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  1. Have you completely lost your mind ? Or are you an associate of Adam Gase ??? Gase is the definition of the HC that jams square pegs into round holes. You actually think a Rex Ryan team would have LeVeon Bell folding laundry on game day ???
  2. Darnold has the tools. BUT... Gase is going to be Darnold's undoing... Gase is a charlatan... Gase has DUPED Chris Johnson...
  3. You think the Jets have a HC ??? That Charlatan ???
  4. The Ravens are one hit away from being average. Count on it sooner than later
  5. As stated, I want to see a Jets defender really lay the wood on Lamar. Knock his $hit loose !!!
  6. Yep. Forget any of the nonsense about him being a young player that needs to be developed. Not even Rex Ryan could train him up. Far from being the impact player you would expect from such a high first round choice, he is not even as effective as a JAG. Mike DeVito and Pouha were both better inside d-linemen. His rookie contact is cheap, so if you cant get a 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th round pick for him, just keep him around until his contract is over and he drops off the map
  7. My observations add up to more than that, I think. Darnold can be a top NFL QB. It is not just pass pressure in his way. It is Gase. I dont credit Mac with the Darnold pick. Darnold pretty much fell into their lap. The Jets had a piece of luck for once... And to what ends will that luck serve the Jets ??? It is a Shame that Darnold will most probably be wasted by Gase either through inept handling or perhaps he will be traded before the 2020 draft. The current situation is far worse than most see or want to admit. Gase has *DUPED* Chris Jonson and the Jets are head
  8. Here is a thought that is going to get a few more butt fumbles... Unless I am very wrong about Adam Gase and Johnson's faith in him... Ok... Sit down first... Ready ??? I *think* they may trade Sam to one of the teams at the top of the draft order that need a QB so the Jets can take Justin Herbert or another as of yet undiscussed QB
  9. Yes... Yes... It is all supposition. I get it and I was expecting such replies. Your position is well founded. I will tell you something else. This is for sure. Any way you slice it, Adam Gase is a $hit heel... And this leaves me a miffed... The word that we all heard was that C. Johnson loved Gase because he was "coaching to where the league was going. And he also had great chemistry with Sam Darnold. Two peas in a football pod. I'm confused about the Gase -Danold relationship.
  10. No... Darnold would not be inclined to be Peyton Manning and audible to one of four plays that Manning ran with the Colts and with Gase. That offense has four basic pass plays. All from the pocket. All based on timing and proficiency. Darnold would want to move the pocket and watch his targets progress. Gase is trying to force an offense on Darnold that is un-natural to him.
  11. Not the case for the targets he missed yesterday. He was not running for his life. He had more than enough time to connect. He didn't like the plays they were running. I saw it on his face. I also never see him audible. Captain Bligh is trying to make Darnold into Peyton Manning...
  12. Interesting observation on Darnold. I *think* I'm probably putting two and two together and getting five, but I have noticed what may be a trend regarding Darnold. When protection is bad, Darnold's play degrades. It is more than just bad passing. His entire skill set vanishes. Footwork becomes jumbled, throws off back foot, making bad decisions with the football... An over all loss of concentration. And... When Gase throws the Peyton Manning "drop back pocket passer" play book at Darnold like we saw yesterday, I see a lot of the same thing. Loss of concentration and
  13. darnold left money on the table. he missed or did not see targets that would have put the game away. not sure why. almost seems like he gets lazy at times. he can move, his arm is good and we have seen him go through progressions and make the correct read. why does he lapse ??? where is his head really at ???
  14. Question should have been Did McCagnan Make Any Good Decisions ??? I cant think of a single thing he did that stands out as a good move short of Darnold, and that was more a matter of circumstances than anything else.
  15. The headline should read: "LeVeon Bell To Miss The Entire 2019 Season Due To Adam Gase"
  16. Lose by the largest margin in NFL history. Chris Johnson's head explodes. Woody makes an emergency trip back to New York. He fires Gase and brings back Rex. Douglas builds an improved roster for 2020 and Rex returns the Jets to the championship game again and this time they win.
  17. who do you think encouraged reed to put on that show ???
  18. Wow... Bob Crable. I wonder how his pro career would have turned out sans injury... Loved Lance Mehl !
  19. Can Joe Douglas coax Blinka to come out of retirement for the Ravens game ???
  20. That might just be the best idea I've heard yet...
  21. OK.. So we got one of them. A forearm to the head of John Jefferson. After this one, there was a second personal foul by Blinka in a subsequent game that was just as bad. As stated, it had the announcer freaking out. "NOT STAN BLINKA AGAIN !!!!"
  22. Anyone remember Stan Blinka ??? I've been trying to remember what two major personal fouls he committed in what I remember as two back to back games... What I remember for sure was the announcer in the game for the second personal foul going nuts... "OH NO... NO... NOT STAN BLINKA... NOT STAN BLINKA AGAIN !!! Does anyone remember what those personal fouls were and who he did it to ??? I *think* I remember one of them might have been a clothesline tackle and the other was a Ray Nitschke style elbow to the neck...
  23. Allow me to rephrase... For the Jets, first rounders have been valuable on paper...
  24. LOLZ... I almost forgot all about Justin McDroppins
  25. I would rather have proven players in trade. First rounders just scare me. They are valuable on paper.
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