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  1. 5 minutes ago, ScarletKnight89 said:

    To be fair, Macc was the GM then. I'm hoping JD has enough sense to not do that.

    JD has the brains in spades.  The Jets finally have what they have been missing.  The right man at the GM spot.  That has been missing for over two decades.  That has been the problem.  Tanny had good insight into player quality and understood contact language, but he was not "in command".  He was a push over for who ever talked the loudest.  Idzik was an absolute disaster and never should have been considered for the GM role.  Mr. Coffee was not only way out of his depth, but he was never going to be the man that could take charge as would be needed in the Jet's diffuse management structure.  Joe Douglas has all the qualities needed to *finally* captain the Jets to sustained success.  He clearly knows how to evaluate talent, he is not going to give out bloated contracts to retreads and just as importantly, he has the alpha balls to own the position and keep both the HC and owner out of his kitchen.   

    Even before the acquisition of Trevor Lawrence dawned on the football world, I was convince the Jets were on track due to the hire of Douglas.  Adding Trevor Lawrence takes things from *very good* to *remarkably fantastic*.

    I'm critical of the Jets as is called for, but right now, I'm pretty excited. 

    Don't worry about Lawrence rejecting the Jets.  He and his agent will talk to JD and the benefits to them will be clear.  There wont even be a rookie hold out.  I'm that sure of JD.  


  2. 16 hours ago, JTJet said:

    It amazes me that people 100% believe that there is zero chance he forces a trade. 

    There is ACTUAL precedent for this a couple times in the history of the NFL draft, and the conditions for it to happen again are lining up. 

    No way will he force a trade or stay in school.  TL is not foolish, nor is his agent.  It is clear that the Jets have a very strong plan to compete and achieve sustained success with Joe Douglas.  All the stock piled draft picks and cap money *IS* for Trevor Lawrence's team and future.  It is not just a sales pitch that JD will make.  It is fact and it is truth.  Add to that, the Jets, despite their recent record are a premiere NFL franchise.  NYC media market, strong fan base to go along with some of the best player facilities in the entire league.  The Jets have one of the highest paid staffs in the league and the best doctors and advisers are available for all the players.  Also consider an owner that has deep pockets and likes to spend on his team. 

    No way would anyone turn down a chance to be a Jet as the first over all pick.

    Stop thinking like a Jets fan.   It is one of the best places that a player can go to, especially right now, when the team's on field performance is going to start keeping pace with the other attractive reasons to be NY Jet

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  3. 20 hours ago, 56mehl56 said:

    Rex didn't need or want a better QB, it was all ground N pound . He the Jets and Sanchez fell off a cliff when they let the Oline break apart in FA. 

    Not true.  Rex himself said, and recently no less, that they had to be ground and pound because of Sanchez.  If he had Marino, the ball would have been in the air. 

  4. 8 hours ago, Philc1 said:

    The problem with Brady and Arians is Arians doesn’t like to use the TE and as we all know Brady absolutely does, probably more so than any QB ever

    They have been using Gronk, but I dont think they use him to an ideal along with Brady.  Gronk is impossible to defend shallow and over the middle due to his size.  The defense will usually have a LB on him or the SS when he breaks into one of those shallow inside routs.  Defenders that are not ideal in coverage.  With Tampa, they are not using Gronk that way too, but they should.  

    Brady is simply not suited to be a mad bomber regardless of what Arians likes to do or what Brady's ego would like to do.  They can get wise to that or blow the season out their ass.  Real simple.  If they did a lot more of that quick hitting precision inside passing, they would also get their money's worth out of Antonio brown.  The DB's would be drawn up and it would give him chances to get behind them on the flank. 

  5. 12 minutes ago, ScarletKnight89 said:

    It's important to find a Head Coach who will mesh well with the new QB. I don't think there's anything wrong with talking to his agent and seeing who he would feel comfortable with. Just my opinion. 

    as long as the gm lets the agent know who is running things, i have no problem with the gm collecting as much info as is possible

  6. 10 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Yet Rex was fully onboard with the contract extension Sanchez got?  Come on now.

    If Rex wanted a new QB he had ample opportunity to demand that to happen.  He didn't.  He only blamed Sanchez after the fact, because he's a lying snake.  

    could be.  or he was just trying to pump up the guys he had to work with.  ever single player that ever commented on rex was all in on saying he never threw players under the bus under any circumstances.  rex was known for always supporting his players even when it was clear that they were doing poorly

  7. 5 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Mike Tannenbaum.  Greg Roman (in Buffalo). 

    One could also argue Brian Schottenheimer, who was not fired but simply "not retained".  

    I dont blame Rex for throwing Schotty Jr. under the buss.  Should have thrown him off a cliff instead.  Also.  Tanny seems to be the guy that wanted Sanchez.  There is a real chance Rex would have won the super bowl in 2009 or 2010 with a better QB.  I think Ryan was always resentful that he got stuck with Sanchez.

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  8. 40 minutes ago, southparkcpa said:

    Maybe but what choice do they have???   Without Brady they are 4-7 not 7-4 as of before last night IMO but I hear you.  


    They can wise up.  That means collectively wising up.  Both Arians and Tommy boy.  Run the offense Brady is good at, or keep losing despite being loaded with weapons and also having an aggressive and capable defense.  

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  9. 3 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    He couldn't even get an interview at the U of Miami after expressing interest in the job.

    No one wants him as a HC.  Maybe he'd have a chance at getting a DC job somewhere.  Maybe.

    Yeah... His mouth and often immature nature is a turn off to many... 

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  10. 27 minutes ago, shawn306 said:

    Boy this sounds alot like Mangini and Favre in 2008

    Favre was doing very good for Mangini and Schotty Jr.  He knew more offense than both of them.  While Favre's arm was still working, the offense was off the hook.  In that case, it was smart for Mangini and Schotty to let Favre run the show on offense.  

    In the case of Brady and Arians, not so.   Intervention is needed. 

    It gets real simple from here.  Either they run the offense that Brady is suited for, or they keep giving away games they should and could win.

    Brady needs static pocket with multiple pass options built into the play.  No line shifts or miss direction. From that point, he makes his pre-snap read, picks the best place to go, calls it and delivers the ball with perfect timing and perfect ball placement. Ideal pass plays within that shell include slants, hitches, bunch formation, screen, bubble screen, slugo etc.  No bombs, nothing deep and outside the numbers.  Couple that with basic smash mouth straight ahead running and they will do just fine.  If they try static pocket on passing plays and go with line shift and miss direction on running plays, the defenders will crash every gap the very moment they see the line move lateral.

    You cant go bombs away with Tommy boy.  Wont work.  Trade with the Jets for Joe Cool.


  11. 39 minutes ago, whodeawhodat said:

    stopped reading at BA doesnt want to throw the long ball.  that is his motto! that being said, defenses should be more susceptible to the run in fear of giving up the long ball.  Doesnt seem to happening.... yet...  this offense is a work in progress.  by the time the playoffs roll around they should be hitting on all cylinders.  Brady didnt go to tampa to compete with breez for all time passing record.  he came to tampa for a chip, plain and simple.

    Agree that in the past he shows affinity for chunk plays through the air, but this time it aint him.  Brady went to Tampa to be on a team that promised him multiple talented receiving targets and the chance to let if fly, so he can show us all. 

  12. 44 minutes ago, UntouchableCrew said:

    What makes you say that? He's literally done that with every QB he's ever had across multiple teams.

    Insight on both Brady and Arians.  Arians is not foolish or stubborn enough to misuse Brady.  However, Brady is driven to prove his arm and not BB's are what won multiple Super Bowls.  Arians is getting wrongfully roasted in the media for offensive design and play selection that is poorly matched for Brady's skill set.   What Arians and the Bucks brass are culpable of is letting Brady write his own checks.  

  13. 14 hours ago, varjet said:

    When you go back and read the scouting reports on Darnold, you can see why he struggles now, even though his coaching is terrible.  Fundamentally, he needed superior coaching, given his mechanical and mental flaws at USC, as well as the fact that he really has not been playing QB THAT long.  Trevor Lawrence was bred to be a QB since MS.  

    I don’t think Sam Darnold is going to be another Jim Plunkett, but I do believe he will be better on another team than he is now.  

    Darnold needs two things and maybe he can win in the NFL.  He needs a new start and more importantly he needs a HC/OC that will build the offense specifically for him.  

    I have posted this many times... The offense for Sam Darnold would be the modern version of the 1980's Redskins offense.   Sam is never going to be a pocket passer.  However, if  you run the stuff the 80's Redskins did, it could work well.  Lots of line shifts, roll outs, counter gap, counter trey stuff, play action and so on.  Darnold would be a natural fit for that.  Moving the pocket, miss-direction in the running game and play action would be key. Even then, you still have a big issue.  Darnold will STILL make the occasional mistake and ill advised throw resulting in turnover.  So, will he be Tony Romo and do that at the WORST POSSIBLE TIME, or will he be able to overcome the mistakes ??? Remember... In the playoffs, it is a single elimination contest against a good team and one mistake by the QB at the wrong time often sends you home.

    Still.  I am positive Sam can be productive and exciting in the type of offense I cited above.  Forget about trying to make him a pore pocket passer in an offense with a static pocket and a lot of timing patters.   Not gonna happen

  14. 2 minutes ago, NYJ37/12 said:

    Fair enough on Roman and agreed on Jackson. Roman to me is not the guy for this particular job.  It will not surprise me though if he's at the top of the list assuming the connection with Douglas.

    Any recommendations ??? Everyone wants the "next Sean McVay" but how many of them are there ??? I'm not sure who there is out there or who I want, but here is my list of qualifications.

    1. Must be able to build and run an entire program.  Be the boss of the OC, DC and STC.  We don't want a guy that blusters about his offense and forgets about defense or vice versa.  We want a bona fied team leader and administrator. 

    2. Must be able to adjust and adapt.  Any coach with a shoe-box offense that he ports from place to place like Gase is going to fail.  You need to be creative, dynamic and flexible to tailor your system to the strengths of  your players.

    3. Must have personality and temperament and maturity to stay steady and stable regardless of circumstances.  Emotional reactionaries often loose the respect of the media and the players.  Not saying I want a guy on Sominex the way Todd Boles was.  Energy and enthusiasm (Pete Carol) is good. You just done wan't to see any fear or panic in your HC even if they lose a gut wrenching game or have a string of unexpected losses.  Gotta be steady and even. 


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  15. 6 minutes ago, NYJ37/12 said:

    I can. Roman to me is more of a three tight end, ground and pound OC with very little creativity. Now I know the response will be look at his offense with Jackson, its not ground and pound. But if you look closer, it is and teams have figured out Jackson this year.  They have 327 rushing attempts with Jackson as the leader in attempts and yards gained. They have 279 passing attempts. 

    Daboll to me is not a head coach, he's a decent OC at best. 

    The Jets need a real type A personality with HC experience to flip this mess. Neither one of these guys would do that.

    All good points.  Agree on Dabol.  He may not be suited for the big chair.  Not so sure I agree with Roman.  I think he can adapt.  He did with Jackson, but smart coaches no how to defend him now.  I remember how badly I got flamed for posting last year that "Jackson had more holes in his game than a piece of Swiss cheese".  Not saying that Jackson is not a good QB.  You can win with him, but he is limited as a passer.  If plan "A" does not work out, and a defense can contain him, it will be hard for an OC to generate a lot of yardage through the air with him.  And it will be very hard to play from behind.   Right now, the fall off we see in the Ravens offense is not on Roman.  It is more of an issue with Roman working with a limited passer.  

  16. 2 hours ago, ScarletKnight89 said:

    If the Jets finish with the 1st pick, then all Head Coaching candidates are going to know that they will get the opportunity to work with, and develop Trevor Lawrence. Trevor will also know he will be going to the Jets.

    I would talk to Trevor Lawrence's agent in that scenario and work with them to find someone who he is comfortable with. 

    I've heard people say it's dumb to let a rookie pick the HC, but honestly, I'd rather Trevor Lawrence pick the next Head Coach of the Jets instead of Christopher Johnson. 

    No way do I want a rookie QB to have anything to do with selecting the staff.  Not a chance in the bloody pit of hell.  I *REALLY* want Trevor Lawrence, but no way in hell do you give a player any idea that he has anything to do with who will coach him.  Draft him, pay him and develop him under a strong coach that the GM and only the GM picks.  

    I dont know who the next HC will be, but I think we have the right guy in Joe Douglas to get us a good one.

  17. 7 minutes ago, kmnj said:

    that is what I believe will happen

    Joe D likes Gase and Gase "hired Joe"

    they are joined at the hip

    I hate Gase and think he should go but it is funny that many Gase haters are all in on getting rid of him but some how Joe is teflon Joe -he made the roster much worse for Gase

    Joe made the roster worse this year as a portion of what it will take to make it very good for the next five years.  Thus far, I love what JD as done and I'm excited about the prospects of 0-16 leading to sustained success

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