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  1. Unless the Jets pry Anthony Castonzo away from the Colts, the Jets had better draft the best offensive lineman available or I am going to drive my head through a wall... That is priority one. Every other need shrinks to insignificance... A dead QB can not throw to the best WR's in the league A dead QB can not hand the ball off to the best RB's in the league A team with a dead QB cant win even with the best defense in the league
  2. I think Darnold would do really well in the type of offense that Joe Bugel ran with Washington when they won the Superbowl. Joe Theisman worked to an ideal in that offense because he could move as well as Darnold can, and he can trow on the move. That offense specialized in moving the pocket. Play action was tremendous and the running game had opposing defenses throwing fits with all the line motion. They ran counter-gap better than any other pro team I have seen since then. It also sets the table for some long bombs to be completed. It would be PERFECT for Sam. All they need is bunch
  3. I said this a few weeks back and I got flamed by all the LJ fanboys. LJ is a limited pro qb. He will impress vs. average teams, but fall flat against the big boys.
  4. Good grief. Don't you get it ??? Gase is probably a good QB coach, but despite that, he cant run a team or even an offense.
  5. And before that, it was Jim Sweeney, Joe Fields and Schmidt. Some of the best ever to snap a football...
  6. Interesting thought. Not many pro teams carry a fullback these days, but they can come in handy. Can the economy of using a single roster spot for a stater that can double as a full back spark new consideration for teams in the draft and players in college ??? I can see positions like LB, DE, DT, OG, OT, C possibly developing that skill set AND FB skill set too. It would add a lot of value to that payers marketability and it would be a great help to an NFL team to have a monster FB for short yardage, goal line, decoy *without* having to use a roster spot for a dedicated FB
  7. Wanna hear a hot one ??? You wont here this from too many other commentators. Joe Judge is going to be a *winning* NFL HC. Matt Rhule is going to fail as an NFL HC. Mark it.
  8. Right. But McCarthy is a HC that "runs the show". The Johnson's would not be able to meddle. That is why they would not hire him regardless of how much better of a choice he was vs. the con man they hired.
  9. He is trash as a HC and needs to go. The problem is... He is not trash as a personal promoter.
  10. Because Gase cant run a team or even an offense. He may be good as a position coach, and that seems to be what he uses to sell himself, but he does not have the tools to succeed as a HC and probably as an OC either This is not a vote for Gase as HC. Quite the opposite. I'm explaining how he's been able to con Johnson with a pitch that professional salesman call "successive issues"
  11. A quick thought on Gase - Tannehill Fans and talking heads are using Tannehill's recent excellent performance as an exhibit to criticize Gase. Now that Tannehill is no longer being coached by Gase, he looks so much better... Tannehill didn't all of a sudden grow a new brain. He is using what Gase taught him... We also know that Peyton manning is a supporter of Gase... What does this all add up to ??? Gases has merit as a QB coach and it was fairly noticed by Manning and is being utilized now by Tannehill.. As impressive as it can look, obviously, it does not ad
  12. My Ideal Scenario: Jets land Costanzo in FA. LT is *SET* Jets draft Wirfs or Wills with the # 11 for RT. MUCH Prefer Wirfs for his mobility and flexibility. With Darnold, you'll want a mobile line that can move the pocket. Harrison stays on as the starting center, or competes for the starting job with the other interior lineman including additional interior lineman that you pick-up in rounds 4-7 or in FA Jets pick up two other inside offensive lineman between the 4th and 7th round or FA Consideration with those picks is given to players that can best fit into an aggr
  13. Wirfs would be a good pick, especially if they cant lure Costanzo in FA. IMHO, Wirfs will make the better pro LT vs. Wills. And that is what they will need if Joe D. does not go hard to land Costanzo
  14. Translation... I'll make my decision after everyone waves their max offer at me... And it better be a real big offer or I'll retire... He is at the top of his game and has at lest 4 more seasons of elite play left in him. LT is one of the positions you can and should pay $$$ for. If Joe D. does not make him the most generous offer, I will consider it a failure on his part. The Jets need a new line. There it is for the taking.
  15. Agree fully. Coslet was my least liked Jets HC of all time. As bad as Kotite and the Preacher were, I liked both of them as people. Coslet was a horrible coach and a total sh*t heel to boot
  16. I am about to make the stupid ass-hole comment of the year. Perhaps the decade. I think Gase was a horrible choice for HC, BUT... I am not on board with the Rhule lovers... And here is why... And here is my comment. I dont like Rhule as HC material because... He has the face of a loser That's it. That's why I don't like him for the Jets HC job
  17. Pry Costanzo away from the Colts with lots of $$$$$$ and then look to the draft for the new RT. Andrew Thomas will be gone, hence the need for Costanzo at LT, but either Wills or Wirfs will be there. Costanzo at LT and Wills or Wirfs at RT. I need to add here... I DONT like Wills as a LT, but I do love him as an elite RT. Wirfs, IMHO, due to his excellent feet and flexibility can transition well to LT with good coaching. I would keep Harrison as the starting center. The last few games he was playing quality ball. Then, you draft one or two inside offensive linem
  18. The biggest problem with the offense is Gase himself. I said it before and so have many others... A successful coach observes his manpower and takes note of the specific strengths and weaknesses. From this, comes his vision and design. He puts his players in good places for them to take advantage of their respective skill sets while safeguarding them from their deficiencies. Gase is NOT such a coach. Gase is going to be stubbornly and arrogantly jamming square pegs into round holes while accumulating losses and putting up embarrassing statistics until even his apologists
  19. Trade bell for an interior defensive lineman. Draft interior defensive lineman. Bring back Sheldon Richardson, Mario Williams, Snacks and Tim Wilkerson... And then... Get more interior defensive lineman... Maybe Mike DeVito and Pouha want to make a come back. They have 53 spots on that roster. One spot for QB, one for kicker, punter and 50 spots for much needed interior defensive lineman...
  20. Belichick can also be called strange, awkward and a dickhead. He is respected because he is a bona fied genius. I don't care that Gese is any of those things. The compelling issue is that he is *not* a genius. He has a "shoe box" offense. He does not or can not create based on what is in front of him. He's stuck to a particular system because it is all he knows. He can hum along with the tune, but he does not know the music. The results speak for themselves. Jets have the worst total offensive yardage in the league. He impressed Chris Johnson with polished script. Now we
  21. Just major guesswork on my part, but I *think* Belichick made up his mind to eventually move on when Kraft forced his hand on the Brady / Garappolo thing. I figure Belichick decided that he'd move on the year that Brady retires or leaves
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