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  1. Hmm... I'd call it a complete team loss. The CS and the players. It seemed like a poor offensive game plan to begin with and failure to execute by several players on the offense. Too many drive killing penalties and a few dropped balls that could have gotten the game under control if completed. The Jet defense can stop the run, but the are short on manpower to stop the pass. Both on the edge to rush the QB and in the defensive backfield. Some questionable calls by the zebras, but the Jets did little to overcome. Nothing tragic, here... Just a team that needs more good football players an
  2. Yes, I know... Two games ahead of the Jets-Ravens match-up, but I'm intrigued... I'm thinking... Along with disciplined gap control, funneling corners and a spy on L.J. I *REALLY* want to see the Jets defense "Bring The Wood" I suggest inspirational and instructional film viewing for the entire defense. The best highlights of: D-Line: Charles Martin, Ndamukong Suh, Lyle Alzado LB's: Bill Romanowsky, Vontaze Burfict, James Harrison, Jack Lambert S. : Chuck Cecil, Jack Tatum CB: Dick Lane, Ronnie Lot I think that exercise would be beneficial....
  3. Take the strong edge prospect if the obvious Left Tackle or Right Tackle is not there. I want O-Line, but you should never "reach" for an outside offensive lineman no matter how badly it is needed. The result will be a wasted pick
  4. O-Line, O-Line, O-Line. A top notch O-line can make an average QB, WR, RB look good. A good QB, WR, RB with a bad O-Line is wasted manpower and high hospital bills... However, that does not mean you take ANY O-Line prospect because you need O-Line talent. Ask the Giants about Flowers. With respect to the draft, a top tier LT, CB, and EDGE can be REALLY hard to find. Sure, their are prospects, but those positions see a lot of disappointments. IMHO, those are positions that you can and should pay big FA money to if a relatively young, healthy and proven player is availabl
  5. Good points regarding the commentary. I don't think it is all that bad, but there have been better crews calling the games in the past. For me, the thing that sort of messes up Monday Night Football is Thursday Night Football. A football game on Monday night was a special event. With the Thursday night game, it takes the "special" out of the Monday Night Games for me... The players don't like the Thursday night games and they detract from the "special" that Monday Night should be. They should sh*t-can those Thursday night games. If the league wants more money and more football,
  6. Right. And Gase had to be prompted to do what should have been a matter of course for a legit HC/OC. They also started doing a lot more man blocking up front as well. That would suggest more measures were taken rather than Gase picking a few play cards out of his shoe-box and throwing them away
  7. Right... But I wasn't suggesting that as a strategy. Only the possible outcomes
  8. Well, yeah... Gase's Payton Manning portable offense in a shoe-box was killing Sam and killing the season. What they are running now is what fits Sam and what will work with a questionable offensive line. It took Darnold leveling with Gase to move forward. Want more proof ??? Watch any of the USC games from Darnold's last year there and then watch one of the last three Jet games. Darnold gave Gase his old USC play book and it has been working.
  9. Amazing what Sam can do once he told his HC what to do...
  10. Along with all the rest of the recipe for the Jets to beat L.J. and the Ravens.... BRING THE WOOD !!!
  11. 9'ers vs. Pats. Pats win. Brady retires. BB goes to the Giants
  12. You can run on the Ravens and get play action going for chunk plays and home run balls. If Gase continues to run the same offense we have seen since his "talk" with Darnold, the Jets will be able to score on them. As an ideal for the over all game plan, get two scores ahead ASAP and then start taking your time scoring more points.
  13. Anything is possible. Ya gotta play the games. The Ravens are going to look super human against most teams, but their offensive game has a major pinch point. A smart DC with a decent roster will expose it. I know I'm going to get flamed and it is totally understandable given what we are seeing from the Ravens, but I'm fairly sure the Jets are the team with the DC and drive to beat them. Like I have been saying, gap control up front with a spy. The average Ravens flankers can be held up by funneling and with contact. A major bonus and game changer if a defender really puts the
  14. This is very disturbing. What the hell is Trumaine Johnson doing celebrating ???
  15. How come no one is poking me with a stick anymore over this thread ??? Taking mercy on an idiot, or maybe you're starting to think I just might have it right...
  16. The Bills will be the hardest game left for the Jets, IMHO. Of all the games the Ravens have left, I think the Jets have the best chance to beat them. Not SF but the Jets. And yes, I know SF has the best d-line in the league.
  17. Agree. You don't blitz. You play gap control. It must be disciplined, stick with your assignment up front. Don't abandon the inside gaps. The WR's the Ravens have are far from an elite corps. Have the corners funnel them. Also. You cant count on it, but I guarantee you, if a defender puts hard wood on LJ, it will cool him off.
  18. Not so sure. Adams may not be the best guy to use as a spy, but I don't think it is due to LJ being faster. A spy more often than not us usually a LB or SS that is assigned to a ball carrier. Anticipation and taking the right angle is more important than speed for the spy, The Ravens offense has a bit of the same effect on fans that the Pardee run and shoot offense. did. Everyone is in awe and thinks it is impossible to stop. And then it comes up against a DC that has the tools.
  19. You were probably right up there with Ron Jaworski on Kaepernick. "Kaepernick could be one of the greatest ever" Now your a LJ fanboy ??? There is nothing cerebral or invincible about what the Ravens and LJ are doing. Jets 34 - Ravens 17
  20. There are more holes in LJ's game than there were in Kaepernicks game.
  21. I'm watching the Ravens / Rams game. Thinking the same thing I did last time I watched the Ravens. Their offense is nothing special and Lamar is nothing either new or indefensible. For the DC with the proper brain power (Greg Williams), the Raven's offense is going to be easy meat. Disciplined gap control, funnel the WR's outside and put a spy on Lamar. Perhaps Adams.
  22. What is the big deal ??? This is just smack talk. No crime is being done, no violence, no drugs, no torture of dogs, etc. No need to apply corporate office decorum to these dudes... Leave 'em play...
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