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  1. What does "like" have to do with it.   Gase himself has proven to be a bad HC and an even worse OC.  The proof is in the numbers. Some of the best coaches were not "likeable".  We don't need "likeable"  We need *good*.  Also consider... Gore is the new kid on the block.  He's giving the teacher an apple on his first day.... 

    Still.  Things are *REALLY* looking up.

    A GM that has a strong enough presence to keep the Johnsons off his back and has been golden since he took the controls.

    TWO first found picks for the Jets in 2021

    TWO first round picks for the Jets in 2022

    ALL of that talent at rookie contract prices.

    Gase will be gone in 2021, JD will bring in an effective HC and the Jets will be PACKED with talent.

    THIS is the road to sustained success.  

    Rejoice !!!

  2. 3 hours ago, Jet Nut said:

    Maybe you should stop trying to make be wrong or putting words in your mouth and read your posts.

    If you arent savvy enough to understand, people who feel racism in ways you can't imagine believe that people who use that kind of language in any way, for any reason, whatever, are exhibiting racist ways and are racist.  Youre just not getting it, I didn't call anyone a racist, I'm just pointing out how using racist names with your friends on the streets of Brooklyn isnt viewed as ok. 

    Thats it, its simple, but you'll argue its ok all day

    Either you are a young fellow or you are not engulfing yourself in the larger points of this discussion.  I'm not arguing in favor of using street language.   To the contrary.   People who use street language always risk hurting peoples feelings and offending them.  That is not OK.  It's bad news.  I'm saying it is not just to label an individual as a convinced racist if they are heard using street language.  I'm not giving them a pass.  They are foolish and insensitive.  Regardless, these days, people need to keep their heads and look at issues and people from all angles without going off half-coked like a mass media trained Pavlovian dog.  The laws of the country are judicious.  "Race" and gender are social issues.  They have to be tackled socially.  Free discussion is important.  Street language is a bad idea for many reasons, but none of us should make specious claims of racism if some idiot uses controversial language.  

    So.. I'm right with you on language.  It is BAD to use street language.  Don't do it.

    And now, you should also see and agree that making specious claims of racism is often used as a political weapon.  Let's finger the real bad guys and not get so worked up over a jackass that  is not true racist, but is guilty of not being fluent in media speak.  

     Again... Street language is a bad idea.  Don't do it.  Peoples feelings can be hurt and it is easily misunderstood. Even if no offense was intended and no racist/sexist notions are harbored.  It is to be avoided. 


  3. 9 hours ago, Jet Nut said:

    There’s street lingo and there are words, named and language that we all know to be racist.  It doesn’t need defining or explaining.  You’re going a long way to defend racism.  It’s not the past, the days of explaining it off are over
    People don’t want it, don’t want to hear why it’s okay to use words that they find racist and offensive.  Are you really trying to explain why it’s ok


    If  you have surmised that anything I have written in this thread is a defense of racism or racist notions, I'd say your are well out of your depth here.  

  4. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/nfl-owners-players-reach-financial-and-practice-agreements-that-will-allow-2020-training-camps-to-start-on-time/ar-BB179PR1?ocid=msnews

    "On Friday, owners and leaders of the players union reached an agreement on the parameters of the preseason acclimation window and changes to the collective bargaining agreement that will help ease the financial shortfall caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Hours after the owners voted to ratify the agreement, the NFLPA executive committee unanimously approved the pact.

    The matter was then passed on to the 32-member board of player representatives, which also approved the deal, ensuring  the following guidelines will be implemented in time for training camps to begin by July 28:"


  5. 49 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

    And They will be looked at as a racist. 
    If you’re someone who uses the N word, you’re a racist.  That’s the world today, like it of not so take it out of your vocabulary 


    Again.  People who use street language may or may not be a truly racist.  When people use street language it gives people and some elements in the mass media with an agenda the pretext to label that individual as a racist.  There is a hell of a difference between a true racist and a person who has been incorrectly labeled as a racist.

    Another thought here.  It is ironic that some of the same elements in the mass media that are vehicles for unjustly labeling individuals as racist also happen to be conduits for encouraging people to use street language. The public is constantly bombarded with street language in the mass media. That includes networks, Hollywood and the recording industry.

    Have you ever considered why the owners/shareholders of record companies along with producers and promoters are not crucified as "racist" because they manufacture market and profit from musical recordings that are rife with street language ??? The same goes for Hollywood studios, produces and directors that manufacture and sell products that are packed with language.

    Odd that they all seem to get a pass, eh ??? 

    If some idiot who uses street language gets labeled as a racist and nailed to a cross in the mass media... Well, then those record company and Hollywood execs that have any part in any production that uses what the mass media deems as "racist" language should ALL also be nailed to crosses for inciting racist behavior

  6. 12 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:


    My point is the same, you said you can use street language and not be racist.  

    Ill say it again, no group wants to hear anyone use racist language, street use or not.j

    i think your missing what I'm saying or the way people look at words

    I get it... Even if a person who is not racist uses objectionable language, people will protest against it.  Agreed.

  7. Trade Adams for value. 

    Due to contact, JD really cant get right of Gase now.  How many former head coaches are the Jets still paying ???

    Unload Adams now, get ready to unload Gase at the end of 2021. 

    Be well provisioned to make a playoff run and compete for the division in 2021 and beyond...

  8. 53 minutes ago, 20andOut said:

    Prejudice and racist are "kinda alike' as i said, that in both cases you are making wide judgements about the person based on one small piece of information such as skin color, or how much money they, or their parents have.

    I understand what you are getting at, though.  Not every old geezer is an ignorant bigot or chauvinist. If that was the case, we never would have gotten civil rights in the 60's.  Still... With older generations, in the main, the percentage of enlightened people was smaller.  

  9. 7 minutes ago, 20andOut said:

    Prejudice and racist are "kinda alike' as i said, that in both cases you are making wide judgements about the person based on one small piece of information such as skin color, or how much money they, or their parents have.

    Prejudice and racist are not alike.  No judgements were made by me in any of my posts.  Do you believe most men and women from the antebellum south were "progressive" ??? Say yes or no and by your logic, your "prejudice". 

    You are complicating the obvious here.  


  10. 2 hours ago, Jet Nut said:

    When Darnold returned he was a high risk of damaging his spleen.  Mono is a 6-8, or more, illness.  That’s why we played when he came. Ack wearing a flak jacket.,

    If you don’t think Sam isn’t perfectly suited for the offense that PM ran I’ll disagree.  That was the story everyone was selling before last season.  Including Sam.  That Sam throws well outside of the pocket is great.  He can make plays if flushed out by a rush.  That’s great.  Doesn’t mean he throws better scrambling around, running around than in a clean pocket.  The main complaints of the passing offense a year ago is that Gase did t abandon the longer plays given the OL & WR issues.

    And again, regardless of your belief that he should always be in motion, he was at risk given his spleen, why put him at risk?


    Again.  You are making fallacious statements.  I didn't say that Sam should always be in motion.  Clearly, you were not willing or able to understand the substance of my previous post.  I welcome discussion and even an argumentative discussion, but I'm not going to have any dialogue with a poster that deliberately misquotes and misconstrues language from other posts.  

  11. 19 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

    So you can make racist remarks, prejudiced too and use its just street talk as an excuse but if you're rich and white that excuse it tossed out, you're just a racist?

    I'll bet anything people dont agree with you, that black activists for example arent going to accept your "its just street talk" as an excuse, will label you a racist.


    I don't see where I used the exact phrase "its just street talk".  Be mindful of what you put into quotations.  People who use street language may or may not be racist.  That includes people of all skin tones.  If any individual uses language that is offensive, they may not be racist, but at the very least, they are foolish and insensitive.  


  12. 2 hours ago, 20andOut said:

    Sounds kind of prejudiced. You know, kinda the same as being racist.

    One who is prejudiced may or may not also be racist.  They are two different things.  The word "racist" is often used incorrectly.

    A racist is a person who believes *SPECIFICALLY* that genetics are in play with respect to the qualities of what they define as different "racial" groups.  When I say qualities, I mean intelligence, behavioral tendencies and physical abilities.  

    You can be prejudiced and not be a convinced racist.  You can use street language and not be a convinced racist.  You can be completely PC in your speech but yet, still be a convinced racist.

    A non-racist does not believe there are different sets of qualities as listed above.  They see one single race across many cultures and political systems. All with the same defects and gifts. 

  13. 14 hours ago, GreekJet said:

    Adam Silver essentially banned Donald Sterling from the league. Could you see Roger acting-or would it take an insane amount of public pressure? 

    I just don’t want to see some BS $500,000 fine for a guy who is worth billions.

    So what say you? 

    In the case of the recent allegations... No.  There was nothing specific.  Just hearsay.   However, Woody is from that old generation.  I'm sure he has some old school ignorance ingrained in his persona.  I believe that there is some smoke there even though we can't see the fire.  Yet.

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  14. If you really want to stick-it to Jamal, giving him what he wants (a trade) is not the way to do it.

    Publicly offer him a bump (and he wont accept)

    Then, wave the contract in his face...

    I'm sorry you are not happy with your contract or our latest offer to further compensate you for your outstanding performance.   We know you are a true professional and that you will use all your powers and all your skills on the field the next two seasons regardless.  We'd also like to have your services well beyond those two years.

    Wave contact in his face... 

    Good luck out there, son...

  15. 7 minutes ago, Claymation said:

    Why did Darnold where a flak jacket if there was no danger to his spleen?

    he could have played without one.  im sure they felt every bit of precaution was good regardless.  it may also have made him feel safer, hence play with a clear head. 

  16. 1 hour ago, Jet Nut said:


    Because we all think a QB with mono, symptoms being body aches and lethargy, along with a risk of an oversized spleen rupturing, should be moved around a pocket, for what reason?  I know its become cliche to just move him around and for some unknown reason decide Darnold cant pass in the pocket.  Since when?  

    Its like how didn't we run the offense?  And it was bad so all we had to do was something different.  Who cares that we weren't constructed that way.  

    When Darnold returned from mono, he was symptom free and there was no danger to his spleen.  This came from doctors. Some of the best.

    And I agree with you to a point that Darnold can throw from the pocket.  Of course he can.  But he also has abilities that should be taken advantage of and incorporated into the overall offensive scheme.

    Gase's offense has a lot of the short passing "West Coast" style offense built into it and it also has some of the vertical passing version of "West Coast".  All of it revolves around a static pocket.  Execution depends on precise routs, timing and pinpoint ball placement.  

    Sam can execute some of that stuff, but he is best suited for a different base offense.  With Darnold and Bell, the Jets offense should be doing something along the lines of what Gibbs, Bugel and Henning were doing with the Redskins offense in the 1980's.  

    We know Sam can pass from the pocket.  We also know he can and should be doing a lot more of what his abilities and instincts compel him to do.  Hence his little talk with Adam Gase...

    With a QB like Darnold, if you dont see motion and misdirection as a staple in your passing game, the reason is that your OC is clueless. And that goes double if your QB is Darnold and your ball carrier is Bell.  


  17. 1 hour ago, T0mShane said:

    This is all well and good, but it’s not how a developmental program works. You start out hammering home the fundamentals if the program and then as the student masters those, you give them some rope to expand upon those original guidelines, implementing a customizing elements that suit his talents. Hemingway had to learn the alphabet and basic grammar before he became a writer. 

    Right.  Position coaches are there to help with fundamentals.  Regardless, they have to get past fundamentals and muscle memory and on to a system a and playbook that puts their manpower in the best position to win...

  18. 37 minutes ago, SAR I said:

    The Gase offense ran like a hot knife through butter as we racked up a 6-2 record with the most pathetic set of linemen and receivers in team history.

    Gase isn't the problem.  The roster is.  The heat should be on Douglas.  He's the one who hasn't proven anything yet.

    SAR I

    You can lead a horse to water, but... 

    Or more to the point... You can talk sense to a fanboy, but... 

  19. I came across this while reading more about the nuts and bolts of Gase's offensive nomenclature. Anyone who has been reading my posts will probably think I wrote this article...


    "Gase can’t afford to go down the same path as last season when he tried to force a Peyton Manning-style offense on Darnold. The Broncos might have been an offensive juggernaut with Manning, but that blueprint doesn’t work for a second-year quarterback with an entirely different set of strengths and weaknesses than one of the best signal callers in the history of the universe."

    "Darnold’s future greatness lies in his ability to make plays off script, throwing from unconventional angles on the run. That should be cultivated, not stifled."

    THE BARON COMMENTS:  And this would call for more designed pocket shifts and misdirection. Static pockets are for QB's like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.  NOT DARNOLD.  Line shifts and counter gap running would also take advantage of Bell's running style.  And I will say this again.  Not all of this has to be done with man blocking scheme up front, but this sort of offense with a lot of line motion goes hand in hand with fast, athletic offensive lineman that *can* play well in a man blocking scheme. 

    Either way, this will work out.  Either Gase gets his head out of his ass and the offense works, or he doesn't in which case he'll wont be around in 2021.  I just *HOPE* the right thing happens before a very talented QB gets sucked up the spout

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  20. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/2-major-sticking-points-now-stand-in-way-of-2020-nfl-season-yes-money-is-a-big-one/ar-BB17505H?ocid=msedgdhp

    "A financial agreement on how and when players will share in the burden of inevitable revenue shortfalls and a set of guidelines that would cause individual teams — or the entire league — to be shut down by covid-19"

    I hope they get this worked out ... SOON 

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