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  1. Pro Day ??? Was there a real game going on ??? When there were actual games going on, his numbers for 2020 read like this: Games Played: 13 Completion Percentage: 77.4 % Total Yards: 4,500 TDs: 41 Int: 3 QB Rating: 203 Jones may very well wind up being the best passer out of the 2021 QB draft class.
  2. Wow... Could Jones or Fields actually fall to the Pats ???
  3. And, with that, you have stumbled on how and why the Jets brass got *maneuvered* out of Trevor Lawrence. There are several NFL owners that don't like or respect the Jets and their ownership. Some who didn't want to see the a generational prospect like Lawrence wind up with the Jets. Pressure was put on the league office and in turn, they contacted the Jets and threatened them with forfeiture of their draft pick if it could be proven that they were throwing games. There was "insider" talk about coaches on the Jets that were pissed off about having to throw games and this point was
  4. Not too many had Rosen as undraftable. Good call. I had it: 1. Baker 2. Sam 3. Rosen 4. Allen I was off the mark. Especially on Allen who I figured would never be accurate or consistent enough for the NFL.
  5. I dig. Surrounding talent and level of competition is key in making evaluations. Look how many USC QB's were rated as top prospects... How did they end up ??? QED.
  6. Agree. Important fact there. Either they liked Jones at his pro day, or perhaps they just wanted to make sure they were in striking distance of the two QB's not going to the Jags or Jets.
  7. Many of the mock drafts have the 49ers taking Fields. Some Lance. Agree, not a stretch, but not a sure bet. The larger point is that most of the GM's would agree to take Jones before Fields or Lance. Heck, I think the Jets should take Jones and not Wilson.
  8. Very possible you are correct. He may be another reclamation project like Darnold is now in four years, or he may be a back-up. The point is, Wilson is a very risky pick.
  9. It is not a matter of telling players to under perform or throw plays. Winning int the NFL even against losing teams is hard to do. You need to prepare, plan and execute. There are many ways to avoid doing any of those three or all three without having to say a word out loud.
  10. CORRECTION. 1. Lawrence 2. Wilson 3. Jones 4. Pitts 5. Chase (possible Sewell. Even thought he may be a risk, the previous injury to QB JB may entice them into the Sewell pick rather than taking what looks to be the best WR in the draft. 6. Sewell (if Bengals don't go for him, Chase if they do 7. Waddel 8. Horn 9. Fields 10. Surtain
  11. If the 49ers are as smart, you'd win the bet. Let's see if their GM agrees with me with Jones being a better prospect than Fields or Lance. And a better bet than Wilson for that matter, but he will be off the board when the 49'ers are up at 3 Other than my musing about Jones falling to the Pats, I see the first ten in the draft going like this 1. Lawrence 2. Wilson 3. Jones 4. Pitts 5. Chase (possible Sewell. Even thought he may be a risk, the previous injury to QB JB may entice them into the Sewell pick rather than taking what looks to be the best WR in
  12. Oh, yes... It is a new era, alright. And there will be a new era after this one. Glad you like Wilson. Always good when your team drafts the QB you like...
  13. I dont think there is any easy way out of this expensive blunder by Mr. Coffee. They have to take the pain
  14. Yes, Off my board for the first round. I'd take Fields, Wilson and or Lance after the first round if I had the chance. If nothing else, trade bait. I killed Idzik for the Geno Smith pick because I felt Smith would never pan out. That was one occasion that I was correct.
  15. Even though you are contradicting me, I agree with every single word you are saying here. The draft is a crap shoot and even former players, GM's pundits, Mel Kiper get it wrong ALL THE TIME. As I am so fond of saying, there are thousands of moving parts. A QB that turns out to be a bust with one team could have been a Pro Bowler in another set of circumstances. Zac Wison with the Jets flames out. The Evil Zac Wilson that goes through the transporter, and ends up in the mirror universe without a beard instead of a headband and wins the Super Bowl.
  16. Wison and or Fields may turn out to be fantastic. I also think both of those prospects have prime bust potential. I would not have either on my draft board. I also see Tray Lance as being a poor stater in the NFL. The "safe" picks are Lawrence and Jones.
  17. No one is Tom Brady. No one is Mahomes or Rogers for that matter, That means Zac Wilson. Come to think of it, no one is Sanchez either.
  18. The Jets *have been* inferior. It is not a complex. The Pats *have* been superior. It is not a distortion. It has *nothing* to do with the fans. The Pats have a wise owner and the Jets don't. A ship sails in the mold of its master. After stints with Idzik and Mr. Coffee, my hope was that JD was a strong enough piece of manpower to both know what to do and to be able to keep Johnson out of his kitchen while he does it. For me, all hope of that being possible went up the spout when the Jets ownership/management allowed themselves to be maneuvered out of the first overall draft p
  19. After Trevor Lawrence, I have Mac Jones rated as the second best QB prospect in the draft. I have a feeling he's going to wind up landing right in Belichick's lap. Would that not just be sooo much like the Jets and the Pats ??? The Jets take Zac Wilson at 2'nd overall and he's out of the league in four years. Mac Jones lands at the 15th spot with the Patriots, is out of the starting gate quickly and wins a Super Bowl before his rookie contract is up. Wanna bet ?
  20. Totally serious. Not to say that you cant enjoy the Jets on game day or when ever. Games are fun to go and it is entertainment win or lose. In the Jets case, it is comedy more or less, but what the hell. The world needs good comedians as much as it needs A-list actors and musicians. Just don't expect too many wins and be prepared to laugh rather then cry when they find new and creative ways to come up short.
  21. I already wrote the JD era off when they foolishly gifted Trevor Lawrence to the Jaguars. The writing is *clearly* on the wall as it has been. Same owner = same expected results. Get the fork.
  22. He has the highest upside of any potential offensive tackle in the draft. Many fans/pundits had the same concerns with Becton. So far, he looks to be a gem. You can never know for sure. Lots of moving parts, not least is coaching and system/ Think about pro prospects as if they were a war plane, tank or ship. The machine with the best statistics, ie speed, powerful gun, latest electronics, stealth etc. is not necessarily the one that will win the war. If you give a squadron of F-22's, a bunch of Abrams tanks and a fleet of contemporary naval vessels to a country that does n
  23. If the first three picks are still contributing starters 4 years from now and for the Jets and not another team, it will be the best draft the Jets have had since Mangini regardless of where they play on the field. Just get good players. Lots of them.
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