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  1. 3 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Just like getting rid of Bowles got us to the playoffs, eh?

    I was never Anti-Bowles.  In fact, I think with a good GM behind him Bowles could coach a solid team. By no means was he a charlatan like Gase. 

  2. 1 hour ago, DonCorleone said:

    Well we have a commissioner who destroyed the Spygate tapes (He said they did not change the outcome of the game so why not release the video instead of destroying it.). He further put to sleep the second set of frequencies in Brady's helmet. Why would refs on the take be shocking?

    Right... And Let's not forget.  The league was not too worried about what Ray Rice did until the public got to see just what it looks like when a professional athlete knocks out his immortal beloved on an elevator and drags her out like a sack of potatoes.  After the public got to consume that "highlight reel" Goodell then and ONLY then decided it was time to take some action.


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  3. Because of GASE...

    A limited roster and a swarm of injuries didnt stop Gregg Williams and his defense from putting up a great scrap.  They played good enough to win in all but three games.  Only the Ravens, Raiders and Pats make the defense look poor.  In every other game, they could have and would have won with an offense that was not last in the league. 

    Get rid of Gase and you get playoffs...

  4. Pats should win the div.   I think many people will be surprised at just how good Stidham will be for BB.  I expect Cam Newton will be sitting on his hands most of the year.  BB will play  Cam Newton enough in a situational role that will be designed to DUPE many GM's and owners into thinking  he has great value.   Perhaps then add a second year to his contract early on in the season and get some value in trade...

    The Bills should be very competitive in the div.  Man for man, they have the best roster and their management is good at all levels.

    Jets and Dolphins bring up the rear.  

    End of 2020, Gase is gone, JD adds a quality HC and continues to smartly build the roster.  2021, Jets make the playoffs. Remain competitive for several seasons to come.

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  5. On 7/17/2020 at 1:14 PM, Philc1 said:

    Goodell is a joke.

    Because that is what the owners want Goodell to be.  He is "an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill"

    The actual joke is the league itself which is made up of the owners...

    Consider the NFL, MLB, NBA, and especially the NCAA.

    When ever you mix sports/athletics/education with profit, you don't get sport...  

    What you get is ONE BIG GIGANTIC sh*t STEW...

    Those aforementioned institutions try their best to appear like a public service, but they are nothing more than profit driven enterprises that will do everything and anything to hide and or sanitize the unsavory ingredients that they use to cook up their very profitable sh*t STEW...

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  6. 12 hours ago, Alka said:

    I was reminded about both Cashman and Edoga when I read the summaries of the 90 players on the current roster.

     Edoga was bullied at times last year, and I felt that he was overpowered and looked lost at times.  He got a rep as being somewhat lazy in college, and needed to add strength in this past offseason to be able to compete and grow to the next level.  My gut tells me that I don't believe in him, and unless he proves me wrong, will be gone before the season.

    Cashman surprised and played well when he got his chance, but I felt that his upside was limited, and at least until now, he was injured and missed most of last season.  I don't believe that he can stay healthy, and I again believe that his ceiling is limited.  I think with the competition that was brought on in the offseason, and with Williams and Moseley hopefully being healthy, Cashman's time may well be up with the Jets.

    Two more of McCagnan's draft picks that I predict will ultimately not make it!

    Edoga's performance was so bad, I don't expect he will improve to a degree that will see him valued as even a back-up.  

    Cashman was looking like a real value find.  I was really bummed when he went down due to injury.  Even more so when I saw that there was a history of injury there...

    I will keep my fingers crossed, but I agree with you.  Those are two more Mr. Coffee draft selections that we probably wont see around for very long. :-( 

  7. 12 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Of course.  But its possible to improve the roster and simultaneously find some solid coaches.  I think we'll be very unhappy we didn't hire Matt Rhule a few years from now.

    Though having an enviable roster is also a great way to recruit a good HC.

    I dont like Gase, but I also think Matt Rhule is going to flop in the NFL.  He'll be back in college in about four to five years...

  8. 7 hours ago, AFJF said:

    Per PFF, QB's with over 400 attempts.

    - No QB had fewer clean pockets than Darnold

    - With clean pocket, Darnold was 9th in the NFL in comp pct at 72.2%

    Better O-line

    Heathy Herndon/Griffin (hopefully)

    Blazing speed on the outside in Perriman/Mims

    Crowder and Bell to work underneath

    Barring a million injuries, no excuse for the offense not to be middle of the pack at worst.

    Oh, dont you worry.  The Gase shill fan boy apologists will come up with plenty of excuses for poor offensive production. 

    Not only does Gase try to jam square pegs into round holes, he makes that futile process as complicated as is possible.

    Two major red flags here. 

    1.  Gase does not design his offense around the strengths of his roster.  He has a shoe box offense that he ports with him and then shuvs up everyones ass.

    2. Gase is not a teacher that understands things are best if you can keep them "likeable and learnable".  He has to impress himself with an overblown, overcomplicated nomenclature.  

    Rex ran one of the most exotic and complex defenses any of us have ever seen.  And, he made it likable and learnable for his men. That is one of the big differences between a good teacher and a bad teacher.   No matter how complex the subject, a good teacher can break it down and present it to his students in ways they will understand and enjoy.

    Gase is a charlatan. 

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  9. 17 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

    I voted Winters.

    When healthy he is good, not great...but good.  The Jets are not a team that should be saying goodbye to good OLinemen even if they believe they have an adequate replacement.  As we saw last year, depth is important. Joe D would lose his mind (and some of his credibility) if the Jets somehow got stuck in a situation where they were patching up the OLine again in the middle of the season.

    Keepers:  McGovern, Becton, Fant, Lewis, Winters, GVR, Edoga, Andrews, Clark (although he could be PS).  This assumes 9 OLinemen kept.

    Notables I've leaving out - Harrison, who loses out because GVR and Andrews can back-up at Center. McDermott, who I think loses out to 2nd year Edoga because Chuma has shown potential as a swing tackle.  Ben Braden, who probably loses out because Clark is considered the guy they want to develop and hope he becomes either an adequate starter or high-end backup.

    With Lewis and GVR on the roster. I will be very surprised if Winters starts.  If JD is the smart fellow I think he is, Winters is gone

  10. 4 hours ago, JetNation said:

    LeVeon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers

    With the 2020 virtual off-season program drawing to a close, and teams beginning to report back to facilities this week, JetNation is going to take a deep dive into each position. Today, we focus on running backs, which is a relatively loaded group from a talent perspective. Below we will breakdown all ball carriers for the Green & White, and examine how they will fit into Adam Gase’s offense.

    Le’Veon Bell (28 years old): In his first season in Gotham Green, Le’Veon Bell had a disappointing 2019 campaign. Coming off a full year of rest following a contract dispute with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Bell was awarded a 4 year $52.5 million contract by New York in 2019, $13.5 of which is due to him in 2020. He played in 15 games last season and averaged a career low 3.2 yards per attempt and finished with 789 yards and 3 touchdowns.

    Despite the lack of production from Bell, there is reason for optimism heading into the 2020 season. He will have another year in Gase’s system under his belt, and the replenished offensive line should allow for better holes to run through. Bell, and a disgruntled Jamal Adams, have both reassured Jets fans that the best is yet to come from Le’Veon, as both have taken to social media to announce “Juice is back”. If Bell can return to form this season, he can take immense pressure off Sam Darnold’s shoulders in a pivotal year 3.

    Le’Veon Bell’s vision is still amongst the top in the league, so even if all the problems of the new offensive line are not entirely rectified, he can still find success in 2020. Adding 6’7″ 365lb rookie tackle Mekhi Becton to the mix will make life for Bell and the other backs much easier. If the stars align in the run game for the Jets after ranking 31st in rushing yards and touchdowns last year, it’s not hard to suggest Bell can add another 1,000 yard season to his career resume.

    Frank Gore (37): Veteran Frank Gore was added to the Jets earlier this summer, after a brief stay with the Buffalo Bills. Gore was in Miami with the Dolphins during Adam Gase’s time there, so there is familiarity between the two already. Gore played in all 16 games last year, including 8 starts, splitting time with rookie Devin Singletary, and finished with a modest 599 yards on 166 attempts (3.6 yards per attempt) and 2 scores. He ranks 3rd all-time on the leading rushing list with 15,347 yards, trailing only Emmitt Smith and Walter Payton.

    Gore is only set to make the veteran’s minimum of $1.05 million this year, so his role with the team will not likely be major. At most, he will be a solid option in the run game, and can allow for Gase to split Bell out wide in passing situations. Gore’s football IQ is one of his best traits currently, so he can help bring along rookie La’Mical Perine, especially if the team decides to move on from Bell after the 2020 season. Plenty to like from Frank Gore entering in his 16th year in the league.

    La’Mical Perine (22): A fourth round selection out of Florida, Perine looks to make a name for himself in New York. He is currently listed behind Gore on the depth chart, but that can easily change in the first half of the season. Perine is a very physical runner, and he showcased his strength in Indy at the combine, putting up 22 reps of 225lbs, 5th best amongst running backs. He was a 2 year starter for the Gators, tallying over 3,000 scrimmage yards and 30 total touchdowns in four seasons. Perine’s tenacious running style and ability to create in the passing game makes him an ideal fit for the offense. His versatility will allow Gase to use him and Bell interchangeably in the backfield as well as as receivers.


    Josh Adams (23): Next up is Josh Adams. The former Philadelphia Eagles running back has ties to GM Joe Douglas, signing to the team in September of 2019 after being waived. He led the Eagles in rushing yards in 2018 with 511 yards, but was never able to solidify his roster spot in a crowded backfield in Philly. Late in the 2019 season, the Jets had to activate Josh Adams from the practice squad to the active roster so he wouldn’t be poached by another team, so it seems as though Douglas and Gase may have a plan for him. For now, Adams seems like a viable bench option if someone were to go down with an injury during the season.

    Trenton Cannon (26): Trenton Cannon is not a very intriguing player for the Jets, but he has plenty of added value on special teams for coordinator Brant Boyer. While he isn’t going to wow you as a runner, only 177 career rushing yards, he did average 19.2 yards per return in 2019. He also added 3 total tackles as a special teams gunner, before landing on IR in November, cutting his 2019 season short. Cannon could become the latest of Mike Maccagnan’s failed draft selections if he doesn’t make the final 53-man roster in September.

    Kenneth Dixon (26): Buried deep down on the depth chart is Kenneth Dixon. After three seasons with the Baltimore Ravens, Dixon played in only 6 games in 2018. He was still able to finish with 333 yards and 2 touchdowns, however, while averaging 5.6 yards per attempt. Kenneth Dixon was suspended 4 games in 2017 for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, which was then extended two additional games. Dixon will have an uphill battle to climb if he hopes to make the final Jets roster, as most teams prefer to only carry 4 running backs into a season.

    Overall, the outlook of the Jets running back position is positive, and has plenty of potential to produce in 2020. The backfield as a whole will hope to have more success behind a revamped line that looks to have 4 new starters in the unit. If the running backs can reach their collective ceiling, it will create opportunities for Sam Darnold to have the best year of his career. After ranking in the bottom 5 in nearly every offensive rushing category, the only way to go is up for the Jets’ ball carriers.

    The post Jets 2020 Training Camp Breakdown: Running Backs; Bell Setup to Breakout? appeared first on JetNation.com (NY Jets Blog & Forum).

    Jetnationcom?d=yIl2AUoC8zA Jetnationcom?d=qj6IDK7rITs


    Click here to read the full story...

    Gase would not know what to do with Bell if he bit him on the arse...

  11. 18 minutes ago, RichardTodd27 said:

    I would not dump Winters in this new Covid sensitive environment.

    This year we're going to need as much depth as possible.

    Dunno...   I think it comes down to how Winters can perform.  If his bad to awful performance as of late was due to injury and that injury has improved and thus his performance, yeah... I agree.  But if we'd get the same Winters... Ug... Just about any interior lineman on the roster would be a better choice to keep around and at a much lesser price...


  12. 11 minutes ago, Greenseed4 said:

    GVR played LG in Carolina, why does everyone assume he’ll be moved to the right?

    I ASSume because Alex Lewis was not one of his choices.  

    The starting guards will be Lewis and GVR.  I'd agree GVR will probably be on the left side and Lewis on the right, but you never know. 

    I'd send Winter off.  You save a LOT of cap and the Jets now have better options for 2nd string interior lineman. 

    Just want to add.  If Becton does not work out... OH BOY... Bad, BAD news... 

  13. 8 minutes ago, #27TheDominator said:

    If you're in Milan, walk past the Duomo.  When you see the line get on it.  It moves fast and when you get to the end you will be at Luini's.  Get two or three panzerotti and thank me later.  The line must be stupendous if they actually keep people six feet apart.

    Panzerotti ??? Isn't that the German word for an Italian tank ??? 

  14. 12 minutes ago, Trolly McTrollface said:

    Not like what you get in Brooklyn, but Gabila's are pretty damn good...

    The ones I used to get as a kid in Brooklyn were fresh and had no preservatives.  Gabila's taste pretty good, but they are still "mass produced" for retail and have preservatives...  I still buy them and have them once in a while, though... 

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  15. 10 minutes ago, 68JET11 said:

    It is, and usually starts by late April or May. Doesn't even give you a chance to enjoy the Spring weather lol... Move was for my wife though so had to deal with it. I personally wanted her to have a job she bid on in her company which forced me to ask my company to allow me to work remotely for the last 4 years. It's all good, as long as I can get another boat someday soon...  I miss being on the barnegat bay.

    I dig fully... 

  16. 15 minutes ago, Dcat said:

    Queens Blvd & 67th. Still there in  Forest Hills across from the Hollywood Lanes (not sure if still there) and Jahns Ice Cream Parlor (gone 40 years ago).


    Getting hungry now.  Glad it is getting close to lunch.  

    They always have these at Stop & Shop by me, but they don't compare to what I was used to in Brooklyn, 


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