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  1. 1 hour ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    The same one that surrounded him with the game's best offensive line and defense his first 2 years?

    If he was so weak-minded that he couldn't so much as hold down a QB2 job at any of his 4 subsequent destinations because of what the mean old Jets did to his poor psyche, then he didn't belong in the league in the first place.  And by the time he was just 28, that's exactly where he ended up.  

    FFS he had the Denver job handed to him on a silver platter and he STILL found a way to lose it to 7th round pick and 2nd-year QB Trevor Siemian.


    From where I was sitting and watching, Sanchez was talented and very likable.  I also believe he really didn't want to play football all that much.  When there was the major pressure of a big playoff game, he kept his focus, but for the most part, he really didn't want it bad enough.  He often lost his focus such as the butt fumble and all the interceptions.  Pete Carol also saw the same things, I think.  He realized that Sancez was not fanatical enough to live in the NFL.  

    Great guy with a lot of athletic ability that would rather be doing something less intense and stressful. 

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  2. 8 minutes ago, SAR I said:

    Now that's the actual conversation.

    Not Gase-As-Offensive-Guru.  It's Gase-As-Team-Dictator. 

    Is he the right guy for that?  Evidence so far shows he may be.

    SAR I

    Well... If CJ is stuck on Gase, then Trevor Lawrence becomes an imperative.  Sam Darnold is talented, but he is not the rigth QB for the system Gase wants to run.  However, Trevor Lawrence would be ideal... 

  3. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/report-leveon-bell-will-sign-with-one-of-three-teams/ar-BB1a3shP?li=BBnb7Kz



    Steve DelVecchio, Larry Brown Sports  37 mins ago
    Le’Veon Bell is not expected to remain a free agent for very long after he was released by the New York Jets on Tuesday, and the star running back has reportedly narrowed his decision down to three teams
    Bell is expected to sign with either the Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs or Buffalo Bills, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reports. He could make a decision as early as Thursday.
    Bell is reportedly taking the opportunity to win into consideration, which makes the Chiefs and Bills seem more likely than the Dolphins. However, he trains in Miami and has connections to the area.

    Bell’s social media activity indicated he was relieved to be cut by the Jets. He never really seemed to get along with Adam Gase, and the Jets coach basically avoided questions about why he decided to part ways with Bell.

    Both the Chiefs and Bills are two of the strongest teams in the AFC, and Bell would be a great addition for either. It’s not often a contending team has an opportunity to sign a game-changing player in the middle of a season.


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  4. 2 minutes ago, SAR I said:

    That's where your instincts are wrong.  You think that CJ is calling the shots and he and Douglas are secretly meeting to discuss Gase's future and it's not how it's set up.

    Gase is calling the shots, Douglas does what Gase tells him to do, and CJ does exactly what you want him to do-  keeps away from football matters.  Adam Gase is your "football man".  You just haven't figured that out yet.  You'd think the Bell ejection would have been the latest clue.

    SAR I

    Gase is the wrong guy to be calling the shots.  He has CJ duped big time.  

  5. 29 minutes ago, SAR I said:

    That's what they have.  His name is Adam Gase.  Think about it.

    He hand-picked his own GM and he has systematically eliminated bigtime players with bigtime contracts from Florham Park that are not in his mold or do not want to play hard.  The entire front office staff has been flipped, the scouting department, all of it.  Every person in that building is someone Adam Gase wants there.  Hell, even the Jets president was ousted and replaced by someone Gase is comfortable with.

    Gase is your "football guy".  He's cooking and shopping for all the groceries.  That's what your eyes should tell you.

    SAR I

    You make an important point here. 

    "eliminated bigtime players with bigtime contracts from Florham Park that are not in his mold"

    How many big time players, or average players do you think fit into the Adam Gase mold ??? Berrios ??? 

    Gase is a walking personality disorder and that is the least of it.

    EVERYONE here knows it.  A good HC, OC or DC does not jam square pegs into round holes.  All the best coaches understand that form follows function.  They design their system around the strengths of their players.  

    Gase has demonstrated *CLEARLY* that he can not do that.

    When those big time players get away from him and work under a crafty coach, they perform like world beaters.

    Gase is an absolute disaster of a HC from an interpersonal relationship standpoint and even worse from the X's and O's standpoint.

    You have been taking the side of an argument that is simply not defensible by the facts. 

  6. 12 minutes ago, Matt39 said:

    Rhule would have taken the job, but the Johnson's weren't willing to give up their power to an actual program builder (they did once with Mangini and couldnt stand him icing them out). Until they're willing to name an actual person in charge we'll get the same over promoted coordinator as HC and lame duck GM running the bare-bones scouting department. Gase/Douglas is the same as Bowles/Maccgnan. The President, who is second in command and a Johnson lifer, seems to have their ear however. Douglas has been a total dud of a hire, but that's expected as the role really carries zero weight other than appearing on TV for the draft.

    Yep.  Rhule fu*ked off as soon as he got a load of the way Johnson wants to do things.  He was smart,   Just like Parcells and Belechick and everyone else that fu*ked off after getting a load of Johnson.

    Put yourself in their position.  You know your stuff, and you come in front of a guy with no football experience or any real business experience what so ever.  Just a bank account that was inherited.  Nothing else.  You are in front of a man that is walking on another man's legs.  And... This guy wants to be the boss of everything.  Wants to play the role of a heavy weight.  Wants to be seen and treated like J.P. Morgan.

    I don't know about you, but I'd fuc*k off too.  Quickly...

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  7. We all know it at this point.  All of us.  Even the talking heads in the sports media that usually refuse to blame owners because they don't want their access to the team cut off are all also clearly pointing at Johnson.   Johnson is the clear and present obstacle.  He always has been.  

    NOTHING matters until Johnson gets his head out of his ass and lets a professional run the team.  

    We can talk about the QB.  We can talk about the drat.  We can talk about the schedule.   All if it is bull sh*t.  

    We need Johnson to come out and say he's putting the team in the hands of JD and is going to keep out of things.  And then, he has to actually DO IT.

    Until then, the Jets are going to be the rectum of the NFL

    And that holds even if they go 0-16 and draft Trevor Lawrence, should he be fool enough to allow himself to be destroyed.

  8. 56 minutes ago, HessStation said:

    It's concerning, so do I but we can't afford any wins. I'm a bit torn. They NEED Mims, Clark and Becton to all be awesome for the future tho. I have no real complaints everyone being hurt as long as it's a fluke for this year and they're all gonna be great when they play ...next year. or this year as long as they lose

    I dig...

    As usual, the big question that encompasses everything is Johnson.  Even if the GM and HC and roster are in place (and they are not), Johnson can still mess things up with his meddling.

    There is never going to be any hope of having a quality team to watch if and until Johnson resigns himself to letting a professional run the team.

    As of right now, the jury is still out on Joe Douglas.  Is he that man ??? I don't know.  Given the decisions he has made so far,  it looks like he knows what he is doing.


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  9. 28 minutes ago, kmnj said:

    dumbest guy in the room but thinks he is the smartest guy in the room

    only thing I find more offensive than his coaching is his personality -total ahole who has accomplished NOTHING

    I have said since day one he became the Jets HC.  Adam Gase is the textbook example of the Dunning-Kruger effect




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  10. 3 hours ago, Patriot Killa said:

    Nothing changes until we find a head coach who can cultivate his skill set and win games. Nothing changes until JD understands the importance of flooding the offense with capable offensive playmakers. 

    Nothing changes util Johnson sells the team or at least gets his head out of his own ass and lets a professional make all the decisions...


  11. 55 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

    No way in hell Adam Gase is the HC next season. 

    dont be so sure.  if they are tanking for TL, Gase, Douglas and Johnson are all in on it.  I'm sure Gase has Johnson duped into thinking he'll win the superbowl with the jets if he "just gets the qb he wants"

  12. 1 minute ago, Barkus said:

    Mims, Cameron Clark, and maulet have been activated for practice per NYJ.

    The Jets have designated WR Denzel Mims, OL Cameron Clark and CB Arthur Maulet to return to practice. They have also signed DL Tanzel Smart and K/P Sergio Castillo the practice squad and released WR Donte Moncrief from the practice squad.

    Mims (6-3, 207) missed the first five games of the season with a hamstring injury after sustaining a different hamstring injury in training camp. He was placed on injured reserve Sept. 15. Mims, a second-round pick in 2020, totaled 186 catches for 2,925 yards and 18 TDs in 49 games (36 starts) at Baylor. He recorded a 4.38-second 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine.

    I'd sure like to see some good play from mims... 

  13. 1 hour ago, southparkcpa said:

    Tony Romo disagrees.. and to the naked eye, he looked salvagable.


    Daniel Jones is the only NFL QB I have seen with worse pocket awareness than Ken O'Brien.  Jones is a total bust.  Lets just hope the Giants don't think so. Leave TL for us !

  14. 17 hours ago, Dcat said:

    Obviously the Johnsons are too stupid to know what to do here.  So instead, just resign now.

    Just, call a presser and make the announcement.  

    Nobody wants you. 

    Nobody likes you. 

    You are hated here in NY even more than you were despised in Miami. 

    Get out now.  Move your family to a friendlier place.  Maybe Peyton Manning has an extra room for you.  

    Oh wait... I forgot... you are "as rich as f--K" (your own words.)

    Agree with the sentiment completely.  Would just like to add.  This is not personal.  This is based strictly on his poor job performance.  He may be a decent fellow that is simply not performing well.   I dont know about the person, Adam Gase, but I as a fan, I dont like the job he is doing... 

  15. Good question.  The answer is YES and NO. 

    Just from HS football if you ever played. you know there is a lot involved.  Not just the leadership and organization, but the nomenclature of the offense and of course the defense.  There is a lot there.  Alignment, assignment,  and much much more.  Communicating with assistants, players, support people.  Lots and lots of moving parts. If you have been around more than one coach, you also know that each one has his own way of organizing everything and dealing with people.  It is a highly specialized job ! Think about it this way... If you opened a text book on calculus in the middle of it and tried to dig into things, you would not have a chance in hell.  However, if you started first with arithmetic (easy for everyone) and then went on to algebra (easy for most) and then on to pre calculus (more challenging, but most can do it) and then full blown calculus, (those that have the drive and need to get to that level can do it)... Well... Then you can do calculus.  Same deal with being a football coach at the professional level.  You need to start at the very beginning and build your knowledge until you are all the way up to the point where you know all the elements and can start cooking up some of your own dishes.  And that does NOT even cover your leadership style and interpersonal relationship skills.  

    So... Yes... I have the aptitude and other skills needed to learn all that is needed, but... Not the massive experience or background needed.  

    Gase has experience and all the accumulated knowledge that we don't have and would need to be a HC but at the same time, he has obvious limitations.  To me, it looks like Gase can hum along with the tune, but he really doesn't know the music.  


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  16. 7 hours ago, WhartonJet said:

    With a lost season after week 5, I’ve been thinking about the seemingly baffling play calling from Gase this year.

    I’m certainly no Gase apologist.  Like most, I want him gone at the end of the year.  But, does anyone remember us scoring TDs on our opening drive in 6-7 straight games last year?   Did Gase suddenly forget how to gameplan?  Are the injuries that much of a factor this year vs. last year?

    This got me to think that maybe the tank really is on at 1 Jets Drive.  What if Joe Douglas and Gase have decided that Trevor Lawrence is the chosen one and they are willing to flush a year (where we weren’t going to win the super bowl anyway) in order to secure the first pick and Trevor Lawrence.  Maybe they decided in the offseason that Sam just wasn’t the guy after evaluating him all of last year.

    If you look at it through that lense, the bizarre play calling makes more sense.  Holding players back from returning from injuries also makes sense (Sam with the shoulder, no Mims, no Zuniga, no Hall, nursing Becton, Ashtyn Davis, Vyncint Smith, etc).  It would also explain how Joe Douglas approached the offseason with all the 1 year deals and getting no weapons for Sam.  Assume Gregg Williams is on board and maybe that explains some of the regression on defense.

    The troubling part of this would be if Adam Gase is “in” on the tank, that would mean he is the coach next year.  Unless Douglas only guaranteed Gase’s job to get the tank accomplished and then knifes him after the season anyway - much like Gase did to Big Mac.



    When I consider all the moving parts in place for this conspiracy theory, my conclusion is that Gase is a bad coach to begin with, and Joe Douglas was not in "win now" mode this past off season.  He is positioning the Jets with lots of cap and lots of draft picks for the very near future, but he left the roster without a lot of skill this particular season.  I dont think there is a conspiracy to tank for Trevor.

    However, there are a few facts here that give the conspiracy a bit of life.  Not much, but just a bit.

    1. Gase and Joe D's employment with the Jets is entwined.  

    2. Darnold is not a good QB to run the system that Gase is married to.  Trevor Lawrence would be an ideal fit for it.

    It is some food for thought, but not much.   It looks like Gase just sucks and sucks even worse on Joe D's "sacrifice now to load up later" plan...

    Fans should not be down on Joe D.  He is doing the right things for future sustained success.  We cant blame him for Mimms and Becton getting tweaked.  We have not seen Mimms on the filed yet and Becton was looking like rookie of the year.  

    Let's just hope Becton is not injured too badly to pick up where he left off.  An all world LT is next best thing to have after franchise QB.

  17. 7 minutes ago, Philc1 said:

    If Gase is here after Black Monday there is no chance in hell Lawrence is coming out in the draft 


    tbh I think our only shot at enticing Lawrence here is to offer Jim Harbaugh $150 million to be the coach.  Hiring Bienemy or Roman alone probably isn’t enough 

    Not sure if Harbaugh is the answer.  I like Roman, but at the moment, he does not seem to have the answers.  Not sure about Bienemy.  He's been where performance has been good, but he's never ran the show.  He could be a great hire, or he could turn out to be another assistant that is not suited for the big chair.

    Still... We both know with Johnson's meddling, none of this matters anyway... It is going to be another sh*t stew that gets cooked up even if they draft TL.

    Johnson will NEVER hire a HC or GM that insists on full control.  That is why Mat Rhule f*cked off.  They would not let him build his own staff.

    Rhule is smart like Belechick was.  They both f*cked off when they got a load of Johnson

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