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  1. 10 minutes ago, Dunnie said:

    Sorry bra ... I ain't buying... The defense will be awesome... But not better than it would have been had Adams been part of it.


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    Add Adams to the current defensive roster and it will be better.  I would not dispute that. 

    Remove Adams and add CJ Mosley, & Williamson and the defense will be better in 2020 than it was in 2019.  Remove Adams, add CJ Mosley, & Williamson AND an improved Baby Huey and will will have an even better defense in 2020 than you had in 2019.  All without Adams.  I think what a lot of fans are not realizing is that Adam's role in the 2019 Jets defense was a band-aid that Greg Williams used to make up for a lack of conventional pass rush.  Greg Williams *LET* Adams make those plays.  

    After that, consider 2021 and 2022 with all those draft picks.  

    It is win now, win later and win for a long time.   

    If they didn't want to win now, do you think JD would have used the first pick this year on a tackle while adding Fant, Van Roten and McDermott to the roster ??? They have an entirely new offensive line and a new WR that may be the steal of the draft.

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  2. 19 minutes ago, NYJ1 said:

    There's NO doubt that the Jets are not interested in winning this year. You have to consider they are trading their very best player AFTER the draft. So the Jets have no opportunity to start to redesign the roster. They are stuck with a team where their defense revolved around Jamal Adams. Now that Adams in gone? There is going to be a tremendous learning curve for this defense to get back in the swing. So the writer has pegged the Jets when he says they are not interested in winning this season. The Jets roster is still GARBAGE. They still have, very little talent. ALL of the players that you might think are decent players came in through FA or trade. The Jets drafting had sucked for so long that you can't possibly win like that.

    Assuming Joe Douglas actually knows what he's doing, it still won't be for at least a few years until can be competitive. Jamal Adams was an excellent player on a roster full of nobodies.

    If the LB's are back healthy, their defense will be better this year without Adams than it was last year with him.  If Baby Huey starts living up to his billing AND the LB's are back healthy, the defense will be a lot better than last year. 

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  3. 11 hours ago, Rich said:

    They are actually ahead and they are worse because the hide behind their "reputation" and just tell blatant lies to keep their subscriber base from canceling them.  

    Indeed. In the main, journalism both print and broadcast has become an extension of political affirmation. The same can be said of Hollywood.  Entertainment is a primary conduit for politics.  There is still pure journalism and dramatic art, but a large portion of it comes with a sociopolitical agenda.  Have you tried listening to ESPN lately ??? QED. 

  4. 57 minutes ago, CanadaSteve said:

    On a scale of 1 - 10, 1 being NOT at all, and 10 being VERY, how serious are you with this comment, cuz I just can't tell.


    10.  Stidham is going to do very well with BB.  Obviously, the Pats are not stacked, but they will compete.  I actually still expect that they will win the division.

  5. 44 minutes ago, slats said:

    This has been my plan for him for a long time, and it's no knock on him, either. He's young and somewhat inexperienced in pass protection. There's nothing wrong with letting him get acclimated on the right side. I think he could be a monster in the running game there as a rookie. For me, it would come down to not only how much faith I had in him to play the left side right away, but also who I thought was better; Fant at LT or Edoga at RT. 

    I don't usually get excited about OL picks, but I really do think Becton's upside is HoF. 

    Agree fully.  Becton is really a fun pick.  I cant wait to watch him play.  If he starts on the right side, and I think this likely, he is going to be a steam roller in the running game from day one while he works to improve pass blocking skills...

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  6. 7 hours ago, ageingjetfan said:

    I liked him at Auburn.  I was hoping pats didn't pick him. hope he isn't better than what is being thought.







    Stidham is going to be a very good fit for BB.  Don't expect bush league play from the Pats this year.  They may very well still win the div.  Cam won't get near the starting role unless there is an injury to Stidham.

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  7. 17 hours ago, Rich said:

    I understand that the NY Daily News has basically become a blog due to their financial problems, and cant employ top talent, but their "reporting" (specifically Metha) on the Jets and especially the Adams situation, has been as disgusting as Adams´ conduct. Today Mr. Burner Account is lecturing Gase on using the Adams situation to become a better coach. Thats pretty rich considering that Adams used Metha to spew his BS and Metha used Adams to finally get a real story, even though we know Adams story is a pack of lies. Two con men who deserve each other. 

    I know he comes on the podcast so I dont want to get in trouble here, but Im sorry, Metha has disgraced himself with his highly inaccurate reporting and has used his position to hurt the team and for me thats too much. Im no fan of Gase, but I am a fan of my team and hes the head coach so making it harder for him is not something I think a beat reporter should be doing. He has a right to his opinion, I get it. He has every right to call guys out but free speech requires responsibility when you are part of the press and frankly, lying is lying. At some point (now) you lose all credibility.  He can make any point he wants without having to inject himself into it. But its not about that for him, its about him to him and about his personal vendetta. Too bad he didnt go to Seattle with JaSmall.   


    The NYT is not far behind.  

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  8. I am still worried about pass blocking skills and I expect him to start on the right side for a season with Fant starting on the left side.  BUT... If he is able to develop pass blocking skills, his uncommon size and athleticism will see him eventually become a world class LT. 

    I happen to think he has the qualities to overcome any current lack of skills that he will need in the NFL.  Watching his college highlights, you can see just how hard he worked on every play.  He never stops.  He LOVES to get out and block.  I've seen him cross the field all the way to his right to help block.  He gets out into the third level of the defense to help the play.   A lineman that does those things and does them all the time is golden.  

    He may have some growing pains, but he's got all the stuff he needs to be as special as Revis was at his position. 

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  9. 5 hours ago, Jet Nut said:

    why on earth would they do this?

    One, your assume the first team to pick has a FQB.  99.999 % of the time they dont, which is why they suck bad enough to pick first.

    If by some remote chance they dont need a QB they arent trading TL for what we will have to offer them. 

    Id think he gets traded under that scenario to a team picking in the top 3 who want to guarantee their QB pick

    Could be, yes...We are just kicking this around a bit... I see Jacksonville or the Panthers winding up with TL

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  10. 10 minutes ago, sec101row23 said:

    You think it’s only going to take a swapping of firsts in 2021 and only one of the 2022 firsts to get Trevor?   That’s a pipe dream.  

    You swap 1's in 2021 AND give them your second 1st in 2021 and one of your two 1's in 2022.  AND... If they need a QB, Darnold too.

    Remember.  The team we swap with might not even be in the running for a QB.  Suppose it is Miami at  the bottom with Tua ??? You dont think they would trade down a few spots for TWO firs round picks ???

  11. 29 minutes ago, GreekJet said:

    Lawrence is the answer, but the question is this. 

    Sam Darnold and a boat load of picks or Trevor Lawrence?

    Well... If the Jets give up a number one in 2021 and a number one in 2022 to move up and take TL, they STILL have a first round selection in 2021 and 2022.  

    I also have to say again,  If Gase stays, TL is the type of QB that would be ideal for his system while Darnold is not.

  12. I suggested this in a post from three days ago.

    If Sam has a poor year, I'd trade TWO of our first round picks and Sam to move up and get TL.

    And, so... My answer depends on Sam's performance this year.  And this year, will be what I think to be his defining year with the Jets.  Either he proves he's a capable franchise QB or it is time to move on...

    Also... if GASE stays, TL's style is much better suited for the offense that GASE is running in comparison to Darnold's

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  13. 2 hours ago, UnknownJetFan said:

    Gonna go with what I heard Klecko say on behalf of the 1982 team that the Fins after the dreaded Mud Bowl were run all over on and that would not have occurred to the Sack Exchange Dline. Meaning, they would have stopped Riggins or at least held him in check.

    The 1982 team also had backers that were very good against the run.  Buttle, Blinka and Mehl as a unit were super good against the run. 

    Their defensive backs were also very good as a unit.  Bobby Jackson and Jerry Holmes were both very good CB's.  Ken Schroy and Darrol Ray were a really nice safety tandem.  If Ray managed to get the ball in his hands, he was gonna take it all the way.  

    As good as the Redskins were, the Jets could have won that game if they didn't turn the ball over.   The Jets defense was really hot in 82. 

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  14. 13 minutes ago, rangerous said:

    imo the 1999 team had the best chance to get to the sb.  vinny and leon johnson going down ruined the season.  they may have made the playoffs if they used lucas at qb from game 2 on.

    The other teams were very talented and had a good shot, but I agree here.  The 1998 team would have gotten past Atlanta in the Super Bowl without any problem.  

    IMHO, Parcells outcoached himself in that game vs. Denver.  I also remember Vinny missing a wide open R. Anderson in the endzone that would have change the game.  Vinny felt pressure that wasn't there and he dirted the ball just out of Anderson's reach...

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  15. Which would you say was the best Jets team (not counting 1969) ??? Which would have had the best chance to win the Super Bowl if they had advanced ???

    1982 Jets (Would Have played Redski... No, No... Red Wolves in Super Bowl)

    1986 Jets (Would Have played Giants in Super Bowl)

    1998 Jets (Would Have Played CORRECTION *ATLANTA*  in Super Bowl)

    2001 Jets (Would Have Played St. Louis Rams In Super Bowl)

    2006 Jets (Would Have Played Chicago In Super Bowl)

    2009 Jets (Would Have Played Saints In Super Bowl)

    2010 Jets (Would Have Played Green Bay In Super Bowl)

    The way I see it, the most talented team was the 1982 team.

    The team that had the best chance to win the Super Bowl had they advanced was the 1998 Jets.  A close second being the 2010 Jets.  If they didn't have so many injuries, the very talented 1986 Jets team would have beat the Giants. 

    Comments ???

  16. 15 minutes ago, SAR I said:

    Watching 40 years of horrible Jets head coaches, nothing more.

    Gase is not an offensive coordinator.  He's the best head coach we've had since Bill Parcells, mark my words.

    SAR I

    Hmm... Strong praise.  We shall see.  The final verdict will be up to him and his performance.  

  17. 6 minutes ago, SAR I said:

    Adam Gase proved he is a very good NFL head coach last season.  Look for him to get an extension soon.

    Dowell Loggains is going into his 7th season as an NFL offensive coordinator and I don't have high hopes for his return.  I'd love to see a thread asking for potential OC's next season as I think we may need one.

    SAR I

    What is your association or relationship to/with Gase ??? 

  18. 1 hour ago, SAR I said:

    It isn’t. 

    If we didn’t lose Sam to mono, a far inferior team would have gone 10-6 last year, made the playoffs, and getting all the hype that the Bills are getting.  

    We are a 10-6 team adding Mosely and Williamson to offset Adams, adding a markedly improved OL, adding new K and P, and getting NFL-caliber receivers back on the field in a division where we have the best quarterback.  

    Don’t listen to the SOJF weeping.  We’re winning the division. 

    SAR I

    Agree there is good reason to be positive with JD on the job, but this is not going to be the Jets year this year.  It will be the Jets decade starting 2021 once Gase is gone and we get Greg Roman.

    Not saying the Jets will win the div every year with BB still coaching in NE, but the Jets are going to be competitive for a while to come...

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