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  1. 7 minutes ago, greenwave81 said:

    Half the Bills starters were out?  LMAO...half of our 'starters' were out too...like for most of the season.

    Darnold is just fine thank you.

    And your opinion about Gase may or may not be true...you have little justification for your surety.

    Little justification ??? Heck sake. Look where the Jets rank in total offensive yardage. Look at Gase's win loss record as a HC

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  2. 4 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

    Better than being THE BARON

    And I'm sure the Jets owner would agree with you.  Tolerance in the face of poor performance does not register or matter.  As long as he has a toy they he can show off at cocktail parties. 

    Jets fans are winners that are stuck with a loser...

  3. 8 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

    Nowhere near the garbage level of these type threads whining about a win

    Right.   The team has a guy that was billed as an offensive mastermind and QB whisperer who just happens to be pitching the worst offense in the league while not showing any noticeable results with developing Darnold, but at least his team can score over 10 points on second stringers.  AND the genius is coming back for round two... 

    Nothing to complain about.  

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  4. 4 hours ago, FidelioJet said:

    Don’t care about value - we need to stop caring about “value” how has that done for us so far?

    We take the best O-lineman available...Shouldn’t even be a discussion.  O-line should be the only players on our 1st round board.

    Agree fully that they need to GREATLY improve the o-line, but they should not draft a player that isn't any good just to fill a need.  Remember the Giants with Flowers.

    I'd like to see the Jets make Costanzo an offer he cant refuse. That would open the draft up for the Jets. 

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  5. 2 minutes ago, JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF said:

    I think there is some truth to what you say.

    Lets just hope that Gase grows from what in hindsight can be seen as mistakes and makes some adjustments to himself.  There is actually some evidence that he might have already started...with the anecdotes that Darnold came to him with his own suggestions...and Gase LISTENED, and tried to implement them.

    I saw a documentary on Lombardi (and no I’m not trying to equate Gase to Lombardi), but in his first year as the NY Giants OC he had a very very tough year.  The players, some of them laughed at him.  But then he swallowed some pride and went to Frank Gifford and Charlie Connerly and asked them “what am I doing wrong”....and the rest is history.

    Gase is VERY smart (maybe too smart)..lets hope he figures it out.

    Well.... If you are administrating the worst offense in the league, there is no place to go but up.  

  6. 7 minutes ago, JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF said:

    But regardless of the coaching results I feel eternally indebted to Gase for getting the Stumblebum bounced...and quickly.

    At least he has that, yes...  I think Gase is good with details and has good organizational skills, but he is tied to a specific system.  He does not create based on what colors he has on his pallet to paint with.  He is self absorbed and in his own little bubble.  That's real bad news. 

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  7. 2 minutes ago, JetsFanatic said:

    No such thing as a garbage win in the NFL. Stop whining!!!

    Then I will call it a GARBAGE SEASON. 

    Greg Williams has been a major bright spot, but Gase is clearly not the guy...

    I'm totally ticked off that we are stuck with this guy because he was able to con CJ

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  8. 8 minutes ago, GreenFish said:

    Josh Allen started the game with Gore and the rest of the guys. They didn't do anything either. The backups actually played better. 

    Yes.  Greg Williams defense is up to the job and then some.  MAJOR compliments to Greg Williams.  Gase is lacking. Badly...

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  9. A Jets win vs. The Bills ??? It was a GARBAGE WIN.

    Half the Bill's starters were out and the Jets could barely handle them.  Q. Williams was going against second string manpower and he still looked like one of the Care Bears.

    Darnold has not gotten any better, and if you happen to recall, this charlatan, Gase was hired primarily because of his supposed ability to develop the Jets young QB.

    Don't listen to all the BS about the Jets not having this and that.  In this league, you can go from worst to first *IF* you have good management and coaching,  The Jets do not.

    Defend Gase all you want. You'll get your off season and you'll still be making excuses when Gase has another losing season next year.


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  10. 1 minute ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Either way he'd want to be paid like a LT, so it wouldn't make sense to kick him over.

    I'm ignorant about any language coming from Beachum regarding compensation.  If he wants to be paid like a starting LT, he can walk.  He is capable, but not what you want at LT.  

    Like most fans, I think the blue chip priority during the off season is to build a top tier offensive line.  That all important task does not include paying a marginal player money that should be spent on a bona fied top tier LT. 

    What I'd like to see happen... (Given that Andrew Thomas is drafted before the Jets pick... and he will be.  Probably by the Giants)

    Jets spend a bundle to land Costanzo.  He starts at LT.

    Jets draft Tristan Wirfs and make him the starting RT.

    If they can pull off a deal for Costanzo, they can transform the line to having the two best bookends in the league.

    For the interior of the line, I like Harrison as the starting center.  He's not Mangold, but from what I see, I'd give him a B+ as a starting NFL center... 

    For the guards, look to rounds 5, 6, 7 in the draft to add talent and depth.  Have a bunch of them enter camp and let nature takes its course.  Keep the men, send the boys home... 

  11. 16 hours ago, k-met57 said:

    assuming we draft a LT, kick Beachum/Edoga to the RT....center and guard are very solvable issues. I think as long as the focus is there, we should be in good shape.

    From what I see of Beachum, he would make a fair starting RT.  Edoga, I dont think is going to work out on the outside of the line.  Not on the left side, or right side.  Either he will adjust to playing inside or he'll be out of the league.  

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  12. 1 hour ago, nico002 said:

    Honestly one of the most insane and baseless hit pieces I’ve ever read. Even if you hate Gase this article is a pile of trash. Who ever wrote that should be fired. I can’t believe this was published by a real source. 

    None the less, it makes a few important points.  Sum it up...

    Gase is a loser

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  13. 13 minutes ago, NYJ1 said:

    You know what I love about Jetnation? That I can come here every day and know what it's like to get divorced without ever actually getting divorced? Everyone pisses and moans about their favorite team and fights the other posters. They ALL know exactly what it takes to be the best HC. The Jets just have to be smart enough to hire them. Maybe, some day of the Jets win the SB they will all have that great make up sex? LOL :)

    Anyway, my point is we all think we know why the Jets have managed to win 6 games now? Hopefully my reasons don't get too many people emotionally distraught.

    I can point to three main factors as to why the Jets have increased their win total. We can debate how much more important one is as compared to the others, but here's mine:

    1) JD is doing his job. In many ways, this season has been a very unique experience? JD never had the benefit of FA or the draft. We've had a first row seat to see how a GM can improve a team without having the most obvious avenues available to him. Ryan Kalil was obviously a terrible acquisition but I still don't regret JD making the move? There's no damage to the salary cap after this season. But since that terrible move, I've really liked his under the radar (so to speak) moves. Alex Lewis, Ryan Griffin, Demaryius Thomas, Arthur Maulet, etc., All of these guys in my opinion have a chance to compete for a job next season. Probably most of them won't be starting players, but they will all have a role to play. I look forward to seeing how much more JD can improve the back end of this roster. IMO, he's doing a nice job right now considering the situation he's been thrown into. Obviously, the DRAFT and FA are what will make or break JD and these moves he's currently making would be considered to be IRRELEVANT in comparison.

    2) The defense is playing better.  Todd Bowles was supposed to be a defensive guru? The fact is, he was pretty DUMB when it comes to defense. The Jets have a lot of nice players on defense and 🚽was unable to get their defensive rankings anything higher than 21st? 22nd? That just doesn't represent what the Jets defense is capable of. GREG WILLIAMS came in and immediately realized they were capable of much more and he's managed to bring that out.

    3) SAM DARNOLD is playing well. Despite his every now and then boneheaded play, he's really becoming a good QB. We all knew coming into this season that for the Jets to have  any success on offense Sam Darnold would need to play better. Well, I think he has. With time, hopefully, he can further hone his skills and become a franchise QB. Because it's obvious to me that the players rally around who they view as the leader of this team. They view Sam Darnold as their unquestioned leader right now. This is also a huge positve mark mark for Adam Gase. Now I know this will be viewed as controversial, but once again this is just my opinion - not to impune anyone else's opinion. But I think Adam Gase has very clearly earned an opportunity to come back next year.

    Here is what I see.

    If there is a coach on the Jets that has proven himself to be *very capable* it is Greg Williams.  The defense has been prepared to play every single week.  The defensive play calling has always been good and Williams has never been outmatched.  Not once.  Even against everyone's sweetheart, Lamar Jackson, the Jets defense played a good game.  Along with what we see on field, a sign of a good coach is what occurs when there is no game going on.  How is that coach working with his assistants to train and improve the players he has ??? Well... Considering how the jets DL, LB, S's and CB's have come in and markedly improved from week to week, it sure as heck shows that Williams is teaching and preparing his players like few other coaches in the league.  Consider all the injuries and new faces the Jets defense has and look how they are improving.  MAJOR credit to Williams.

    What I see with Gase is a whole different story.

    How many games has the Jets offense looked TOTALLY unprepared and unmotivated ??? TOO many.  The offense laid eggs against some of the worst teams in the league.  Along with disgraceful prep, the offensive game plans were horrible.  The tried to pass against teams that were known to be horrible against the run and so on.  Watching the blocking schemes of the offensive line go from zone one week to man the next tells me that Gase is fumbling in the dark.  At times Gase will use his larger brain and run the offense that is best for Darnold, IE movign the pocket, aggressive man blocking up front and play action... It bares fruit.  And then... We see a lot of Gase trying to turn Darnold into a Peyton Manning.  Square peg in round hole.  

    Darnold CLEARLY shows he has elite talent.  He can and does read the entire field.  Even when he is on the move, he is reading and thinking.  He can and does thread the needle and show amazing touch to put the ball right where it needs to be.  And then, there are the head-scratching interceptions.  I put that down to what I think will be career long momentary lapses of concentration.  

    Gase does not have to do much to "develop" Darnold.  Sam has *it* already. He'll get better just by playing the game and getting experience.  

    What Gase has to do and fails to do is maintain a base offense that is ideal for Darnold and chisel it in stone.  Major FAIL by Gase.   Gase has a "shoe box" offense that he leans on and he refuses to discard his security blanket and make a destiny for himself and the Jets apart from what he observed being successful for another QB in another place.  IMHO, this is a FATAL quality for any coach to have.  If you are trying to pick up where you left off last time with respect to offensive or defensive design, you are going to fail year in and year out.  You need to be able to look at your staff, size them up, understand them and from this comes your vision, form and function.  That AINT Gase.

    The one single thing I see that I can give Gase credit for is that there is not too many procedural penalties called on the Jets.  Obviously, he has them working on details.  

    Gase gets an F for consistent weekly prep. 

    Gase gets and F for player relationships

    Gase gets an F for offensive design.

    We are stuck with him until the uneducated among us have it put in front of them in the form of wins and losses. 

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  14. 1 hour ago, ChuckkieB said:

    I think if the Jets have an extra pick that can get them another blue chip OL or WR in the 1st round, that has more value to the team than Jamal Adams.  Keeping Darnold upright and getting him offensive weapons in 2020 is priority 1, 2, and 3 for this team and if that has to come at the expense of a safety that we will be selling high on, so be it.  

    The question is... Does the pick you might get for Adams actually work out ??? There are a lot of first round picks that are out of the league after their rookie contract is up.  Adams is a bird in the hand.  If there is a trade deal for Adams, I would rather get proven top o-line talent with low mileage in trade.  

    My big beef is the money Adams will want if the Jets keep/extend him.  Is it smart to dedicating $15mm to a box safety ???  I love Adams, but I also hear and respect the opinion of the fans who feel $15mm a year is not an ultimate value even for the best box safety in the league.  We'd be talking about a 4 year $60mm contract.  It is extravagant for a SS.

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  15. 20 hours ago, jgb said:

    So it’s impossible to evaluate anyone. 

    I also make the same point when fans discuss how the Jets and Dan Marino would have done if Marino had been drafted by the Jets and not the Dolphins.  The way I see it, the Jets still would not have won a Super Bowl if they drafted Dan Marino instead of O'Brien.  Marino would still probably have had impressive statistics, but no ring. 

  16. I'm sure this has been kicked around before, but watching some recent Jets games had me thinking again.  When did coaches stop teaching players how to tackle ??? I see a lot of tackles being missed because defenders want to collide with the guy that has the ball rather than properly tackle them.

    Every year, the Jets defensive coordinator needs to play a highlight reel of Kyle Clifton. 



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  17. 12 hours ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

    I ask this due to the Rex Ryan ripping Adam Gase thread.  I haven't even read it but I'm sure there are comments like "Rex is just angling to coach the Jets again" (and it's probably true).  But it got me to thinking if a HC has ever coached a team again after being fired by that team.  The only time I can even remember a HC coaching the same team twice was Joe Gibbs with the Redskins.  But I'm almost positive he stepped away from the NFL (rather than being fired) to go to NASCAR and he was welcomed back years later.  But I can't even think of any other coach that came back.   Sean Payton was suspended for a year but that's not the same thing.  

    I *was* a third generation season ticket holder.  I dropped my season tickets in 2014 when they hired Idzik, signed Michael Vick and set Rex up to fail.  That was the end of the road for me. 

    If the Jets bring back Rex and have him working under a STRONG and QUALIFIED GM, I will buy season tickets again.  Fun ride ! 

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