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  1. 9 hours ago, 14 in Green said:

    You have no idea how many people are licensed to carry guns down south. I'd be willing to bet QW is licensed in Alabama, but that's no excuse for carrying in NY.

    When you apply in a certain state, they explain very clearly when and where you can carry and when you cannot(drinking for example). They stressto you your license isn't valid in other states. Also, everyone who has a gun license and isn't aware of NYs gun laws, especially having lived here as QW has, is a total moron.


    Yeppers.  No other state's gun licence is valid in NY or NJ... 

  2. 17 minutes ago, SAR I said:

    The Ravens played 11 scrubs and went 10-1.  The Bills played 9 scrubs and went 7-2.  If the Jets finished 2-6 or 3-5 against these teams I could see your disappointment.  Going 6-2 against the same caliber of teams the other AFC playoff teams faced is on par, it's what you need to do in order to take the step the next season.  Oh, and did I mention how beat up our roster was?  The Ravens and Bills were perfectly healthy.

    This where your #nevergase bias is on full display.  Gregg did a great job with the D but he didn't coach the O.  The O did an even better job than the D considering it was behind a 22 year old quarterback and a running back who was awful, and the worst OL in the NFL.  To a man, we all feel the Jets O is what needs the most work this offseason, right?  Well, that applies to last season too.  Gase's job on the O was better than Gregg's job with the D.  You need to recognize that.  Or don't and be a miserable SOJF hater for the rest of your life.

    SAR I

    Gase will bring us to the promised land... 

  3. I remember when Rex was with the Jets and the team use to walk through the parking lot together to the stadium.  I got up close a few times and had a look at the team from only a few feet away.  I remember Nick Folk had a look to him like a person that had been doing zen or yoga or relaxation/meditation exercises for years.  He had such a calm, serene expression... 

  4. 30 minutes ago, SAR I said:

    Evidence To Feel Good:

    If he were a caustic, unlikable person and one who is closed off from his players, a) they would have joined the hype media pile-on and got his ass fired in Week 5 or b) would have stabbed him in the back the remaining 11 weeks or crushed him to pieces in exit interviews when the week ended.  None of this happened.  The opposite, in fact.  The team rallied for 6 wins in their last 8 games and uttered not a peep of discontent.  All that media sniffing for a story, all those Manish's looking for dirt.  And silence.  No players are trying to force their way out of town.  No coaches are looking to get out.

    Evidence To Feel Good:

    The roster was decimated by illness, injury, and years of bad drafting, half the roster was backups and scrubs for half the season.  Worst rushing attack in the NFL.  QB coming back from a debilitating disease.  Gase and the Jets go 6-2.  And that only happens because Adam coached and strategized his ass off, figuring out a way to make something of an XFL roster. 

    So I appreciate the NY media-fed narrative that you seem to be subscribing to, that Gase is the Devil and he has major flaws with his personality and his strategy.  But all evidence is to the contrary.  The beat writers were wrong.  The evil clickbait media is wrong.  Gase proved himself in the second half of the season in every way possible.  Worry about the roster; don't worry about the QB or the HC.  Or the GM or the DC for that matter.  That's one hell of a core.  Give them a little time.

    SAR I

    The 6-2 bit that you refer to came courtesy of the worst teams in the league.  You are an elephant hanging from a cliff with your tail tied to a daisy... 

    Greg Williams was masterful all year despite key injuries and other unforeseen roster issues. 

    Gase was horrible at doing everything other than conning CJ into believing he's a brain child. 

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  5. 12 hours ago, Morrissey said:

    A gunslinger without Favre’s arm strength is a bum. Does Sam have that arm strength? No he does not 

    I agree that Sam can not turn a football into a 50 cal bullet like Favre can do, but Sam's arm strength is more than adequate for the NFL.  Sam is nowhere close to "bum" status.  

  6. 1 hour ago, SAR I said:

    3)  The Jets actually are a good team.

    SAR I

    There are a few things to feel good about.  First off.   If you have no QB as has been the case with the Jets up until Sam, you have NO team.  The Jets now have the all-critical piece in place with respect to to the roster,  They have a QB that may very well be a "franchise" qb.

    Next.  They have a top notch DC.  Greg Williams defense kept them in every game but one.  As long as Williams stays, the Jets wont be getting waxed on a weekly basis.

    Chris Johnson was aware enough to realize they had a problem with McCagnan and he was dynamic enough to make a dramatic change.  Getting Douglas was a good thing.  As of yet, Douglas is still unproven as a GM regardless of how well he did in his past positions.  Saying otherwise is wishful fanboy thinking.  What we can say is that there is nothing to make us think he was a bad choice.  We'll have to wait and see.

    As for Gase... My assessment is accurate.  He is a smart guy that loves football.  He works hard and he is totally committed.  BUT... He has two flaws.  One is his personality and interpersonal relationship skills.  I dont know the guy, but by most accounts, he rubs a lot of people the wrong way.  THIS is not fatal.  It is just a disadvantage. Take Belichick for example.  No "warm and fuzzy" there.  When he was with the Browns, everyone wanted him at the end of a rope.  And now look....

    Next... And this *IS* fatal for a HC.  Especially one that is also your OC.  

    Gase is not a coach that can take account of his roster, understand the strengths and weaknesses of his players (ESPECIALLY THE QB) and from there, design a system and play book that takes advantage of the unique talents of who he has to work with.  Gase has his cherished system (strawberries) and he is going to jam it up everyone's ass.

    Good old Adam "Square Peg In Round Hole" Gase...

    And THAT is going to kill them.  Perhaps even derail Darnold's career... 

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  7. 5 minutes ago, Wonderboy said:

    It’s a deep draft for OL. JD can get quality OL prospects in rd 1,2,3,4.  And of course, FA. There’s a few options. Every team spends. It’s just a matter of hitting on it. And Becton is in the conversation in the top 4 OL. No reason if 1 of the 4 isn’t there JD sprints to podium to get us a T. 

    Beckton worries me.  I HOPE he is taken before 11.  He may turn out to be the best T since Anthony Munoz, but he may be a flop.  If you already have decent tackles, he would be a great choice do to the upside.  If you are the Jets and REALLY need manpower now, Beckton is too much of a chance.  He may wind up being the next Vlad Ducasse.  It is really a crap shoot

  8. On 3/2/2020 at 10:52 PM, Wonderboy said:

    I‘D do something similar. Would definitely not trade up. We need 2 tackles, a guard and a center. Sign 2, draft 2. Don’t see Shell coming back. Wouldn’t need him. Cut Winters as well. Could see keeping Beachum another year for depth. 

    They can get by with drafting a single Tackle and a single interior lineman.  Beachum is not stud material, but he is good enough for now.  If they draft a center in the later rounds, Harrison can play guard and they can go with one of their other current interior lineman.  If they don't draft a specialist for center, keep Harrson there and use their new interior guy to play guard.

    They can really be OK if they just add two starters.  It wont be the best line, but it will be better and it will be "building through the draft" and not pissing away all sorts of money and cap room on retreads.

    This ALL depends on Thomas or Wills or Wirfs still being on the board at 11.  If not, they are totally screwed.  

  9. 11 minutes ago, Dcat said:

    Rex stood around and did nothing as they guys he personally brought in (Buress, Mason, et.al) dismantled the clubhouse.  It was a freaking zoo at Florham Park under Rex.

    clubhouse ??? Isn't that baseball ??? 

    JOHNSON wanted lots of attention.  GENO SMITH and TEBOW were ALL JOHNSON wanting to make a splash.  So was bringing in IDZIK who sabotaged Rex and sent Sanchez out at the end of a pre season game to play behind a 4th string line which resulted in injury to Sanchez... That circus was JOHNSON... 

  10. 23 minutes ago, Dcat said:

    Really, I don't see it that way at all.  I think the culture of laziness, non accountability and indifference in the clubhouse began under Rex's reign.  He ran a kindergarten clubhouse and held nobody accountable for anything ever.  Players could basically choose to do or not do whatever they wanted under Rex.  Wilk and Richardson being late all the time started under Rex.  

    Wrong... Rex liked to keep it "likable and learnable".  He also gave players the room to "be themselves"  but he absolutely held everyone accountable to performance.  Players would run through a wall for him

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  11. 1 hour ago, Jets723 said:

    I used to be a huge fan of this guy.  At one point he was a beast and he seemed like a real leader.  Then the contract stuff started and he was never the same.  Such a disappointment 

    Rex left and he went downhill... If Rex stayed, MW would still be on the Jets roster and he'd be productive.  Same deal with Sheldon Richardson

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  12. 5 hours ago, Philc1 said:

    If the pats are smart they tank for Trevor next year


    43 year old Brady with a mediocre roster ain’t winning sh t

    Brady stays for two more years and at a price that is friendly to the Pats... BB and Tom have a big old laugh at the rest of the world.  They add WR talent in the off season, win the division and another Lombardi...

    If BB stays with the Pats after Brady leaves either now or in one/two years, I don't think they would be interested in Trevor Lawrence.   I'd venture to say that they already have their eye on a few college QB's that none of us are talking about.  One that would be the ideal system complimentary passer.  Off the charts football  IQ with ability to read a defense, decide on the best option pre-snap and then place the ball VERY quickly.  Pocket awareness and conservation of motion within the pocket are also essential... 

    If BB stays with the pats for at least three to five more years, I predict their next starting QB will be taken at the very bottom of the first to the middle of the third round...


  13. 15 hours ago, SAR I said:

    Sorry Eeyore.  Your SOJF shtick isn’t going to work.  We all saw 6-2.  We all saw Darnold.  Sell your sorrow elsewhere.  

    SAR I

    Either you are employed within the Jets organization or you are so desperate for the Jets to be a good team, your mind is manufacturing its own reality...

    Which one is it ???

  14. 1 hour ago, SAR I said:

    What a steaming pile of fake news.  No one knows if Maccagnan was fired because Gase didn’t like Bell.  Hell, from all accounts Bell and Gase get along swimmingly.  

    And if you think Mike Maccagnan was allowed to trade up to #3 with the Colts to grab an unknown quarterback all by himself without any input from his CEO you are smoking something.  Same for the enormous contracts to big time high profile free agents.  Christopher Johnson made those aggressive moves happen.   

    If you slam the Johnsons when they disappoint you then man up and recognize them when they do great work. Do it now.   

    SAR I

    I don't know if you are up on current events, but the Jets have been getting their ass kicked.  We're f**ked.   We're doomed... 



  15. 6 minutes ago, section314 said:

    So do the Packers.....the next 3 guys were Barry Sanders, Derrick Thomas and Deion.

    I'd advise caution with Beckton... Of all the top OT prospects, Thomas, Wirfs, Wills, he is the most risky despite his vital statistics.

    While not a first round pick, it was the same trap the Jets fell in with Vlad Ducasse... 

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  16. 2 minutes ago, SAR I said:

    Look at Christopher Johnson's reign:

    * Announces rebuild.  Macagnan and Bowles are left in as low-key patsies for turbulent times.

    * Trades up with the Colts to draft a QB at #3.  Works brilliantly as the Jets get Sam Darnold.

    * Darnold's first season shows great promise.  Rebuild is ahead of schedule  Realizes its time to get a real head coach and a real GM to guide the Jets to the playoffs.

    * Hires Adam Gase.  Hires Gregg Williams.  Culture is changed.  No coaches are leaving, all want to stay.

    * Fires Maccagnan at a perfect time so as to jump an extremely competitive market.  Jets get the top candidate in Joe Douglas instead of the worst as they traditionally settle for.

    * Acquires Le'Veon Bell, Jameson Crowder, and CJ Mosley, spending the money other owners don't. 

    * If not for injuries, would have made the playoffs.  Team finishes 6-2 and is poised for a tremendous 2020 at the very moment Tom Brady and the Patriots are taking steps back and the Bills weak quarterback is exposed.

    Our owner/CEO has done a terrific job.  You should see this, Eeyore.

    SAR I


    Consider what moves you list up there were McCagnan's and had nothing to do with Johnson.  That would be Darnold for one.  It would also be Adams (not listed).  And try not to forget that Mac was fired because Gase didn't like the Ball deal.  Gase himself has been horrible. Not just for the Jets, but for the team that ran him out of town.

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  17. 4 hours ago, Augustiniak said:

    i think the crazy thing about his mock is he has andrew thomas going 29.  if that's closer to what his grade is, the jets could well be taking a wr in the first rather than reaching for a tackle but that would sure put a lot of pressure on them to fix the OL, especially if they didn't land conklin.

    They have the most polished LT going at 29 well after a player like Beckton ??? This is laughable.

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