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  1. The Bills will be the hardest game left for the Jets, IMHO. Of all the games the Ravens have left, I think the Jets have the best chance to beat them. Not SF but the Jets. And yes, I know SF has the best d-line in the league.
  2. Agree. You don't blitz. You play gap control. It must be disciplined, stick with your assignment up front. Don't abandon the inside gaps. The WR's the Ravens have are far from an elite corps. Have the corners funnel them. Also. You cant count on it, but I guarantee you, if a defender puts hard wood on LJ, it will cool him off.
  3. Not so sure. Adams may not be the best guy to use as a spy, but I don't think it is due to LJ being faster. A spy more often than not us usually a LB or SS that is assigned to a ball carrier. Anticipation and taking the right angle is more important than speed for the spy, The Ravens offense has a bit of the same effect on fans that the Pardee run and shoot offense. did. Everyone is in awe and thinks it is impossible to stop. And then it comes up against a DC that has the tools.
  4. You were probably right up there with Ron Jaworski on Kaepernick. "Kaepernick could be one of the greatest ever" Now your a LJ fanboy ??? There is nothing cerebral or invincible about what the Ravens and LJ are doing. Jets 34 - Ravens 17
  5. There are more holes in LJ's game than there were in Kaepernicks game.
  6. I'm watching the Ravens / Rams game. Thinking the same thing I did last time I watched the Ravens. Their offense is nothing special and Lamar is nothing either new or indefensible. For the DC with the proper brain power (Greg Williams), the Raven's offense is going to be easy meat. Disciplined gap control, funnel the WR's outside and put a spy on Lamar. Perhaps Adams.
  7. What is the big deal ??? This is just smack talk. No crime is being done, no violence, no drugs, no torture of dogs, etc. No need to apply corporate office decorum to these dudes... Leave 'em play...
  8. The next two games will be another "LITMUS" test for the Jets. On paper, the Jets should win convincingly over the Bengals and the Dolphins. Good coaching will keep them focused, working hard and playing as motivated professionals. Bad coaching will see them float into the clouds and becoming delusional resulting in an ass kicking by an inferior team and the entire fan base crashing to earth before the anticipated Ravens game... Are these the "Same Old Jets" We shall see...
  9. He should be paid like a number 1 receiver for sure, but not an elite number one. He is more than a one trick pony. He can run the shallow stuff too. His best attribute, I think is the eyes he has in the back of his head. Uncanny adjustment to the ball. The fun factor is there too. I was at the game and fans were having a ball when he jumped into the crowd. He's a natural Jet. Also remember that he is durable. He's not a Julio Jones level guy, but he's not fools gold. He's a very nice player. If Douglas does not make a strong effort to keep Anderson and Jamal Adams, I will be disap
  10. Sort of yeah, but I see Sam as more of a California version of Brett Favre. One that will hopefully throw less interceptions and be more discrete with his cell phone images
  11. I *REALLY* hope he stays. Great coach with respect to defensive design and also very well liked by the players. So hard to find that combo. Both task oriented and relationship oriented. He instills a winning personality in the X's and O's
  12. I think Sam gave Gase his old USC play book and they made a new offense with it...
  13. The team that we saw out there today wasn't really the Jets. It was the "pod" Jets. Looks like the Jets, sounds like them... Even smells like the Jets, but it was an imitation...
  14. CB could be half way there if Austin continues to work out. S. No problems there as long as they don't trade Jamal WR position is not a ghost town LB position far from shabby. Need that edge guy. O-Line. UG !!!! One good off season could turn the roster into a playoff team
  15. Here is somewhat of a revelation.... A base 34 defense often acts like a 43 or "46" for that matter (Rex Ryan). The compelling factor that differentiates the two is not the size, shape and speed of the d-line guys. It is the flexibility you are afforded with your schemes, alignments, formations, coverage at the second level and so on. It gives the DC options to change-up on the fly and disguise what is coming next. Suggesting that a 34 defense is holding QW back from being noticeably affective is simply not believable. These guys are football players, not aircraft parts...
  16. Thus far, Gase has only done one thing I know of that is worth of any sort of praise. He listened to Darnold's input and made changes in the offense. So what we've got here is a HC that needs to be schooled by his second year QB.
  17. Anyone know exactly what type of "groin" injury C.J. Mosley has ??? I've seen players listed with "groin" injuries who didn't miss any game time, some that missed a game and some that missed several games. This is the only groin injury that I can remember that has lingered so long without any firm info about a return date. The word now is that he will undergo surgery if there is no improvement in the next week. What type of injury is this ??? A torn muscle or a muscle that detached from the bone ??? What would the surgery do ??? It must be a total bitch having such an injury
  18. Agree. Where NFL type moneys are on the line, no one should expect anything judicious from the league or any other corporate entity. Emotions running high and opinions aplenty in the CK media phenomenon. Onlookers believing the central issues are social justice and patriotism. The actual impetus for the league is economic. Many people in the NFL from the highest levels of management on down rightfully agree that there are serious social justice issues that need to be worked out, but few of those people wanted to see it aired out in *THEIR WORKPLACE*. Imagine if any of us took politica
  19. Shell was in there last week. I don't thing Edoga will make it on the outside. They should try Edoga out on the interior and see if he can be developed that way.
  20. Sacks not the big expectation for an interior defensive lineman. When Suh and Sapp first took the field they were clearly aggressive and very disruptive. I thought Suh was trying to dismember people.
  21. I dig. It always helps to have good feet. Man or zone.
  22. Feet are always good to have. A man blocking scheme usually calls for more athletic guys up front. In "zone", it works pretty much they way it sounds. A given lineman has a zone assignment and he blocks who ever comes into his zone. In "man" the lineman's assignment is a specific guy. He has to take on that defender even if he twists/shifts/stunts so he'll have to do more moving around. Though, in either a man or zone blocking scheme, you see some of both. There are a few players that come to mind that were drafted with the expectation of playing OT and they did poorly, BUT they m
  23. Who else was on that Ravens defense ??? Who's on the Jets defense ??? What role did Ed Reed play in that defense ??? What role does Adams play ??? Who was the FS and who was the SS ??? Where do you have a chance to freelance and grab ints ??? How many sacks did Ed have in his first two years ??? How many tackles ??? I'd venture to say that you are complicating the obvious and trivializing the momentous...
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