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  1. On 11/20/2019 at 3:56 PM, jetstream23 said:

    We gotta piss in a cup or something to get thru the gates on Sunday? What's this all about?  I'm with Le'Veon....no more tests!

    Piss and the Jets ???  Brings me all the way back to Shae Stadium.   My father started taking me to games back in 1980 when I was just a pup.  Our tickets were in the mezzanines.  Back then at Shae, it was a much different experience from being at MetLife Stadium.  At Shae circa 1980, there were drunks all over the stadium.  Fights would be breaking out everywhere.  There were guys that looked like Rocky's pal Pauley.  They all had paper bags with a bottle of booze to sip on, and they all yelled out the same thing at the players.... "YOU BUM !!!! YOU BUM !!!" At a game in December, I even saw two drunken guys dressed as Santa Claus having a fist fight over who was the real Santa...  And PISS... Yes... PISS.  If you went out on the concourse in the mezzanines during half time, you had to make sure you didn't get too close to the outside wall.  There were drunks that would PISS off of the upper deck.  You'd get splashed by the streams of PISS that would be cascading down. I wont even go into what the bathrooms were like...

    How's that for a litmus test ???

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  2. 17 minutes ago, Bomberjet said:

    Amazing  - this kid is only 21 years old - Aaron Donald had 2 years on him when he was drafted in 2014 - 13th - so are the 12 other teams fans who passed on him crying the blues like this fan base?

    You don't draft a 21 yo kid and expect to be able to push around NFL lineman right overnight.  Geesh, just let the kid grow up a little with experience  and get into the weight room.

    I would like anyone to recall a DT drafted so young make it into the pro-bowl their 1st year, like it seems this negative fan base is wanting. 

    Go ahead, I'm waiting.....

    Warren Sapp.  22 y/o at draft

    N. Suh 23 y/o at draft

    Newly drafted defensive lineman can and should make an immediate impact if they are all that they were cracked up to be.  

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

    So....3 days ago, Mike's Garrett sorrowfully apologizes for his behavior, apologized to the league, his team, Mason Rydolph, Baby Jesus, Gandhi, and Yoda Baby from the Mandalorian.  Says nothing about racism. 


    Yesterday(?) Miles Garrett goes to NYC with his family, agent, lawyer, attorneys, and Pastor to appeal the suspension on grounds that the NFLPA CBA doesn't allow for suspensions of undetermined length. Nobody in his party mentions any racism, slurs, or naughty words 

    NFL tells Miles Garrett that his behavior was unacceptable  uncivilized, and they will give him a specific term of suspension.




    LOL.  2019 in a nutshell. 


    There is an old saying... "Patriotism is the last refuge for a scoundrel".  

    Time for the 2019 version.

    "Victim identity is the last refuge for a scoundrel"

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  4. 9 hours ago, BurnleyJet said:

    You made my point, we have three good DT’s on this team now, even after trading Leonard Williams, and not counting QW.

    Why the hell draft him:-

    Lessons learnt Zero:-

    Mo Wilkerson.

    Quentin Coples.

    Sheldon Richardson.

    Leonard Williams.

    Quinnen Williams. (Really..)

    Last Edge Rusher Drafted by the Jets Bryan Thomas (2002!).

    Last good one John Abraham (2000!).

    + Dwayne Robertson ("bowling ball covered in razor blades" W, Sapp)

    * Kenrick Ellis (drafted with knowledge of off the field legal issues none the less)

  5. Thus far, I'm calling him a bust. I don't see a single thing from him to suggest he will be a key player.  Mike DeVito and Sione Pouha were more effective.  I don't see quickness, explosiveness and absolutely don't see any power. 

  6. 9 hours ago, Sperm Edwards said:

    In a way even the better/best ones in this group are inflated because they're all subpar. 

    Take a particular play where Beachum would have given up a sack after 2.8 seconds. Except he had the benefit, on that play, of Kalil giving up a sack - or causing Darnold to get flushed out wide right - after just 1.5 seconds. In terms of getting graded on that play, Beachum comes out with a better (if not an outright good/perfect) grade not because he did or would have done well, but rather because someone else was even worse. He didn't give up QB pressure on that play (let alone an outright sack). 

    When you have a couple of train wrecks like Kalil & Edoga, it indirectly benefits the PFF grades of everyone else on the line not named Kalil or Edoga. Put Beachum on a line with 4 good starters and his grade would necessarily drop even if his level of play is unchanged. 

    Edoga is a disaster area on the outside.  No feet.  They should try him out on the interior.   

  7. 15 hours ago, rangerous said:

    not surprised by the grading.  about the only good thing to say is if each player has enough talent they will get better as a group as they play more together.  thus far this oline has been musical chairs.  another thing is putting edoga at Lt was just not putting him at his best position to succeed.  

    Remember Adrian Clark and Anthony Clement ??? That was probably the worst line or at least in contention for one of the worst.

  8. 6 hours ago, DJF71 said:

    I don’t know if he did or didn’t, but it was predictable that he would use the racial slur card. It’s the go to excuse for stupidity.

    This is sticky stuff.  Understandable that a racist remark would incense the person that was targeted, but that should never be given any credibility as a defense for doing violence.  Especially not with a weapon.  It could very well lead some people to think that doing violence for a perceived slur is an option.  "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but if you call me names, I'll bash your head in with a blunt object"

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  9. 17 minutes ago, chrisfaceoff said:

    Sadly, also at work, so I cant get to the link to copy it, but:


    Did anyone see the video of The Herd Where Colin suggested if the draft order stood where it currently is that he suggests if he were the Chargers to call us and Make a trade for 5 to grab their QB.  His thought process was that Rivers inability to play outside of the pocket and lack of mobility is the current issue with QB play and the league is going with more mobile QBs seeing success coupled with a lot of terrible OL play.  He believes Tua will be there for us hen we pick because of his recent injury, but probably wouldn't last until 11 when they pick.


    So to swap with us for 11 and 5, another 1st, and he said if we hold firm one of their starters at Pass Rushers or CB because they have deep talent there.


    Kinda trying to remember the full recap as I sit here waiting for my databases to run at work, so if someone is able to post the link to the video, that would be helpful haha


    But... thoughts?

    Not gonna happen.  Jets gonna run the table and sneak into the playoffs.  They'll wind up drafting at 11 or so

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  10. 4 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

    He’s essentially playing the position anyway a lot of the time. Sure tackler, nose for the ball, diagnoses paths to the ball carrier, quick and not afraid mix it up with OLineman. Of course, he’d be undersized but instead of bringing our S into the box all the time we could have an OLB we move around and drop into coverage as the best coverage OLB in the league. 

    This is a really interesting idea for a few reasons.

    In today's NFL we all know that the league begs you to pass the ball.  They do it by means of the rules.  QB's are protected like never before, O-Lines are engaged in arm wrestling contests and DB's cant look at anyone cross-eyed without a pile of yellow laundry coming out.

    If I were to design a base defense, it would be a One Gap 4-2-5. 

    In the 34 defense, you are flexing your LB on the first and second level. 

    In my proposed 4-2-5 base defense,  you are flexing your S (Jamal) on the second and third level. 

    A constant nickle more or less with a hybrid S/LB. 

    A S like Jamal Adams or LB like  Darron Lee, Pat Swilling etc. would be the right guy for that flex position.


  11. 28 minutes ago, varjet said:

    Leveon Bell's cap number this year is almost $9mm and next year goes up to $15.5mm .  He is guaranteed $13mm in salary next year.  If someone was trading for Bell before the deadline, they were assuming his guaranteed salary.   Unless there is a plan to utilize Bell more effectively, that is a very large allocation of cap space/money in 2020 for not a lot of production.

    Rumor had it Gase wanted Tevin Coleman, who is having an ok year for the 49ers.  His YPC is at 3.9, as opposed to Bell's 3.1  His cap number is 3.6mm and is $4.55mm next year, not guaranteed.  

    I share the Board's general respect and like for Bell, but if I was building a team, I would have signed Coleman, not Bell.  I think Coleman fits more with what Gase wanted to do, and the type of OL that Osemele was supposed to be.   

    But I am a Conspiracy Theorist, and I do think the Bell signing was at least in part a desire by Mac/Johnson to make a splash.  

    I like your last line...  Making a splash would be consistent with Johnson and some of the Jets past "questionable" but sensational signings.   Geno Smith (while Sanchez was still the starter) and Tim Tebow.   

  12. 1 hour ago, Maxman said:

    Yes Gase wants to prove that he was right in a conversation between him and Macc where nobody knows what was said. So much so that he is going to hurt the team and get himself fired.

    He is giving Bell the ball and it isn't working. That has to be fixed. But suggestion that Gase is playing Bell and wants him to fail is way out there.

    From my original post: "That sounds like I am calling Gase out for sabotage, but sabotage is not likely.  That would require that Gase has a brain. "

  13. 3 hours ago, Jetster said:

    I don't think Adam Gase has anything against Le'veon Bell. You all remember the early rumors that Gase didn't want Bell & Jet fans instantly took Bells side on the subject. Bell has been a good soldier but let's all be completely honest, there is no way on gods green earth his production will match his salary. Yes, our Oline is a shambles but GREAT BACKS make something out of nothing at least once a game. Even when he gets a rare opening he doesn't seem to have the quick burst to get through. 

    I was watching Devin Cook with the Vikings & his burst is amazing. My point is that the Bell contract is just another albatross that JD has to deal with. I thought the contract wasn't that bad considering we got a top 5 RB. After watching Bell for 10 games I have to say I'm not Impressed. I love his attitude but that doesn't win games. Gase was right & we'd be way better off having his salary for Oline, CB, Pass Rusher or WR. High priced free agents never seem to work out for this team. Kevin Mawae was probably our best free agent acquisition ever. 

    Ya think maybe that Gase is doing a little something with play calling and play design that ensures Bell doesn't do anything to prove him wrong ???  That sounds like I am calling Gase out for sabotage, but sabotage is not likely.  That would require that Gase has a brain.  Remember, we are taking about an OC that was recently straightened out by a second year QB.  

    I'm glad the Jets have Sam and I'm glad the Jets have Douglas, but it is Gase and not Bell that is the albatross you refer to.

    Gase is trying to recreate what he thinks will bring success.  In his thoughtless compulsion to hang on to his teddy bear, he is blind to the unique strengths that the Jets current roster can afford him.

    The sure sign of a bad coach on either side of the ball is that all too familiar scene of the "genius" with sweat dripping from his brow as the hammer hits the top of the square peg over the round hole.

    Such "genius" is going to be with us always.  Like bad weather. 

    Unfortunately, we've got one such genius running the show.

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  14. 11 minutes ago, TNJet said:

    Shell is a much better RT than Edoga. Maybe Edoga could become a decent replacement for Winters.

    Agree 100 %.  IMHO, Edoga's destiny will be guard and not tackle.  We saw him get beat around the edge last week and a number of times prior.  He's got no feet... 

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  15. Interesting...  Not too sure they are similar type of QB's other than they both have less than classic throwing motions.  Rivers throws side arm and Darnold has a longer throwing arc in comparison to most other pro QB's.  Both Rivers and Darnold have low release points relative to their height.  Familiar examples of a high release point would be Tom Brady and Chad Pennington. 

    With respect to decision making.  Sam has not been around long enough to prove out one way or the other.  He's still at the very beginning of his pro career and in the midst of learning the position.

    We also have nothing to go on regarding how Sam will play in the clutch.  The Jets have not been anywhere close to a "big game" since the 2010 playoffs.


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  16. 29 minutes ago, kdels62 said:

    Fromm, Burrow, Eason, Tua, Herbert this year 

    Fields, Lawrence next year

    Thats a lot of players moving OL, WR and EDGE talent down in draft position. The Jets have to be willing to move down and capitalize on the talent back up. 

    I think the Chargers could be a team that trades away picks and to set up for a bad 2020 and a shot at Lawrence. 

    After the game that Rivers just had, considering his age, the Chargers seem a likely landing spot if they can pull off a 0-16 in 2020

  17. 2 hours ago, Villain The Foe said:

    Im honestly a bit confused here. I really dont mind the thought of players looking good, though we played against struggling teams over the past 3 weeks, while getting thoroughly handled by the Dolphins. 

    What im more confused about is this "bona fied litmus test" position when it comes to the Jets facing the Raiders. 

    What is the test here exactly? Lets say that they win. What does that say?

    Is is a decent indicator that they are improving.  We know the Giants and Redskins are two of the worst teams in the league.  Not much to learn from a win against that level of opposition.  We know the Raiders are in the middle of the pack and they have a good qb and a productive offense.  If they can manage a win against a decent team, we can conclude that the Jets are not the absolute dumpster fire that they appeared to be three weeks ago

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  18. 11 minutes ago, BCJet said:

    I have no idea who is backing them up now, but what team can lose a center and both guards, and still have depth behind the 2 guys who come in?  Teams dont have 5 viable interior linemen

    Exactly.... No depth *now*.  Remember, Kalil and Winters are no longer on the roster. 

    Lewis, Harrison and Compton are their defacto starters on the interior line. Right now ZERO back-up

    The tackles are Beachum and Edoga - backed up by Shell and McDermot. 

    Need some back-up on the inside of the line.  I don't know much about McDermot, but I think in case of emergency, Edoga can play on the inside and Shell can play on the outside if Edoga has to kick inside

  19. 2 minutes ago, BCJet said:

    Zero depth?

    We played sunday with backups at center and both guard spots, and then lost our RT in game, and yet the line played well.

    There isnt much talent here, and the team made mistakes with Kahil, Osmele and in my opinion winters, but having Harrison and Compton to come in and play well is pretty good depth in the NFL.

    We dont have much at center if Harrison were to get hurt, so Id like to see us sign Bodine just in case.

    Lewis and Compton played well.  Better than Winters and Kalil who are both gone and were both gone when I wrote the post above.  Who do you see now backing up Lewis and Compton ???

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  20. If the Jets run the same type of offense they did vs. the Redskins, I'm sure the Jets can move the ball on the Raiders defense and score at least 23 points.  That being a given, the game will come down to the chess game between Chucky on offense and Greg Williams on defense.  Mostly the way Williams calls the coverages on the back end of the defense.  

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