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  1. 11 minutes ago, BP said:

    Was that the year they acted like they won the sb in Miami? Gatorade bath and speech by woody when they finished at 8-8? 

    lol momentum into next year!! Hahahaha 2014 was a train wreck

     With a roster that was almost as bad as the current roster.  2014 is the only year I recall with a lack of manpower that rivals this year.

    JD sends Darnold off to reset the clock on the QB money, but what the hell did he do with all the money he saved ??? ZERO big name stars on that roster that make big plays and win games.  No elite offensive line stud FA signings. 

    The entire roster is below JAG status.

    And.... The low cost newly drafted players are all duds.

    JD has been a total failure. 

    Johnson hires Gace

    Gace Hires JD

    JD hires Saleh

    Saleh hires OC 

    And the who's at the top of that chain ?

    And the news never gets better because Johnson wont fire himself

  2. 16 minutes ago, southparkcpa said:

    I would say his schemes are outdated. A by gone era.  Offensive minds have figured him out.     

    Rex didn't have a clear base scheme.  He had a philosophy of flexibility at all three levels of the defense and unpredictability.  He did do a lot of press man in combination with overload blitzing which was a peculiarity of his that was made possible by Revis and at times Cromartie, but other than that unique tactic, there was no base defense.   Along the defensive line you would see 3 to 7 man fronts in various alignments/assignments.  Both 2 gap and 1 gap. The LBs would play on the line, at the second level and in coverage.  The DB's would press, play zone, loaded zone, cover 2, Tampa 2, cover 0, etc. 

    He adjusted on the fly as needed and kept most every game winnable even with QBs that had a propensity to turn the ball over regulary.

    The players loved and responded to him and the Jets were fun.

    His downfall was his bad judgment with roster decisions. Tanny was weak willed and let Rex shoot himself in the foot. 

    I want Rex as HC with Mangini as his director of player personnel 

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    Get the ball out faster for sure !

    With an offensive line that includes Van Roten & McGovern, the QB has to get the ball out in .5 (POINT FIVE) seconds on each snap or else.



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  4. 1 hour ago, KO91 said:

    Want to determine who is going to fall on the sword for this disaster. My guess is it’s LaFluer. 

    I don't know who's going to be blamed and axed, but I know who it should be.  Look all the way up at the top and you'll see the one who's clearly responsible for this mess and all the failed regimes that preceded it. Too bad that person won't fire/divest himself 

  5. 1 hour ago, JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF said:

    Wasn’t Riggins still around and also some other talent?  At least there was something to watch during Holtz’ short time.

    This putrid garbage I watched again yesterday had me saying out loud that the 2021 Jets are not an NFL team, and this is occurring year after year now.  It’s rare that you see a team get totally MAN HANDLED ie. bitch slapped, like you see these Jets do on a very consistent basis.  

    Also, maybe it’s just me, but I felt like I was watching players just going through the motions and not even looking like they cared at times yesterday.

    So the team isn’t just bad, it’s horrific, and now you can throw in not even likable.

    and the uniforms look pathetic as well.  the jets are a total loss. 

  6. 3 hours ago, doitny said:

    what else is left to do. hate them. hate JD? then i got to root against them so i can get rid of JD.

    and we did get owned yesterday, no doubt about that. but did Carolina owned us? rough first half but the 2nd half gave us some hope. 

    did NE own us? Zach doesnt throw 4 INTs and its a close game. rest of the team played well.


    hate has nothing to do with it.  this is about product quality.  the fans should hire a law firm and sue the jets for product liability.


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  7. 1 hour ago, Grandy said:

    We're cursed, like legitimately.

    The best thing the Johnsons can do is hire an exorcist, priest, or any competent user of voodoo magic to be our next GM/HC/Target of anger. Texans were ahead of their time man. 

    Also scrap these garbage uniforms already. Can we at least look good while blowing horse c*ck? I mean, the Mets have that going for them.

    New owner needed.   That wont happen, so get used to the rest of the decade seeing the Jets continuing their run as a word class laughingstock 

  8. This is clearly the worst Jets team I have seen.  Worse than the Gase teams.  Worse than the Kotite teams.  The roster is horrible. The coaching is bad. The defense does not scare any of the opposing QBs. The design of the offense makes little Schotty Jr. look like Walsh.  The new QB is already going up the spout.  

    And like I always say.   It starts at the very top. 

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  9. I used to have season tickets.  Not any longer. I *was* a third generation ticket holder.  It went from Grandfather, to my father to me.  

    I was always put off by having to pay full price for two preseason tickets.  Then the PSL's came along.  Seemed a bit disrespectful and rapacious.   But, I went along with it because I still had fun at the games.  

    Then, they signed Michael Vick.  That was the end of the line for me. 

    I cancelled my tickets and pawned my PSL. 

    The greed didn't drive me away nor did the poor on-filed performance.  I was disgusted by an owner/gm that thought it was a good idea to bring Vick on board.  Considering what I knew about his exploits, I could not bring myself to rout for them. 

    I also know several other long time ticket holders that walked away after that. 

  10. 18 minutes ago, jgb said:

    Probably a mix of work ethic, capability to absorb information/flexible mindset, and unrealistic expectations/requirements by the coaches. Like most complex problems in life, there is likely a complex -- or at least varied -- cause.

    Indeed.  Though, I don't think the CS would be keeping him out of games just because he does not polish their brass sufficiently. 

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  11. 22 minutes ago, Lith said:

    This is what worries me right now.  Not impressed at all by what I have seen from the offensive coaching staff through two games.  After Zach was 0-2 with 2 picks, where were the short, easy completions to try to get him into a rhythym.  Why was Fant starting over Moses week 1.  Handling of the WR room (Free Denzel).  Runniing into the Pats line 3 straight times when we got in a first and goal situation.  These are just a few things that come to mind.

    Yes, it is two games and a young OC can make mistakes and get better.  Along with a young QB.  But the combination of rookie QB and first time OC is not looking so hot right now. 

    It'll be better Sunday, right?

    Agree fully.  Even if the QB has great passing chops and the new HC has lots of good leadership and football smarts, the are still brand new to the position.  They have to learn on the fly, so that means they should know their limitations due to inexperience and go forward accordingly. 

  12. 11 hours ago, JetBlue said:

    OMG the dude fell to the SECOND ROUND, not the SIXTH.  How many time players have slipped a round or two?  Does any one with a brain really think Mims would have made past the first few picks of the 3rd round if he lasted that long???   I guarantee if he went to any other team he would be playing major minutes and producing but only the ******* jets can take talented player like this and use him to set their example regarding "culture" which is really total bullsh*t.  You win with TALENT not CULTURE.   This team has not SNIFFED the playoffs in a decade it seems and we are wasting a talented second round pick who plays a position of need because he doesn't kiss Saleh or Lafleur ring?  God I truly hate being a Jet fans some times.  It it times like this I really wish I could quit this team... 

    The only thing here I dig is your overall disgust with the Jets as an organization/product.  Perhaps another team would get more out of Mims, but from where the fans are seated, it sounds like there are issues with his work ethic.  

  13. 2 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    I can't help you if you think it's on the CS when the QB is just lobbing the balls up to the DB's. Good luck to you. Enjoy whatever it is you think you're watching.

    Wilson still thinks he is at BYU playing against a college defense.  He's not understanding where he is and who he's in front of.  

    He needs to be guided. 

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  14. 4 minutes ago, Dunnie said:

    Tom ******* Brady ....


    So everyone just calm the **** down.

    Wilson himself is not the worry.  Neither was Sam Darnold.  The worry is the CS.  If Wilson is guided properly, he'll work out.  If not, he'll flame out all together or wind up as a reclamation project on another team in 4 - 5 years. 

    What we all should see now (I HOPE) is Wilson being given a play book with at lest 50 % running and a passing game that is largely confined to high percentage type pass plays.

    If we see more air and dare, things will go from bad to worse. 

    They also need to do something about the interior of the offensive line.  It looks like Van Roten is having issues.   Nothing worse than free rushers up the gut and directly into the QB's face

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  15. 4 hours ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    Run game looked pretty good yesterday. Hard to call plays when your QB is lobbing it into coverage every other play.

    Why do you give a rookie QB from BYU a playbook that is not limited to high percentage passing plays ??? No matter how confident he sounds, the coaches need to guide him.  Those interceptions were on the CS.  He was not prepared and he is not being guided/handled correctly.  Just like Sammy 

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  16. 5 minutes ago, DoubleDown said:

    He answered appropriately.

    The fact is Zach Wilson was throwing off his back foot regularly in Week 2 even when he had space to step into his throws.  You can call it "seeing ghosts" or whatever else you want.  I think it's clear that Bill Belichick's defense and the Panther's pass rush in Week 1 got to his head.

    The CS does not have Wilson properly prepared.  That includes the play book and what they are allowing him to do.  He needs to be restricted to high percentage pass plays for now.  

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