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  1. 21 minutes ago, Fantasy Island said:

    AVT is my favorite player.  My concern is when Becton gets back he doesn't fit in like Fant in the scheme.  Chemistry is developing in the line.

    Agree 100 %.  Fant is more effective and a better fit.  I would not be surprised to see Becton moving inside if he ever plays another down this season.

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  2. 4 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

    I'm really not sure this is true.  I'm as down on JD as the next guy, but I think he's been the opposite of that.

    His 2nd round pick last year has been inactive for two weeks.  His 3rd round pick didn't make the team and is on the practice squad.  His 4th round didn't make the team...

    I mean - the Jets are certainly short handed but I don't think it's because JD is forcing his draft picks - he's just done a very poor job finding quality talent so we're playing garbage..

    Agree...  He is indeed forcing his guys to play... Because there is no one else to play.   Nothing to do with pride of authorship and everything to do with picking bad players.  

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  3. I felt I needed to say this because I have been very critical about the product the Jets have put out.  I also think Benigno's comment describing Saleh as being too nice of a guy is absolute nonsense.  It is completely sophomoric.  You don't have to be a goon to be a winning coach or a winning administrator or a winning player.  You can be a gentleman and still win. 

    Yes... The Jets have been horrible.  They are deserving of the dead last power ranking that they are being given. 


    Saleh's defense shows real signs of a workable vision in progress.   You also don't see things like procedural penalties at the begging of a possession, 12 men on the field, bad clock management or general confusion.  Saleh has not been the problem. 

    What I am seeing is a GM that has done a horrible job at building a roster and an OC that is WAY OUT OF HIS DEPTH. 

    Saleh GOOD.  JD BAD.  LeFleur. UGLY

    I think Saleh has all the tools to be a good HC.  It wont work out for him with the Jets due to JD and LeFleur. 

    And... When JD gets the axe, the new GM will want his own HC.

    For Saleh, this is a learning experience, but he's not going to be a winning HC with the Jets, due to JD and LeFleur. 

  4. 27 minutes ago, Albaniajet said:

    Is that why Mangini got a head coaching job, Defensive coordinator job, and TE coach hire afterwards?

    Agree with you fully that my comment is not clearly defensible given the facts.  I think it would have been too transparent if they tossed him aside too quickly.  They may also have been worried about legal paper being filed by Mangini due to allegations of retaliation.   I don't think Mangini is liked.  Partly due to his personality and partly due to cameragate.  He is sort of a hot potato. 

  5. 10 hours ago, doitny said:

    with all the talk about how Mangini picked the players i am rather shocked he never did become a GM. 

    maybe the NFL doesn't consider that it was him who picked them. and the guys who are in the league would know that better than us

    Just a wild guess, but I think he pissed off a lot of people including the league office when he blew the whistle on camera gate.  He dragged the NFL shield through the mud and now he's on the secret no-hire list. 

  6. 6 minutes ago, varjet said:

    I am going to take a different spin on this, focusing on the offense.

    From a roster perspective, the plan was to sign hold the fort FAs and build through the draft.  

    For the OL plan, JD drafted Becton, Clark and AVT, traded for/signed Lewis, GVR, McGovern, Fant and Feeney.  Despite what anyone says, the top FAs were not signing with the Jets for any reasonable money, and if we keep treating players the way we do, they won't in the future.  So what happened to the plan?  Poor coaching, Becton and Clark showed up unprepared to play football, Lewis melted down (which we knew was a risk), and we did not draft more OL last year.   So, there was an ok plan for the OL, it just backfired.

    From a WR perspective, it is similar.  We started the season thinking the Jets had one of the best/deepest WR rooms in the NFL.  Poor scheme and coaching, and some player meltdowns have left us wondering what FA we were going to sign. This can do better as the season progresses.

    TE, punted on Herndon for a draft pick.  JAGs filling in until next year.  

    RB, I think its coaching and the scheme, although Perine was likely a wasted pick.   A decent draft pick next year makes a big difference for a 4 year pump and dump there.

    QB, what veteran were we signing?  ZW should twist an ankle, and we should let JJ play for awhile. 


    This is taking an *empty* glass and saying the glass is half full.  

  7. 2 hours ago, #27TheDominator said:

    Stop being such a bunch of hypocritical pussies. 

    All I kept hearing was that we need our own coach and QB.  We need to start from scratch.  That we need to develop younger players and stop wasting time playing vets.  Just this past season the board was overrun with posts complaining that Bell and Gore were on the field.  2015 is lambasted as a disaster because we didn't make the playoffs and developed nothing.  The board almost universally complains about late season wins because they cost us draft capital.  People would rather go 0-16 than 8-8.  Now they are doing what you asked and you whine like my son avoiding "rest your eyes time" at pre-school?  Suck it up.

    Things have looked bad.  That is no guarantee of success, but it is not a guarantee of failure either.  Andy Reid started off -0-4 in Philly.  He was an offensive genius brought over from the Packers and his teams scored 29 points over the first 3 games including being shut out.  Sound familiar?  Kyle Shanahan, with these very guys on staff, started off 0-9 in SF.

    sh*t may look up and it may not, but Douglas was a well respected hire.  He was not some dunce that couldn't handle a press conference brought over because he was the only guy willing to take on Rex.  He was not some coffee addled protege of a guy who goes to the wig store and asks for the Moe Howard.  He is a guy everybody said would right the ship and play the long game.  He is playing the long game.  Live with it.  Barring some real insanity he gets this year and next.   He should.  

    Fans have no choice but to "Stay. The. Course."  As per contract, the current regime is going to be here for a few years.

    The flood of criticism has nothing to go with the Jets going 0-3.  It has everything to do with they way they did it.

    There is no sign of sustained success being a possibility.  Zero sign that things are taking shape according to a well thought out and executed vision. 

    The roster is horrible.

    The new QB is being dropped into a pit.  As an absolute minimum, we should the HC and OC handling the GM's newly drafted QB smartly rather than confidently jamming him into a meat grinder. 

    The offense pathetic.  The blocking schemes alone are JV at best. 

    The Jets are ranked as # 32 in all the power rankings,

    This is not a team/organization that is improving or showing signs of competent management/coaching.

    Staying on course is what they will do.  On course to stay in the basement. 

    For fans, this is not the time for making excuses and glossing over the facts,  That is what cheerleaders and fanboys do.   Not fans.

    The Jets are horrendous.  At the VERY BOTTOM.  

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  8. 8 hours ago, jetscrazey said:

    In Saleh's interview with Michael Kay today he acknowledged LaFleur's system is built on tight formations, with receivers inside the numbers and working in high traffic areas "in a phone booth."  Watching the tape I rarely see a Jets WR split out at the numbers.  The receivers are mostly standing right next to the OL.  This bunches 15-16 players in a tight area, which inevitably makes it harder to run and makes the passing windows very narrow for a rookie QB.  I really question the merit of building an entire system around these tight formations.  Clearly none of the players seem all that comfortable trying to execute it.  This is what we mean when we say the coaches are not putting the players in position for success.  Why put this stress on Wilson?

    Why not split the WRs out wide, where you can get them in 1 on 1 matchups vertically, where guys like Corey Davis and Mims can use their size to catch back-shoulder, and let Moore operate in more space over the middle?  Let Wilson run 3 step drops with larger passing windows.

    I think Saleh has become so obsessed with the idea of culture change and is maybe a little apprehensive about his offensive expertise, so he is being very rigid with "the system" and making everyone adapt to it for the sole reason of "it worked elsewhere."  LaFleur too.  They have this bias and it's preventing them from taking a step back and realizing they have to work with the talent they have.

    Is this really what Kyle Shanahan did in SF?  Tight formations all the time?  It's not what I remember TBH but I could be wrong.

    Fantastic post.  Not only does it suggest what the Jets biggest problem is at the moment, it points to a critical flaw that many failed coaching regimes have had.  A propensity to drive square pegs into round holes.  We saw it with Gase.  Instead of designing an offense that Darnold would flourish in, Gase ran an offense that a very different type of QB like Peyton Manning would prefer.  Darnold would do well in an offense that had a lot of line shifts, aggressive man blocking up front, misdirection & play action.  What Gase ran was an offense that had about four basic pass pass plays.  Success was predicted on pre-snap read, exact ball placement and timing.  Not a good match for Sam.  The exact opposite of what Sam's style/skill set would work best with.

    Now the Jets have a QB with a skill set that would fit well in a shotgun based spread-set with four wide and LaFleur jams him up in a phone booth.

    Always beware of an OC with a shoebox offense.  That being, a set system and play book that he tries to port from one roster to the next without regard to the manpower on tap.

    As the defense has not been all that bad, it would seem as if LaFleur is the big problem right now.  As Saleh is the HC, I'd say he better step in and deal with it, or follow Gase out of town. 

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  9. 8 minutes ago, JetBlue said:

    So I'm watching the Jags versus the Cardinals and damn if the Jags don't actually look like an NFL team.   They have a running game, solid receivers in Shenault, and Chalk,  Lawrence showed promise.  Sure he had a couple of ints, one was on the receiver who practically handed it to the defensive back and the other was a just a rookie mistake that he should learn from.  He made some really nice throws especially on the run.   There defense is not bad either.   I mean don't get me wrong, they will probably lose 12 games but at least they look competitive and give their fans some hope for the future.   

    Meanwhile I don't see anything that makes me optimistic about the future.  Actually let me take that back, I think Zach can be good but we are doing nothing to help him and I am concerned he develops some bad habits.   

    I see Shenault developing as a receiver and yet our top receiver from the same draft is not even active on game day.   They lose their Ettiene for the season and don't miss a beat as UDA Robinson picks up were he left off from last season (Another reason why it rarely pays to take a running back in the first round...but I digress) and our healthy rookie running back despite having shown flashes, does not get enough touches to get rhythm despite playing with a bunch of JAGS (to be fair, he has no almost no where to run.. still I want to see him getting the lionshare of the carries as a well finding ways to get the ball to him in space.)  Our top rookie receiver has looked very pedestrian so far and now he has a concussion....  

    It's funny everybody expects Urban Meyer to fail and get fired yet, he has the Jags ready to play; something we can't say about Saleh at least so far.   

    Look it is still very early in the season and there it time to get this thing turned around.  The problem I see very little signs that they know what they are doing.   The very fact that they have refused to activate Mims when they need all the help they can get, does not give me any confidence that they will figure things out.   

    Now that Moore is concussed, what excuse will they use this week for not playing him?  Especially if he has another "great" week of practice. 

    I don't know how many games the Jags will win but I can tell you right now they are definitely more entertaining to watch then the Jets. 

    Agree fully.  Still wondering who got the better QB, though.  Lawrence or Wilson...  How can either one be judged considering the state of their respective teams ??? Both have flashed, but Wilson has made the bigger blunders thus far. 

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  10. 14 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:


    Some good points in here.  But suffice it to say that Rex being better than what we've had since doesn't say much at all.  

    True that.  And sad.  I think that Mangini might have continued to improve if he stayed longer.   He was the opposite of Rex.  Great administrator and roster guy, but not a good in game coach.  He was learning on the fly.  After a few more seasons, he might have gotten a lot better as he learned and grew into the big chair.  I also liked Bowles and thought he should have gotten a year or two more.  A smart coach who is a bit laid back like Bowles takes longer to sink into an organization than a firebrand like Rex.  The Bowles teams were never a laughing stock like the Gase teams. Gase was horrible with no chance to go anywhere but down.  Saleh is likeable when I hear him, but I'd like to see better results.  Losing games as a new HC with a new QB, youngest roster in the league and a new OC is expected, but there should be more signs of intelligent design at work. 

    Adding here that I heard Steve Young comment on the Jets today.   He said that with all the new pieces the Jets have there is no way that anyone can say where the problem is.  

  11. 3 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Really?   They didn't figure him out?  You didn't notice all the overload blitzes Rex ran that offenses were fully prepared for?  You didn't notice how veteran coaches like Belichick, Marvin Lewis, and Tom Coughlin routinely blew him out in his latter 4 seasons here?

    And if the roster was the ONLY problem with Rex Ryan....Explain why he failed so miserably in Buffalo?  The same defense that was top 5 under Jim Schwartz suddenly was outside of the top 20 under Rex Ryan, and you had veteran DL on that team complaining about the issues with the scheme.

    I can't comment on Buffalo with any specific authority.  I didn't follow them when Rex was there.  I don't think you followed them either.  If you did, you'd know that the overload blitzing decreased markedly when he was with the Bills.

    Analysis: Why Rex Ryan's defense failed in Buffalo | Buffalo Bills News | NFL | buffalonews.com

    I've read and heard many former coaches and players comment on Ryan's tenure with the Bills.  Ed Reed who coached under Rex suggested that the coaching staff Rex assembled didn't work well together.  The explanation I tend to agree with is that there was a conflict in philosophies among players and coaches that became an impediment to progress.  

    His lack of success with Buffalo had nothing to do with the "league figuring him out".  

    His decline with the Jets had nothing to do with the "league figuring him out" 

    More along the lines that he was bad at picking assistants and players and zero to do with X's and O's

    I always laud Rex for his ability to scheme, but I also believe he was too much of an emotional reactionary with regard to making player/roster/staff decisions.  Great in game coach, bad administrator.

    Still... With a strong GM in place as a backstop against allowing Rex to wreck his own roster, I'd gladly take him over what we have now, or Gase or Bowles 

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  12. 19 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    They were outscored by 97 points that season.  Arguably the least competitive 8-8 season of all-time.  And thus it was no surprise when basically the exact same team went 4-12 the following season.

    Rex gave us 2 fun seasons.  Then the league figured him out and he sucked from 2011-2016.  He couldn't even get an interview for the U of Miami HC job a few years back.

    Let it go.  

    The league didn't figure him out.  The manpower on the roster was the issue.   Rex was largely to blame for that.  Although not widely reported, Rex has been approached for DC jobs.  He wont consider any offer other than HC,  That is why he is not working as a coach now.  He was the best coach the Jets had since Parcells.  

  13. 2 hours ago, Cut Jet Penalty Makers said:

    The lies, the obfuscation, the outright deriliction of duty continues....Kay, LaGreca, Rosenberg not buying the insipid excuses anymore...Saleh stating that even with concussed Elijah Moore, Mims is continuing to 'show progess and is working hard' to try to get on the field...this is insane what is going on and clearly we are being lied to.


    Could it be possible that they are protecting Mims ??? Perhaps he is dealing with health/mental health/cognitive issues that they don't want to go pubic ???

    Just a very wild guess/suggestion... 

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  14. 1 hour ago, bgivs21 said:

    You're right, something needs to change and it's up to Saleh. 

    Personally, I think the best and easiest option right now is to trim down the offense. It seems as though the CS has tried to cram way too much into a limited amount of time and guys are just not understanding assignments. Trim it back, focus and perfect certain packages and expand from there. 

    Agree.   Perhaps a 2 TE offense with at least one ball carrier in the backfield for blocking/chip.  The are not going to win games, so they should at least save the QBs career/life  Lots of running with extra blockers up front and high percentage short passing, screens, slants, hitches, pay action, misdirection 

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