almost never get involved in these discussions.  Two points here.  If NFL owners/brass objected to CK's protests, it may not be because those individuals are not in line with social justice.  Imagine if any of us that work a regular job showed up to work one day and we started distributing political pamphlets to other employees.  Even if the company's management/ownership agreed with the content of the pamphlets, they would none the less be horrified that we were going to turn their workplace into a conflagration.  Such would not be good for anyone that works for the company, or the company's bottom line.  Anyone who tried to introduce that into the workplace would be fired regardless of the content.

    Next.  I'm not exactly sure if CK was protesting abuse of police power or if he was saying that the police were targeting a specific group.  From what I could see, it appeared through the medial that he was suggesting that the police are targeting a specific group.  

    There is unquestionably, still racism and injustice.  Such leads to the disadvantaged group(s) committing more crime.  We also know that in every profession/occupation, there is good work being done and bad work.  That goes for the police too.  Mostly good work is done, but unfortunately, there is also bad police work.

    If members of the disadvantaged group(s) commit crime at a greater rate due to the effects of systemic  racism/injustice there is a much greater chance that they will be the unfortunate victim of bad police work.

    So... If the statement is that we have systemic racism, I believe it to be a true declaration.  Though, statistics suggest that the police as an institution is not the primary impetus for systemic racism.  Unfortunately, the police deal with the ugly ends of societal issues regularly.  The disadvantaged groups appear to be specific targets of the police due to the numbers.  A more balanced/accurate explanation is that they are more often that other groups, the fortuitous victims of bad police work due to percentages of crime being committed by the disadvantaged group(s). 

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  10. 2 hours ago, Augustiniak said:

    Wonder if this will inspire them to make sure they get a wr to try and fix the offense rather than focus on d in round 1.

    JD added two tight ends in FA.  This may be an indication that the CS is communicating with the GM about how best to help Wilson and the offense.   I would also think that JD will be drafting a WR at spot # 10 in the draft or if not there, with their first second round pick.  Oddly enough, the WR's that go in the second round may very well wind up with more production that the WR"s that go in the first round. 

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  11. 13 minutes ago, PepPep said:

    Can you post some tape? Some analysis? Something that suggests that he is 'zero against the run' and will be relegated to being a 3rd down situational pass rusher. I have not seen this ANYWHERE. Not on any tape, not on any scouting reports, not on any draft profiles. Nowhere. Literally, nobody else seems to have the opinion that KT is bad against the run game. So bad, in fact that he projects to be a 3rd down lineman only in the NFL.  

    Seriously. Everything I have seen shows the opposite. That he has the strength and awareness to shed and disengage and he has the speed and athleticism to make a play on the RB. 

    It is based on what I see and what I know about college football and pro football.   And I 100 % respect *your* option that *my* observations and evaluation is garbage. 

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  12. 1 minute ago, Irish Jet said:

    The WR who has future shelf stacking CB's draped all over him is a safer pick than Thibodeaux? lol

    Trevor Lawrence said things that were far more egregious than anything Thibs has about desire to play football and it didn't receive nearly the same coverage.

    People talk about him as if he's had real character issues and legal problems when in reality all he's stated is that he has ambitions outside of football. He's going to want to make a ton of money like all of the other prospects want to. The best avenue to maximising his income is through maximising his production. He's the high ceiling guy who'll likely be available and the concerns seem overblown at best and cynical stereotyping at worst. 

    Forget about any character or work-ethic issues and focus on skills.  He is a zero against the run. The Jets would like to ave an end like Klecko or John Abraham or Michael Strahan.  Not an edge like Chandler Jones.  In the Jets defense, Thibs would be relegated to being a package player on 3rd and long.  

  13. 30 minutes ago, Copernicus said:

    You also make a ton of sense Baron. This upcoming draft for me is all over the place. I would question London simply because I believe we havent heard from him since the season speculating that he is injured (I believe the same for Karlaftis). Have you heard anything?

    Have not heard a peep about either.  First round projected prospects, if they are getting quality guidance usually do all they can to remain invisible to the media once the combine ends.  Any media attention between the end of the combine and the draft almost always means very bad PR news for the prospect and a big plummet in daft position. 

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