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  1. 17 hours ago, Rich said:

    I understand that the NY Daily News has basically become a blog due to their financial problems, and cant employ top talent, but their "reporting" (specifically Metha) on the Jets and especially the Adams situation, has been as disgusting as Adams´ conduct. Today Mr. Burner Account is lecturing Gase on using the Adams situation to become a better coach. Thats pretty rich considering that Adams used Metha to spew his BS and Metha used Adams to finally get a real story, even though we know Adams story is a pack of lies. Two con men who deserve each other. 

    I know he comes on the podcast so I dont want to get in trouble here, but Im sorry, Metha has disgraced himself with his highly inaccurate reporting and has used his position to hurt the team and for me thats too much. Im no fan of Gase, but I am a fan of my team and hes the head coach so making it harder for him is not something I think a beat reporter should be doing. He has a right to his opinion, I get it. He has every right to call guys out but free speech requires responsibility when you are part of the press and frankly, lying is lying. At some point (now) you lose all credibility.  He can make any point he wants without having to inject himself into it. But its not about that for him, its about him to him and about his personal vendetta. Too bad he didnt go to Seattle with JaSmall.   


    The NYT is not far behind.  

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  2. I am still worried about pass blocking skills and I expect him to start on the right side for a season with Fant starting on the left side.  BUT... If he is able to develop pass blocking skills, his uncommon size and athleticism will see him eventually become a world class LT. 

    I happen to think he has the qualities to overcome any current lack of skills that he will need in the NFL.  Watching his college highlights, you can see just how hard he worked on every play.  He never stops.  He LOVES to get out and block.  I've seen him cross the field all the way to his right to help block.  He gets out into the third level of the defense to help the play.   A lineman that does those things and does them all the time is golden.  

    He may have some growing pains, but he's got all the stuff he needs to be as special as Revis was at his position. 

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  3. 5 hours ago, Jet Nut said:

    why on earth would they do this?

    One, your assume the first team to pick has a FQB.  99.999 % of the time they dont, which is why they suck bad enough to pick first.

    If by some remote chance they dont need a QB they arent trading TL for what we will have to offer them. 

    Id think he gets traded under that scenario to a team picking in the top 3 who want to guarantee their QB pick

    Could be, yes...We are just kicking this around a bit... I see Jacksonville or the Panthers winding up with TL

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  4. 10 minutes ago, sec101row23 said:

    You think it’s only going to take a swapping of firsts in 2021 and only one of the 2022 firsts to get Trevor?   That’s a pipe dream.  

    You swap 1's in 2021 AND give them your second 1st in 2021 and one of your two 1's in 2022.  AND... If they need a QB, Darnold too.

    Remember.  The team we swap with might not even be in the running for a QB.  Suppose it is Miami at  the bottom with Tua ??? You dont think they would trade down a few spots for TWO firs round picks ???

  5. 29 minutes ago, GreekJet said:

    Lawrence is the answer, but the question is this. 

    Sam Darnold and a boat load of picks or Trevor Lawrence?

    Well... If the Jets give up a number one in 2021 and a number one in 2022 to move up and take TL, they STILL have a first round selection in 2021 and 2022.  

    I also have to say again,  If Gase stays, TL is the type of QB that would be ideal for his system while Darnold is not.

  6. I suggested this in a post from three days ago.

    If Sam has a poor year, I'd trade TWO of our first round picks and Sam to move up and get TL.

    And, so... My answer depends on Sam's performance this year.  And this year, will be what I think to be his defining year with the Jets.  Either he proves he's a capable franchise QB or it is time to move on...

    Also... if GASE stays, TL's style is much better suited for the offense that GASE is running in comparison to Darnold's

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  7. 2 hours ago, UnknownJetFan said:

    Gonna go with what I heard Klecko say on behalf of the 1982 team that the Fins after the dreaded Mud Bowl were run all over on and that would not have occurred to the Sack Exchange Dline. Meaning, they would have stopped Riggins or at least held him in check.

    The 1982 team also had backers that were very good against the run.  Buttle, Blinka and Mehl as a unit were super good against the run. 

    Their defensive backs were also very good as a unit.  Bobby Jackson and Jerry Holmes were both very good CB's.  Ken Schroy and Darrol Ray were a really nice safety tandem.  If Ray managed to get the ball in his hands, he was gonna take it all the way.  

    As good as the Redskins were, the Jets could have won that game if they didn't turn the ball over.   The Jets defense was really hot in 82. 

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  8. 13 minutes ago, rangerous said:

    imo the 1999 team had the best chance to get to the sb.  vinny and leon johnson going down ruined the season.  they may have made the playoffs if they used lucas at qb from game 2 on.

    The other teams were very talented and had a good shot, but I agree here.  The 1998 team would have gotten past Atlanta in the Super Bowl without any problem.  

    IMHO, Parcells outcoached himself in that game vs. Denver.  I also remember Vinny missing a wide open R. Anderson in the endzone that would have change the game.  Vinny felt pressure that wasn't there and he dirted the ball just out of Anderson's reach...

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  9. Which would you say was the best Jets team (not counting 1969) ??? Which would have had the best chance to win the Super Bowl if they had advanced ???

    1982 Jets (Would Have played Redski... No, No... Red Wolves in Super Bowl)

    1986 Jets (Would Have played Giants in Super Bowl)

    1998 Jets (Would Have Played CORRECTION *ATLANTA*  in Super Bowl)

    2001 Jets (Would Have Played St. Louis Rams In Super Bowl)

    2006 Jets (Would Have Played Chicago In Super Bowl)

    2009 Jets (Would Have Played Saints In Super Bowl)

    2010 Jets (Would Have Played Green Bay In Super Bowl)

    The way I see it, the most talented team was the 1982 team.

    The team that had the best chance to win the Super Bowl had they advanced was the 1998 Jets.  A close second being the 2010 Jets.  If they didn't have so many injuries, the very talented 1986 Jets team would have beat the Giants. 

    Comments ???

  10. 15 minutes ago, SAR I said:

    Watching 40 years of horrible Jets head coaches, nothing more.

    Gase is not an offensive coordinator.  He's the best head coach we've had since Bill Parcells, mark my words.

    SAR I

    Hmm... Strong praise.  We shall see.  The final verdict will be up to him and his performance.  

  11. 6 minutes ago, SAR I said:

    Adam Gase proved he is a very good NFL head coach last season.  Look for him to get an extension soon.

    Dowell Loggains is going into his 7th season as an NFL offensive coordinator and I don't have high hopes for his return.  I'd love to see a thread asking for potential OC's next season as I think we may need one.

    SAR I

    What is your association or relationship to/with Gase ??? 

  12. 1 hour ago, SAR I said:

    It isn’t. 

    If we didn’t lose Sam to mono, a far inferior team would have gone 10-6 last year, made the playoffs, and getting all the hype that the Bills are getting.  

    We are a 10-6 team adding Mosely and Williamson to offset Adams, adding a markedly improved OL, adding new K and P, and getting NFL-caliber receivers back on the field in a division where we have the best quarterback.  

    Don’t listen to the SOJF weeping.  We’re winning the division. 

    SAR I

    Agree there is good reason to be positive with JD on the job, but this is not going to be the Jets year this year.  It will be the Jets decade starting 2021 once Gase is gone and we get Greg Roman.

    Not saying the Jets will win the div every year with BB still coaching in NE, but the Jets are going to be competitive for a while to come...

  13. 16 minutes ago, slats said:

    Yeah? Those two QBs didn’t interest you at all? You were ready to roll with Hackenberg? 

    Actually, no... I figured Trubisky was a total reach and that he would not work out.  I figured Mahomes would be a lot like Joe Flacco.  Big strong arm, but not complete.  Figured Watson was also a reach.   

    I would not have drafted any of them even though I knew the Jets needed a QB.

    Understand if you want to call BS, but the guy I wanted was DARNOLD.  Too early for him to come out in 2017, but since that time I was hoping the Jets would find a way to get him in 2018.  

    I was VERY happy and surprised when Cleveland took the crotch grabber and totally stunned when the Giants passed on taking Sam.

    Mr. Coffee got lucky and I got what I wanted

  14. Adams was not a bad pick.  At the time, the only guy on the board I would have preferred was Lattimore (CB).  I wasn't too enthused with a second safety as their second overall pick in that draft.  Thought they should have gone WR.  Taking two secondary positions as your 1 and 2 with so many needs to fill was really foolish.  For me, it was a harbinger that Mr. Coffee was the wrong guy.

  15. 27 minutes ago, Snell41 said:

    Adams has never altered the course of a game by himself. He did not keep OC’s up all night trying to game plan around him. While very good, he has never been a game altering player like Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu. To be honest I don’t think we’ll skip a beat on D this year.

    Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app

    Agree... Much of the credit and rep that went to Adams is due to Greg Williams putting Adams in position to make plays.  With a total lack of edge pressure and an average D-Line, Williams had to and did get creative and unconventional.  You'll see as good if not better of a defense this year, especially if the key LB's are all healed and ready to go.  

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  16. For the fist time since REX took over, I'm very excited about the Jets.  It is all due to Joe Douglas and the masterful job he is doing to get the Jets on the path to sustained success.  It is also apparent that he's got the juice and smarts to keep the Johnsons out of the kitchen while he cooks.  With a GM like JD on the job, there is no longer any reason for absolute gloom and doom.  Quite the contrary.  This is really an exciting time.  The  Jets now have the football brainpower at the top that they have been lacking since Woody purchased his green & white high society cocktail party conversation piece.

    Now on to GASE...

    Is he our MOE LEWIS ??? Did he knock Mr. Coffee out of the game the same way Moe knocked Bledsoe out ??? 

    No Moe, no Brady, perhaps ???

    No GASE, no JD, perhaps ???

    Regardless of how bad of an OC Gase seems to be, just how much credit does GASE get for casting off Mr. Coffee and for SPECIFICALLY getting JD in here ???

    Even if GASE lays another egg this season with offensive performance, and I think that likely, if JD brings the Jets to prominence, and I think he will, is GASE going to be our historical Moe Lewis for knocking Mr. Coffee out of the game ???


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  17. 14 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

    And this off season has been the biggest throwing up of the white flag I can remember.  
    We actually took the worst roster in the NFL and made it worse. 

    And the fan base is glorifying the GM for it. That’s how bad Jet fans have been beaten up. 

    very sad. 

    Huh ???  Granted the payers on the offensive line are not elite players. but JD took a disaster of a unit and with great economy made a unit that should be adequate until the Jets get a chance to cash in on all those draft pics.  I'm SURE with two first rounders in the next two years the Jets will be adding top notch talent to the offensive line.  JD also managed to snag Mimms who may very well be the best WR in the draft.  They casted off Robby, but they still have a speedy WR to stretch the field.  The got rid f Adams, BUT JD got the motherload of draft picks along with a marginal starting safety.  In the draft JD also used the first pick to get an offensive lineman that has uncommon qualities.

    The team did not take an immediate step to being an elite team, but you can see a clear plan.  JD is geared up to make the Jets a great team within the next two seasons and he did it smartly.  He didn't leave the Jets current roster in worse shape and he didn't mortgage away their cash and cap. Can you imagine adding four first round picks in two years time ALL OF WHICH will be under rookie contract ???

    They wont compete now, but they are set to be able to do so for several years to come.   I don't want a GM that tries to buy a championship by giving up the next five years due to being strapped for cash/cap. I want a roster that will always have lots of talent.  That gives you a chance to compete every single year...

    JD is doing a masterful job.   

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  18. 5 hours ago, mrcoops said:

    He needs to shut up until he passes his physical and the trade becomes official.

    Don't lose those two 1st rounders for us with your big mouth now, you moron.

    Oh, yeah... PLEEEEEZ get that signature on the contract.  Do it quickly... I mean like right now !

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  19. 8 hours ago, Jetster said:

    Scoring a sh*t ton of points or a box safety making a few stuffs in the backfield? 
    How many times did we stuff the run for a 2 yard loss vs Brady, only to have him convert a 2nd & 12 to Gronk for 13 yards & a 1st down. 
    I can’t even believe the haul we got for safety that is average at best in coverage. 
    We have a mother load of draft picks to surround Sam with playas. 
    History will show that there is a fool born every day (Seattle GM). How long has every been watching the NFL? 
    When I turn on an NFL game I can’t wait to comment on the safety play. Adams can’t hold Ed Reeds jock strap! 
    Just imagine if Bill Belichick made this trade. We as Jet fans would be like, OMG, Seattle just set them up for another 10 years of winning. What is Seattle without Russell Wilson? Look at the TEs in the AFC East last year & look at Kittle. Jamal gets to test himself against the best TE in the league...twice. He didn’t do well against Gronk at the END OF HIS CAREER. 
    Pass me the popcorn. 

    Yep.  Especially if JD turns one of those picks into a top edge rusher.  The fact that they got a marginal safety in trade along with the draft picks shows that JD is not reckless.  I liked Adams, but I can tell you much of his "success' came courtesy of Greg Williams putting Adams in position to make those plays. 

    The value for the Jets is demonstrable.  With four first round draft picks in the next two years, there is almost a certainty that the Jets will wind up with at least one elite player at a position of value.  If JD drafts well, it cold be two, perhaps three.

    All of this AND he also got an insurance policy for the safety position for the coming season. 

    Impressive.  Most impressive...

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