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  1. 2 hours ago, SAR I said:

    I'm guessing Michael Kay.  He never goes hard on Chris. 

    SAR I

    Michael Kay is my least favorite sports radio show host.  For starters, he's all about baseball.  There could be MAJOR football news in the middle of the MLB off-season and he'd still be spending more time spouting Yankee shill talk. He is totally self indulgent and the larger part of his air time is spent opining about things that have nothing to do with sports.  He does a nice job calling the Yankee games, but I can't stand listening to his radio show.  I can take about 30 seconds before I forcefully change the station.  

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  2. 15 hours ago, Tony The Wiz said:

    Welcome Jet Loyalists. I am back with my part 2 of my Top 5 +1  in the offensive positions.  And this is the part I researched the most since the Jets need  these pieces more than anything.

    Hopefully if you do read my evaluations it will give you a better knowledge of that player when the draft comes. Hopefully Mr. Douglas can find us the pieces where finally we can 

    celebrate a championship.  So here we go. 



         1. CEE DEE LAMB - OKLAHOMA           So why him over Jeudy?  Both are wonderful receivers when it comes to catching the ball. Juedy runs great routes and seems to glide 

    where Cee Dee shakes and bakes and just gets open.  Two different receivers but both excellent.  I like Lamb more since he had to do it with less great receivers on his team. He was

    the main focus of the opposing defense where you couldn't do that to Juedy since Bama has a wealth of receivers. Both are about the same size and both are athletic. And they both run 

    about the same speed in the 40.  So it is apple or oranges here. I go with Cee Cee.       TOP 7 GRADE


         2.  JERRY JEUDY - ALABAMA        I basically explained everything above and he will be compared as a smaller version of fellow Bama great receiver Julio Jones.    TOP 7 GRADE


         3.  LAVISKA SHENAULT   - COLORADO     You know we all talk about the first two but people have you watched this player this year. I mean come on already when you watch this

    guys highlights. He is 6:2 and 225 lbs  and he was the offense of the Buffalo's this year. This player didn't have the talent around him to play with like  Lamb and especially Jeudy.  It was 

    him and him alone.  And Imagine he had a QB like Tua to throw to him. You know his stats of 56 receptions and 765 yards would of been way above that.  His athleticism is off the chart

    and a QB could just throw it up there he will come down with that reception.  My comparison to him is Larry Fitzgerald but he is much faster.  I can't wait to see him at the NFL  Combine 

    doing all the drills.             TOP 10 GRADE


        4.  JUSTIN JEFFERSON  -   LSU                   He is a  Smooth wide out  that has excellent soft hands. He runs nice routes and he seems to always break away from the corner back. And if he

    has just a small distance on him he would out leap the defender.  He is another receiver who has great length at 6:3 but needs to gain a few pounds of strength and muscle on his lean 

    195 pound frame.  He is a big catch performer and down by the end zone is his prime time. He had an amazing year with 111 receptions and 1500 yards and 18 TDS.    TOP 12 GRADE 


                            These 4 Are Really The Elite of The Wide Receiver Group and Separate a slight from  number 5.  But there are even a few more first round grade receivers coming next. In fact 

    since this is an important position I have to give you a plus 2.  There is just too much talent.


         5.  TEE HIGGINS     -   CLEMSON     Look Tee would be on this Elite list if it was not sometimes he looks brittle.  At 6:4 and 205 pounds he needs to gain some strength and muscle. And 

    he will.  He really is a dynamic receiver with electric long stride speed. He always seems to make that reception and no one out leaps this guy. He really could turn into the next A.J. Green. 

    He is another receiver I will be keeping an eye on at the Combine.  This year he had only 59 receptions but a near 20 yard per catch average which shows you he is a home run hitting 

    receiver.        TOP 20 GRADE     


        +1   BRANDON AIYUK   -    ARIZONA ST        Explosive and more Explosive when we talk about this receiver.  When watching him you think he runs under 4.30 forty.  But looking at his

    speed numbers it states he is a 4.40 guy.  He just reminds of Deebo Samuels last year.  At 6:1 and 210 lbs he has nice size beside that quick burst of speed and when we look at that production

    he produced with a freshman QB it has to Wow You. He had 65 reception and near 1200 yards. I am looking forward to see him in the Combine.  Don't look now but he could actually rise 

    after the combine.         Right Now  a  LATE 1ST ROUND GRADE but could move up. 


      +2. MICHAEL PITTMAN  - USC   Now as a Notre Dame fan you are not a fan of USC but this receiver has all the respect from me. How many receptions did he he catch after I stated no way he

    catches that ball. And he always does. Now we all know about USC receivers in the past where some don't achieve what we expected and others do like Lynn Swan, Robert Woods and our own

    Keyshawn Johnson. And I am putting him in the class that will be successful. He is just that good.  He has it all. A big body at 6:4 and 225 Pounds. He goes up to grab the ball with the best of

    them and he is explosive in his sneaky way. And his bloodlines with his father being a former NFL running back is there and has his dad for support.
    Yeah I like him and hope he could fall to the Jets in the 2nd round.  But he is a LATE 1ST ROUND GRADE 


    This was another really good year for receiver talent. In fact beside these 7 I definitely have as first round grades there are a few that also could slide into a first from a 2nd after a good combine.

    One example my personal  favorite.......Jaelon Reagor of TCU. He is underrated if we can say that.


      Now Jet Fans the Offensive Line.  Let us first start with Centers which again like last year has a pretty good cast of players. Now none of them was in the class of my three centers of last year.



    1. TYLER BIADASZ    -     WISCONSIN     I Am sticking with him. Yeah some of you didn't like his performance in his bowl game.  I get it. I watched it over again and it wasn't as bad as i thought. 
    Yes he could get stronger and he will I am certain on this. But what he has is that nastiness and toughness and he is a Wisconsin product which has success in the NFL. I feel when he gets to the

    NFL his working nature on his trade will  make him excel.      LATE 1ST TO EARLY 2ND ROUND GRADE


      2. LLOYD CUSHENBERRY    -    LSU    I have seen way too much positive film on this center. Him and his partner at guard, Damien Lewis, just drives their opponent down the field. He is so stout

    in pass blocking and just a big overall real good center. Another player who is on the edge of the first round with Tyler as the first center being called  in the NFL draft.  He had a nice

    Senior Bowl and was really impressive during the game.   EARLY 2ND ROUND GRADE


    3. KEITH ISMAEL -  SAN DIEGO ST.  Look I could go with 4 players here beside Keith. I mean they are all bunched in the same group as solid mid 2nd round centers who can move up in the

    combine. But why do I have Keith Here. I watch his bowl game against a top 10 rushing defense in Central Michigan and I jotted all wins, losses, draws and not involved in the

     plays in the game.   His total was he won 35 times against his opponent and loss 3 times. And only 1 time that could of led to a sack. His draw total was 8.  Why did I need to watch this? It is

    because of what I saw in the Senior Bowl practices. He is stout and powerful and just wins against his opponent. My eyes will be watching him at the NFL COMBINE.

            Right now a Solid MID 2ND ROUND GRADE BUT COULD RISE.


     4.  CESAR RUIZ -  MICHIGAN    Watch him a lot this year and he is a solid performer. Him and Ismael are so similar. They are solid forces that just win against their opponent. He has really quick

    feet on the pull to one side for the running back and he opens holes. He is another player at the combine I want to watch closely. He like Ismael may give the top 2

     centers a run for their money. The more I watch his tape on games like the  Michigan St and Notre Dame the more I can say he can be an all pro center down the road.  He will do well at the 

    Combine.      Again Right now a Solid MID 2ND ROUND GRADE BUT COULD RISE.


       5. DARYLL WILLIAMS -  MISSISSIPPI ST  -  After watching the East West Shrine Game and where he dominated his opponents I needed to see more. So I put on the game again where he is

    playing his rival Mississippi and has to go against one of my top nose tackles in Benito Jones. Now Benito is no average DT. He is a monster at 6:1 and 335+. And Williams held his own.
    It was like two Goats knocking heads or in this case two Rhino's. Yeah This guy is impressive with his power but he not only drives you down the field but he is quick enough on the sweep. 

                Can I say it again. I will be watching him at the Combine also.  A MID 2ND TO LATE 2ND   He probably go later.


     And now my Plus 1 which is has hard as it gets. So I have 3 players and two f these centers in the beginning of the year would of been number 2 and number 3 on my list of Centers. So who do I

    choose from Jake Hansen of Oregon and Nick Harris of Washington. But I also have to include a solid center in Temples Matt Hennessy who came out early and would of
    been a top center next year. This was a hard one. I evaluated and eliminated Nick Harris so it is between Hanson and Hennessy.  Another Apple and Oranges decision. You can't go wrong with

    either one. I went with the SR in Hanson because of the competition he went against and looking at him against Auburn and that defensive line. 


    +1 JAKE HANSEN - OREGON -  Again a solid performance against Auburn showed me he is a top notch Center. I watched his blocking in the running game and he never gives up on a play. He

    looks for a defender to block if that defender is not over center. His run blocking may be a tad better than his pass blocking but not much. Another late Solid LATE 2ND ROUND GRADE



         1. JEDRICK WILLS - ALABAMA  - Why not an OT? I have discussed this so much on this board. I have studied him more
    then any player this year since the Jets could take him. Listen to me Jet fans he could be an All Pro Guard in two to three
    years. His run blocking is fantastic. Now why not an OT. If you want me to answer you question just watch the first

    5 minutes in the second half in their Bowl Game versus Michigan. It will answer your question. He doesn't pick up a stunt

     fast enough on the outside and a quick DE who could get that edge will go right by him. Yes there is a lot of good tape on

     him at right tackle. I watched the Texas A&M, South Carolina, LSU and Tennessee game and not one time do I see a near

     elite DE going against him. In the Michigan game he went against Paye who will be a top pick next year and just in a few

     minutes Paye would of destroyed that QB. Also Tua with his quick releases saved him since the ball was gone in a second.

     But as I say now he is a incredible blocking guard.

     As a Guard a TOP 5 GRADE


      2. SHANE LEMIEUX - OREGON    Does everything well. I watched him a lot either watching the game live or going back
    looking at the tape. Him versus Auburn really impressed me as his game versus Washington. Right now he just edges my number

     3 and 4 guards but we have to see what he is at the combine. But on Film he is the real deal.
                    LATE 1ST TO EARLY 2ND GRADE


    3. LOGAN STENBERG - KENTUCKY   One word for him..........Nasty. He is a warrior who wants to drive you down and stare

     you down. He has an attitude and backs it up. He is a high Guard meaning he doesn't go low to drive you but hit you right
    in the shoulders. You didn't get to see much pass blocking this year since Kentucky lost their QB and had their 

    receiver as a QB. But in the Senior Bowl we seen this young man excel. He is one of my personal favorites.
                       MID TO LATE 2ND ROUND GRADE


         4. BEN BREDESON - MICHIGAN    If Stenberg is nasty and a warrior than Bredeson is a Junk Yard Dog. He will get down
    and dirty to have a positive play for his running game or QB. Another one who impressed in the Senior Bowl and had his
    stock rise. This is why I love these All Star Bowl Games. It is an interview for a job in the NFL. We got the Hula Bowl

     back but need to improve it and have it on prime time next year. 

                 LATE 2ND ROUND GRADE


        5. DAMIEN LEWIS - LSU      A  PILE DRIVER !!  He goes low and just continues to bull rush you. He is a smaller
     clone of his teammate Cushonberry. Another one who wowed us not only in the practices but during the Senior Bowl game. We now
    know why Joe Burrow had a great year. I will take this guy on my team anytime. You know you are going to get 100% effort.

     Another player whose stock rose because of these all star games.

                      LATE 2ND ROUND GRADE but he probably get drafted in the third.


     Now again for my plus 1, I wanted to evaluate at least 6 guards. John Simpson of Clemson I see is one of the favorites
    of many draft gurus. So I wanted to see his tape again in the Ohio ST. game. And in 10 minutes I seen enough. He was out of

    consideration. Holding and being beat multiple times in just 10 minutes.  And he wasn't impressive in the Senior Bowl practices. So now my others Solomon Kindley,  

    Calvin Throckmorton, Robert Hunt  or Jonah Jackson. I also consider one of my favorites in Jon Runyan who could move to guard but

     I think he could play a Right tackle position. So I did my due diligence and studied each player. Now I am going to be

     honest Robert Hunt was the least one I knew so I wanted to look at him. And guess what?  He is my guy hands down. Why?
    His Feet is quick as can be. Solomon Kindley who is the favorite on many boards has feet stuck in cement. He is a center.
    Throckmorton needs to move to a different position and it will do wonders for him and Jonah Jackson is a wonderful player

     but his lateral movement is no where near Robert Hunt. In fact Hunt has played OT and looked good doing it. 


    +1  ROBERT HUNT - LOUISIANA    He is more than a plus 1. Watching this player on tape since he was injured in his
    bowl game versus Miami,Ohio I didn't get to see a lot of him. Boy did I miss out on this good looking guard. In fact I seen

     tape of him playing guard and OT. No exaggeration, he has the feet of Thomas with his lateral movement. He really looks

     like a find and look he is not a sleeper. NFL Boards have this guy ranked high. And I can see why. I predict he will come

     out of that NFL Combine with rave reviews as long as he is healthy. Hey Jet fans here is another lineman you need to keep

     an eye on.  HE IS MY RISER 

       Right now what I see is a LATE 2ND ROUND GRADE only because of his injury which we haven't watched him in weeks. But he

     will move up.




    1.  ANDREW  THOMAS - GEORGIA   Really nothing more can be said about him. His feet is great. His lateral movement is
     first class but his hands are incredible. Once he has you in front of him there is no way you going pass him. And he looks

     like he will never hold anyone. My only negative I had on he is sometimes he loses his focus and just goes down field if the
    play is not on his side. He didn't look to hit someone. But that is it.

             TOP 5 GRADE


    2.  TRISTAN WIRFS - IOWA     I watched this guy many a time and he is all world. For me he has it all. And he played
    against some good players going against him. And he did a wonderful job. In his bowl game he destroyed USC right side and 

    just cleared away for his running backs. He would of been number 1 but he plays the right side which in the NFL with

    dominate right handed QBS is not the side a QB could get blind sided. Pass Blocking...Excellent.  Run Blocking...Excellent.

    And he was coached up by the brilliant head coach of Iowa......Kirk Ferentz.
                      TOP 5 GRADE


        3. JOSH JONES  -  HOUSTON    What I watched in the Senior Bowl was a player that really distinguished himself as a
    player to watch. He vaulted over every Left Tackle except Thomas with his excellent practices and Play in the game. When

    many tackles were failing he was succeeding. His feet work is excellent and he plays the edge angle perfectly that the

    Edge defender is too high to get the QB. He is sturdy and stands his ground with power and has nice hands and you don't
    see him trying to hold. He is definitely a First Round but where will be the mystery.

                     MID FIRST to the EARLY TWENTIES


    Now this is where the mystery is who will be the next three Offensive Tackles. I have a right tackle going 4th. Now

     if this player didn't get hurt doing the year he would be up there in rankings. I still have him up there. Now everyone

    is wondering why not Austin Jackson of USC. Here is another player I have put in a lot of time and effort looking

    at everything about his game. He is so up and down he could be a Yo Yo. There is some horrible tape on him in games like
    Oregon, Washington and Notre Dame. And lets not Forget what we seen in his bowl game against Iowa. 

    I really just don't understand these draft gurus. Maybe I will be wrong on this guy or I am wrong on Beckton but you

    see just bad technique or just bad blocking.


      4. LUCAS NIANG - TCU    After he got injured TCU was never the same on the offensive line. He is a steady performer

     on the right side and is pretty strong. But his footwork is fantastic for the big man that he is.
    Message To All Jet Fans who clamor for Meckhi Becton, Please watch this 6:7 330 Pound man and just watch his lateral
    movement. There is tape on him versus Purdue and SMU. But the best is against Texas where he played hurt and still was a

    force. You watch his foot work but look at his arms and the way he continues the block not like Beckton who hits
    you once and doesn't continue the block.  Lucas Niang Deserves this spot, Period.

                  MID 2ND ROUND GRADE.  But let us watch him at the Combine. His name could become a hot commodity.


     5. COLTON MCKIVITZ - WEST VIRGINIA   Lets be serious. West Virginia wasn't a good team this year like previous years.
    The talent level wasn't there but this OT Colton was as steady as a rock. I watched him during the season against 

    Oklahoma, TCU and Texas and he was impressive in all three games. He also looked good in the Senior Bowl. Again here is 

    another L OT that pass blocks really well and has a nastiness about him. And remember people he is by himself on that

    line. This is not Alabama, Oregon or Ohio St. offensive line talent. Hey Jet fans go watch him if you don't know

    him at all. You will be impress.  Look he was voted 1st team All Big 12 OT and he has perfect size at 6:7 and 315 lbs.

                     MID 2ND ROUND TO LATE 2ND ROUND


     +1  This could be three OT that I like. One who was a top prospect OT and then he got injured but he is back this

     season and was voted an all conference performer. Another is an OT I don't know anything about but what I seen recently.
    And the other is also an all conference player. So who are these players?   Trey Adams of Washington, Ben Bartch of

    St. Johns Minnesota and Ezra Cleveland of Boise St.. Now each of these players impressed me but because I didn't see
    enough of him I have to eliminate Bartch as my +1. But I will be watching the Combine and hope Bartch is recovered from
    his injury that occurred in the Senior Bowl Practice. So again that leaves my two 6 and 7 ranked OT in this draft. After

    watching Cleveland play in the Bowl game and he was impressive against Washington I was leaning to him but Adams is
    just as deserving so again I am going to add 1 more to my list like I did with the receivers.


    +1 EZRA CLEVELAND - BOISE ST. -   Like I stated above he looks like a solid OT. Yes he didn't play against the

    best competition but against Washington he was impressive. He looks sturdy in pass protection and has quick foot work. And

    you see his strength when he gets a bull rush. They just stop immediately after contacting him. His excellent size 

    is perfect for an L OT being near 6:6 and 310 lbs.



    +2. TREY ADAMS - WASHINGTON -  I looked at a lot of games Washington was in. Another team that now had one of 

    my favorite head coaches. Sorry to see Chris Peterson leave the game but he was one of the best. And his players was
    always well tuned for the next step the NFL. If it wasn't Adams history of injuries he would of been a first round NFL
    player a year ago. He has so much length at 6:8 and 310 lbs. I want to see him put on a few pounds of muscle and 

    to get stronger. He has the lateral movement and his Pass blocking is excellent. It is his run blocking I want to 

    see more drive. Another player I will be watching closely at the Combine. 
          I have him also as a MID 2ND ROUND GRADE but i get the feeling he will drop in the third round because of his
    injury history. The combine is very important for him.

      So that is my Magnificent 7 tackles. On to the Punt and Kick Returners Kickers. Threw in an extra returner an kicker. 



          1. JALON RAEGOR - TCU    One of my favorite players in all College Football for two years. He just does
    everything to beat a team.  Not only he is great returner he is a wonderful receiver. He could of been on my top
    receiver list even if he had a down year in receptions. And that was not his fault since TCU had to start a 

    Freshman QB.    Look I don't know what else to say about him but that he is a Play Making Machine. Imagine what he 

    could do with a good offensive team.   Hey Jets draft him.


      2. BRANDON AIYUK - ARIZONA ST - Him and Raegor are the most explosive dual players for the draft. 


      3. JOE REED  - VIRGINIA   Another dangerous returner who also could do so much to beat you. Watched him all
    year make plays for Virginia and he was one of the reasons they got to the Orange Bowl


     4. K.J. HAMLER - PENN ST  -  We already spoke about how dynamic a slot receiver he is but he is also a dual threat.


     5. JAVON LEAKE - MARYLAND -  A Dynamic running back and a flash as a returner. He runs a 4.40 forty.


    +1  AARON FULLER - WASHINGTON -  Not only is he a dynamic return man but like Raegor and Aiyuk could do it all
     with his receiving skills and his running ability.


    +2. C.J. SANDERS - CENTRAL FLORIDA - Former Notre Dame returner continue his great play with new team. He returned

             two for TDS this year. I always like him as a returner. 



        A good football team really needs to get a real good kicker to make them a great team. We have seen

    how important they are in regular season games, playoff games and the ultimate the Super Bowl


          1. DOMINIK EBERLE - UTAH ST -   Nations best kicker.  Perfect extra points and perfect from 39 and in.


          2. SAM SLOMAN  -   MIAMI, OHIO -  Love this guy. Only 5:8 but he is 205 lbs with a power foot. He was 36 of 40

    in field goals. 3 from 50 and over.  He is a pressure kicker. Seen him win games and always down the middle.


          3. TYLER BASS  - GEORGIA SOUTHERN  - After watching him in the Senior Bowl practices he out kicked the
    most famous kicker this year, Blankenship of Georgia, and it wasn't even close. His field goals could of went over 60 and his

    Kickoffs was well into the end zone.  He had to open many eyes. I know he opened mine wide!! 


       4. RODRIGO BLANKENSHIP - GEORGIA -  The biggest body kicker. He is 6:1 195 lbs. He had a chance to really
     go high in the NFL Draft until he had a few hiccups this year. The biggest problem was he failed in big games.
    This guy is basically a rock star in Georgia. Now the reason I have him as number 4 is his performance in the 

    Senior Bowl practices and game. He should of shined but he didn't.  It is funny that Bass and him was invited to the Combine.


      5. BAILEY HALE  -  LOUISIANA TECH -  A real big foot he has and his accuracy really improved. Perfect 50 for 50

    in extra points and perfect 10 for 10 from 40 and under. He was 5 for 8 from 50 below and above 50 he was 1 for 1.

       +1    COOPER ROOTHE -  WYOMING - Another nice size kicker who performed at the East West Shrine Game. Like 

    Bailey above he is 5:11 185 pounds and looked impressive. Plus I watched him in his bowl game and he kicked a 

    53 yard field goal with ease. Now his year wasn't impressive as last year is why I have him here.


    +2  JONATHAN SONG  -  TCU   This guy is just about perfect. He deserves to be put here. Why is he not above. It is
    because of distance. He was 39 for 39 in extra points and 23 of 24 in field goals. But not 1 above 40. But in his 

    junior year he connected on a 46 yard field goal. When watching him I do see a fifty yard in him.  


       Thanks again 








































    Nice list.  I agree with ranking Lamb ahead of Jeudy.  I also consider Wills an inside lineman even though some consider him for the RT spot.  I dont agree with Burrow over Herbert.  I think Herbert is going to wind up being one of the best QB's selected in the past ten years, or ten years to come.  

  3. DW is saying what we have all been.  The o-line is a crisis.  All other priorities rescinded until the o-line gets fixed.  They need 5 players.  That means that JD cant get it done with FA alone or the draft alone.  He has to hit a home run for the o-line in FA AND the Draft or get used to the idea of having another season like 2019.  Perhaps even worse.  A dead QB to go along with a losing season,

  4. 38 minutes ago, Apache 51 said:

    Do you think he is as good as Manning or Elway coming out?

    No. And I don't think he is going to be as good as Justin Herbert, either.  Any team that takes Burrow or Tua over Herbert is going to wind up kicking themselves in the arse... 

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  5. 15 minutes ago, GREENBEAN said:

    Good points. I love Wirfs too.
    The thing I have with him is the RT piece. We are looking for the premier LT and everyone thinks he will have an easy transition to the left side. I don’t like to assume that.
    Believe me I was about to take Wirfs as more of a sh*te thing for at least RT but Becton is a true LT and an absolute beast.

    What I’m really hoping is that Thomas slides down. That’s the slam dunk imo.

    Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app

    I'm with you 100 %.  Thomas would be the safe play.  Wirfs may or may not work out on the left side and Becton may pick things up quickly, but when you need five offensive you need to be sure about what you are doing.  The Jets can not afford to take project players for the line.  I am HOPING they get some sure talent for the line in FA.  Lets see what JD can do... 

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  6. 11 hours ago, JetNation said:

    Greenbeans NY Jets Mock Draft

    On the Road with Greenbean is back but this time he isn’t on the road. Home headquarters is where he is broadcasting from as he brings you his Mock Draft.

    If the plan goes the way Greenbeans predicts you will see the Jets completely revamp the offensive line and wide receiver position. He used a mock draft simulator to help determine who would be available in each round. Spoiler alert, watch until the end because the Jets take a kicker in the 6th round. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

    The post Greenbeans NY Jets Mock Draft appeared first on JetNation.com (NY Jets Blog & Forum).

    Jetnationcom?d=yIl2AUoC8zA Jetnationcom?d=qj6IDK7rITs


    Click here to read the full story...

    I dont agree. Mekhi Becton, IMHO would be a mistake. Beware of fast climbers in the draft due to measureables and combine.  I dont like how Becton pretty much blasts, throws and tosses players out of his way. It works against college players, but not in the pros.  NFL edge rushers will be applying techniques against him that he has little practice contending with.  You may end up with a QB on the injury list before this guy learns to play. 

    I like Wirfs at RT and Andrew Thomas at LT

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  7. On 2/15/2020 at 12:00 PM, MaxAF said:

    Agreed. Sam is not Manning. I’m hoping next year Gase mixes things up with his offensive schemes. Sam can throw accurately on the run, can run the ball and is also a good pocket passer when there is one. Manning was more of a straight pocket passer. Offense should be set up for Sam’s strengths.

    Gee... Ya think ???  But will Gase keep looking for the strawberries ???

  8. 16 minutes ago, rangerous said:

    i went to Germane once.  Good beer.  the whole point is give gase some time to get the right players for his system before knocking it down.  you seem to have a clue about what's needed on the oline.  just how many of the guys who started in game 1 of last season are worth keeping around for the next season?  imo they can all be seriously upgraded and until that's done, it doesn't matter what kind of blocking technique they use.

    I'm willing to hold out hope that Gase wakes up and builds an offense that fits Darnold instead of Peyton Manning.  We'll know by halftime 2020 regular season game one.   He has smarts and dedication, but as of yet, we have not seen wisdom. He has to make a destiny for himself apart from clinging to a boiler plate from his glorious past. 

    Like Parcells said.  You never pick up where you left off last year.  You start new.  

    Look how many fans talk about Bill Bellichick's "system".  His coaching style does not change, but what specific system does he use ??? None.  He changes the system according to the roster,  2004/5 Pats offense, vs. 2019.  Different animals. 

  9. 56 minutes ago, SAR I said:


    People say Mark was a flawed quarterback, but the reality is that with the (supposed) dominant D and the (supposed) all-weather ground and pound RB Mark was just perfect.  For the way we were constructed, for the strategy Rex announced to the world, Mark was great.  Led 6 fourth quarter comebacks in 2010, elevated his game in the playoffs, was the best Jet on the field in back to back Championship games.  He had that clutch gene.  He could win the big games.

    SAR I

    Ties in to what I was saying about Sancez having concentration and focus issues.  He did concentrate and focus if the occasion itself was intense.  Either needing a big come back in a short amount of time or the pressure of a playoff game.  Those instances kept him out of complacency.  His head was often not in the game. 

  10. 17 minutes ago, SAR I said:

    Chad had 1 burst (2002) and the lemmings love him forever.

    Mark had 2 bursts (2009, 2010) and the lemmings hate him.

    SAR I

    I liked Sanchez in general, but he was clearly a badly flawed QB.  I think Sanchez had those two bursts because the defense kept them in the running and Rex/Schotty went to great lengths to protect Sanchez from himself.  I still believe all of Sanchez's limitations were mental.  Not that he wasn't smart, but he didn't concentrate/focus all the time.  His head wasn't really into the game.  Nice arm, great feet, likable personality, but he had some sort of attention span or concentration issues.  The butt fumble was one of the more visible results of that and so were all the short outside passes to his left that wound up in his own end-zone for 6 points going the wrong way.  All about awareness and concentration.  We are watching a DB in clear position to jump the rout and Walter Mitty Sanchez is on a beach in CA in white swim trunks hanging with super models.  

  11. 1 hour ago, Lupz27 said:

    2010 was the year, 2009 was a team a year away that overachieved.  But yes as well as Sanchez played in the playoffs that first half not just from him, but the WHOLE team including coaching staff fell asleep at the wheel in the first half of that Steelers game shame.

    The fist half of the Steeler playoff game totally pissed me off.  Defense was missing tackles, playing like scrubs and so on.  Rex should have burned a time out during the middle of the first quarter when the defense was on the field and called the entire group over to the sideline for an intense ass-chewing.  It was really the right time for that sort of intervention.  

  12. 1 hour ago, 20andOut said:

    Wait so you are saying Gase is stubborn and addicted to one system, which you then say he changed as soon as Darnold made some suggestions?????????????????????? 

    And yes the Caine Mutiny is an excellent movie.

    He didn't change his offense completely and permanently, but he did start tossing in things that are not characteristic of the offense he seems to be stuck on.  It was obvious that Darnold was doing better executing plays that are more suited to his skill set. 

    The larger point that I am making with Queeg and the Strawberries as it applies to Gase, is that both Queeg and Gase are holding on to what they succeeded at with in the past even though it no longer applies to their current situation. And, the compelling fact is that neither Queeg or Gase was/is short on ability and smarts.  They both malfunctioned due to the defects of their qualities.  Queeg because he had combat fatigue/PTSD, and Gase because he is probably in over his head and is clinging to a security blanket.  That security blanket being an offensive system/philosophy that he saw success with in the past.  Just like Queeg saw success in the past with his great "chease investigation".  So... In their insecurities,  Queeg starts looking for strawberries and Gase keeps running an offense that is not appropriate for his current roster.  At least,  with Queeg, we can give him a pass cause he's got PTSD.  No excuse for Gase other than being a stubborn child in over his head.

  13. 14 minutes ago, pdxgreen said:

    Was just looking this scene up the other day.  One of the greatest scenes in movie history and totally turns the film on it's head.  Surprised that movie doesn't get brought up more when they mention films about military service.  As much as people like to talk about more modern dramas... this one is just as insightful.

    One of my favorite movies of all time and one of the best acting performances in cinematic history.  

    The first Bogie movie I ever saw was African Queen when I was a kid. That was long before I even know who Bogie was.  Loved that movie. I didn't think that the "Mr. Allnutt" could ever be anyone else other than Mr. Allnutt.  A few years later I saw The Caine Mutiny.  The way Bogie played Queeg was so good, I didn't even realize it was the same guy that played Mr. Allnutt.   If I had seen Caine Mutiny first, I'd be certain that Bogie was Queeg and could only be Queeg and no one else.   He played both roles *that* well.   Truly the Joe Montana/Tom Brady of acting. 

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  14. 15 hours ago, Lupz27 said:

    You sure your not talking about Brian Schottenheimer?

    When Schotty was with the Jets Callahan was running the line for the most part. He used a combo of man and zone. I liked him a lot. What I remember most about the Schotty offense when he was with the Jets was the almost haphazard way the Jets offense went from doing one thing to the other.  For example.  They would be running the ball well from a pro set and then, for no apparent reason, they would start running an unbalanced line.  Then they would go empty backfield, then two tight ends, then spread, then tight set.  It was said that the Jets tendency was that they had no tendency Lie they were just pulling plays out of their ass with no thought to it.  All of this was done to protect Sanchez.  Keep the defense off balance, bewildered and wondering what the hell the Jets were going to do next.  It made no sense unless you consider just how badly Sanchez wanted to throw the ball to the DB jumping the routs.  

    I wish the Jets had a better QB in 2009 and 2010.  True, Sanchez did OK in the playoffs with the Jets, but if they had a more dynamic offense that scored more points, Rex and the Jets might have gotten that ring circa 2009 - 2010.

  15. 27 minutes ago, Long Island Leprechaun said:

    Just woke up. You're right. Forgot about the connection to previous investigation. With that said, the analogy is pretty terrible. Back to bed now...

    Not an analogy.  I was illustrating the parallel between Queeg's reverting to previous behavior and Gase leaning on a scheme that he saw success with in the past.  It was something different for a change.  A novel way to make point. 

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  16. 14 minutes ago, Villain The Foe said:

    Thinking to go Offensive Linemen for the past half-decade plus? 


    Not a joke at all. 

    Pardon... When you replied to that post, it looked like you agreed with having good pass blocking AND choosing QW too.  As if you were in favor of the QW pick.  It appeared contradictory.   



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  17. 2 minutes ago, TeddEY said:

    I don't know anything... So, please, tell me which one the Jets current offensive lineman would have been good at, and why.  Thanks in advance.

    That question is not germane to the compelling issue here.  You can have five poorly performing lineman in a zone scheme with plays drawn up for a static pocket or five poorly performing lineman in an aggressive man scheme executing plays drawn up with a lot of line shifting and motion. 

    Which would be better for Darnold ???

    Which would be better for a QB with a great arm, quick release and lots of lead in his ass ???


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