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  1. + Dwayne Robertson ("bowling ball covered in razor blades" W, Sapp) * Kenrick Ellis (drafted with knowledge of off the field legal issues none the less)
  2. Thus far, I'm calling him a bust. I don't see a single thing from him to suggest he will be a key player. Mike DeVito and Sione Pouha were more effective. I don't see quickness, explosiveness and absolutely don't see any power.
  3. Adams is a game changer. That is a player you keep and build around. Forget the nonsense about only QB and offensive skill positions "win games". CB's don't win games for you ??? Revis, Prime Time LB's don't win games for you ??? LT, Ray Lewis Safeties don't win games for you ??? Ed Reed. Jamal Adams Special players win games for you at any position... Greg Williams has done a masterful job with what he has to work with. Both tactically and keeping the players focused and on track.
  4. Edoga is a disaster area on the outside. No feet. They should try him out on the interior.
  5. Remember Adrian Clark and Anthony Clement ??? That was probably the worst line or at least in contention for one of the worst.
  6. This is sticky stuff. Understandable that a racist remark would incense the person that was targeted, but that should never be given any credibility as a defense for doing violence. Especially not with a weapon. It could very well lead some people to think that doing violence for a perceived slur is an option. "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but if you call me names, I'll bash your head in with a blunt object"
  7. Not gonna happen. Jets gonna run the table and sneak into the playoffs. They'll wind up drafting at 11 or so
  8. This is a really interesting idea for a few reasons. In today's NFL we all know that the league begs you to pass the ball. They do it by means of the rules. QB's are protected like never before, O-Lines are engaged in arm wrestling contests and DB's cant look at anyone cross-eyed without a pile of yellow laundry coming out. If I were to design a base defense, it would be a One Gap 4-2-5. In the 34 defense, you are flexing your LB on the first and second level. In my proposed 4-2-5 base defense, you are flexing your S (Jamal) on the second and third level. A const
  9. I like your last line... Making a splash would be consistent with Johnson and some of the Jets past "questionable" but sensational signings. Geno Smith (while Sanchez was still the starter) and Tim Tebow.
  10. From my original post: "That sounds like I am calling Gase out for sabotage, but sabotage is not likely. That would require that Gase has a brain. "
  11. Ya think maybe that Gase is doing a little something with play calling and play design that ensures Bell doesn't do anything to prove him wrong ??? That sounds like I am calling Gase out for sabotage, but sabotage is not likely. That would require that Gase has a brain. Remember, we are taking about an OC that was recently straightened out by a second year QB. I'm glad the Jets have Sam and I'm glad the Jets have Douglas, but it is Gase and not Bell that is the albatross you refer to. Gase is trying to recreate what he thinks will bring success. In his thoughtless compulsion to
  12. Agree 100 %. IMHO, Edoga's destiny will be guard and not tackle. We saw him get beat around the edge last week and a number of times prior. He's got no feet...
  13. Interesting... Not too sure they are similar type of QB's other than they both have less than classic throwing motions. Rivers throws side arm and Darnold has a longer throwing arc in comparison to most other pro QB's. Both Rivers and Darnold have low release points relative to their height. Familiar examples of a high release point would be Tom Brady and Chad Pennington. With respect to decision making. Sam has not been around long enough to prove out one way or the other. He's still at the very beginning of his pro career and in the midst of learning the position. We also ha
  14. After the game that Rivers just had, considering his age, the Chargers seem a likely landing spot if they can pull off a 0-16 in 2020
  15. We could also see a team trade away multiple first round picks to move up and land one of them...
  16. OK... Who's going to tank the 2020 season for Trevor Lawrence ??? I'd say it looms larger than the "Suck For Luck" campaign did...
  17. Is is a decent indicator that they are improving. We know the Giants and Redskins are two of the worst teams in the league. Not much to learn from a win against that level of opposition. We know the Raiders are in the middle of the pack and they have a good qb and a productive offense. If they can manage a win against a decent team, we can conclude that the Jets are not the absolute dumpster fire that they appeared to be three weeks ago
  18. Exactly.... No depth *now*. Remember, Kalil and Winters are no longer on the roster. Lewis, Harrison and Compton are their defacto starters on the interior line. Right now ZERO back-up The tackles are Beachum and Edoga - backed up by Shell and McDermot. Need some back-up on the inside of the line. I don't know much about McDermot, but I think in case of emergency, Edoga can play on the inside and Shell can play on the outside if Edoga has to kick inside
  19. Lewis and Compton played well. Better than Winters and Kalil who are both gone and were both gone when I wrote the post above. Who do you see now backing up Lewis and Compton ???
  20. Thanks for posting. This bodes well for your team when the GM seems to know what the fans know too. In this case, manpower for the o-line is much needed. Jets have marginal starters and zero depth.
  21. If the Jets run the same type of offense they did vs. the Redskins, I'm sure the Jets can move the ball on the Raiders defense and score at least 23 points. That being a given, the game will come down to the chess game between Chucky on offense and Greg Williams on defense. Mostly the way Williams calls the coverages on the back end of the defense.
  22. How's he gonna fit on the plane ??? Even if he could, they dont allow smoking...
  23. What Single Player Other Than A QB if Added To Roster Would Improve The Jets The Most. Any Current NFL Player Regardless Of Contract Status... My vote. Quenton Nelson. Good for Darnold. VERY good for Bell...
  24. agree darnold can do more than improvise and play schoolyard bal, but when you have a QB that can do both, it is an advantage to gear up to keep all options open. It gives you flexibility to attack different defenses in different ways as needed. It is "Dan Henning 101". Look at what he did with Joe T. and the hogs with the Redskins and then see how he got Vinny T to play when he came to the Jets. Same OC with different QB's running a very different offense for each respective QB. Either expand the offense or limit it to what the QB does best. It looked like Gase still thought P. Mannig wa
  25. Fixing is needed but NOT to make Darnold a drop-back and pass from the pocket guy like Payton Manning. That is not good for Darnold. What Douglas needs to do is get athletic offensive lineman that can play in a dynamic man blocking scheme with a lot of lateral movement of the entire pocket. Anything else would be pi$$ing up a rope unless they trade darnold and draft a statue like P. Manning or T. Brady.
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