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  1. 20 hours ago, jgb said:

    So it’s impossible to evaluate anyone. 

    I also make the same point when fans discuss how the Jets and Dan Marino would have done if Marino had been drafted by the Jets and not the Dolphins.  The way I see it, the Jets still would not have won a Super Bowl if they drafted Dan Marino instead of O'Brien.  Marino would still probably have had impressive statistics, but no ring. 

  2. I'm sure this has been kicked around before, but watching some recent Jets games had me thinking again.  When did coaches stop teaching players how to tackle ??? I see a lot of tackles being missed because defenders want to collide with the guy that has the ball rather than properly tackle them.

    Every year, the Jets defensive coordinator needs to play a highlight reel of Kyle Clifton. 



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  3. 12 hours ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

    I ask this due to the Rex Ryan ripping Adam Gase thread.  I haven't even read it but I'm sure there are comments like "Rex is just angling to coach the Jets again" (and it's probably true).  But it got me to thinking if a HC has ever coached a team again after being fired by that team.  The only time I can even remember a HC coaching the same team twice was Joe Gibbs with the Redskins.  But I'm almost positive he stepped away from the NFL (rather than being fired) to go to NASCAR and he was welcomed back years later.  But I can't even think of any other coach that came back.   Sean Payton was suspended for a year but that's not the same thing.  

    I *was* a third generation season ticket holder.  I dropped my season tickets in 2014 when they hired Idzik, signed Michael Vick and set Rex up to fail.  That was the end of the road for me. 

    If the Jets bring back Rex and have him working under a STRONG and QUALIFIED GM, I will buy season tickets again.  Fun ride ! 

  4. Rex is right.  I love Rex and want him back.  Most fun I ever had as a Jets fan was 2009 and 2010.  Even when the talent level fell in the next two years, Rex was Rex and it was  still entertaining.  With one of the worst Jets rosters in memory, they still went 8-8. I don't agree with the posters calling him ugly names.  He is not a bad person. He's just an emotional reactionary.  He's not an airline pilot or vascular surgeon.  You can afford a little color and emotion when you're in show business. 

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  5. 54 minutes ago, JetsLife said:

    “This ship is England” (great line from top 5 film ever Master & Commander, spoken by the captain when England were under threat of Napoleonic invasion and that ship was fighting France 5k miles away)

    This Jets ship is Sunday - this is our Super Bowl. The Jets have a chance to deal a death blow to a team that killed our ‘04 and ‘10 playoffs, the latter preventing us from the super bowl. ‘04 f—king Doug Brien, choke a pautumas.

    No referendums, no past, no present, only deal your enemy a lethal blow to their season.

    ”I’m about to put my spoiler cap on. If I’m going down, I’m taking someone with me.” - Marcus Coleman, 1999  



    Here is an additional  quote from another great sailing adventure.  If we are going to cast metaphorical bonds between the Jets and a sailing vessel, this one is far more fitting... 

    Mr. Fryer: "We should have a frigate, not a chamber pot."



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  6. 10 minutes ago, Dunnie said:

    I'm only two years behind you...

    That is sadi remember really looking forward to and investing emotional energy into every weekend.

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    No problem... Just put on "THE THING" or "ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK" DVD when the Jets are getting waxed :-) 

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  7. Been a fan for 39 long years.  Saw my first game at Shea when I was 14.  I'm 53 now.  

    Here is how I see it.

    When I'm at a game or watching at home, win or lose, I'm not at work.  That is a good thing.  

    Even if the Jet's suck and they don't win, I'm not the one messing up on the field or the sidelines.  I do *my* job well and I'm not going to be "cut" or "traded".  

    When we get a season like 1982, 1986, 1997, 2009 or 2010, it is a bonus. 

  8. 5 hours ago, NYJ1 said:

    Who said stability was the reason Gase is still HC? The reason Gase is HC is because that's the will of the Jets acting owner Chris Johnson. It's what he wants and that's all that matters. Fans can piss and moan all they'd like, the owner makes the decisions. His decision, and I agree with it, is to keep Adam Gase as HC. I want to see what he can do with at least an average roster. The roster right now is so bad no one could win with it.

    Well, then... You better hope that Douglas does better with his drafting for the Jets than he did with the Eagles.  What I can say of Douglas now...  He's going to try to emulate what brought  success to organizations that he observed, while making few of the actual decisions that contributed to that success.

    It goes hand in hand with assistants that worked for Bill Belichick who get HC jobs after leaving New England.  Most of them come with high hopes because they came from New England, but at the end of the day, they were little more than Belichick's laundry boys.  Even Mangini, who's methodical approach to drafting was bearing fruit, was a poor in game coach for the Jets.  He was learning on the job. 

    To sum it up once again.  I won't blame Douglas or Gase for anything.  They are just the symptom.  We all know were the real problem is... 

  9. You forgot to mention the new uniforms.  The Jets went from having one of the sharpest, cleanest legacy uniforms in the league to what looks to my eyes as childlike and lame.  The jet stripe on the shoulder pads is in an awkward place, the helmet logo looks like it was designed by a child and the black uniforms are just horrible.  Now they are painful to watch in more than one way.

    Why the heck did they switch from a beautiful, classic uniform to this pathetic mess ?

  10. 19 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

    There are a few guys with potential.....Cashman, Austin, even Shepherd looks like he could be a rotational guy, etc.  But we're digging deep to find just a few examples of players that might be good enough to stick on an NFL roster.  Austin could be the best of them though.

    yes... Cashman.  I was excited about him, and then, of course, he got injured.  He has a history of it.  I hope he heals fully and comes back ruf and ready

  11. 11 hours ago, nico002 said:

    Standing at midfield asking Lamar Jackson to sign a jersey

    Are you positively sh*tting me?

    Players exchange jerseys at the end of every game.  If you go to the games, stick around for a while after the game is over and watch the field.  Lots of players enjoying and having fun with the guys on the other team.

  12. 6 hours ago, Villain The Foe said:

    And I said that if Mangini was the coach and Rex the DC we probably would have had a SB appearance.

    Mangini as the GM backed up by a lawyer for contract language and Rex as the HC/DC.  Superbowl and a BOATLOAD of fun on the way there... 

  13. 1 hour ago, Jetster said:

    Win or lose the FIRE GASE brigade is out in full force every week. 

    The Ravens offense came out on fire & in the 1st three series went through the Jets defense like a hot knife through butter. The best team in the NFL, playing at home in PRIMETIME. 

    Two weeks ago this same team whooped the Patriots 37-20 with the Patriots getting a late score to make it look way closer than it was. 

    How many points did we leave on the field last night? Ficken (Another 4 points). Robbie Anderson on 4th down has to catch that TD (Plus it should have been 1st & goal on the 1 yard line anyway as he was obviously held), Brady gets that call 100% of the time (7 points), the beautiful throw to Smith on the sideline, pinpoint, exactly where it should have been but young INEXPERIENCED WR hesitated in his route (7 points). The interception throwing to his 4th string TE, (at least 3 points), the incredible horrible non-reversal on the punt hitting the Raven player (is that Gase fault too?), at least 3 points, maybe 7. That's maybe 21-24 points. 

    Not one of those misses was Adam Gates fault. Players need to be held responsible for making plays that are there. Kickers need to make kicks. Gase got a little testy with Sam at the end of the game, good! He let the clock run down earlier too on that 2 point conversion but luckily converted with Robbie (Let's forget about Robbie acting like he caught the winning TD in the Super Bowl in a blowout). 

    How about the beautifully set up screen to Bell that was blocked so poorly that as soon as he caught the ball he had a defender on his back. There was like 40 yards of green grass in front of him. And let us not forget the 50% of plays where Darnold is chased out of the pocket before he even sets his feet. Gase is a coach, not a miracle worker. This team, decimated with injuries playing the best team in the league on a 9 game winning streak in their stadium completely outmanned played hard for 60 minutes. 

    Joe Douglas will put his stamp on this team with his 6 year contract. We have a boatload of backups getting great experience. With the right moves in free agency & the draft we could go from a team with zero depth to the most depth we've ever had. I'm a glass half full guy with Macc out of here, Bowles out of here, and an offensive coach and finally some stability. The last thing I want is to start all over again. Gase needs to be judged fairly under much better circumstance than what he's experiencing this year. Whether you like it or not, he's back next year. JD & Gase will choose the keepers and target their players. They deserve that chance & the haters expectations this year be damned. They are working with someone else's terrible roster. Judge them after they actually get to build the team they envision can compete for a Super Bowl.

    I have been VERY critical of Gase, but last night, the play calling was sound.   I am referring to the 1st and 2nd qtrs until the Ravens started running away with it.   Gase  seems to understand that play calling is about building a drive.  One play follows the next with intelligence. The problem for the Jets offense was not play calling or play design.  It was execution. 

    I still don't like Gase in general, because he is tied to one way of scoring points.  He has *his* offense and I *THINK* he may be the type of coach that does not know how to or is not willing to be flexible to suite the talent of his players.

    At least, last night, he tried to get Bell involved. 


  14. 3 hours ago, kevinc855 said:

    Anyone who follows this forum knows I been making this point for weeks now it’s seems to be getting more traction in the media and on here as Sam continues to make amazing throws followed by head scratching ints. That said Brett Favre went to the pro bowl 11 times, the playoffs 12 times, threw over 500 tds, won a super bowl and went to the hall of fame. So if you are telling me we drafted the next Brett Favre personally I’m not to upset. Sam is a gunslinger, get used to it. Some ints are Gona happen that make you want to scream. Once you solidify this o line tho the good will far outshine the bad. Lamar jackson is what is hot now. The way he runs and take hits I could see a very Michael Vick ending but we will see. Josh Rosen was a complete bust and mayfield is not living up to expectations. The other 18 qb playing decent right now is Allen but time will tell. Sam is a good qb and a good one for the long run. 


    I also called Sam a poor man's Favre.  I like Sam, but I don't know if he is dynamic in the way Favre was to dig out of the holes that a bad interception can put you in.  Not to worry, though.  I *THINK* as Sam progresses, he will make fewer of those head-scratching interceptions.   All in all, he is a good QB and by all accounts in the media, a good teammate that the other players like.  

  15. 10 hours ago, Viermoo said:

    Lamar Jackson isn’t just good. He’s flat out dominant. Changes the way an opponent  plays defense in every way. All four of the QBs taken before him couldn’t hold his jock. Why was he so lowly rated?

    So was Michael Vick.  So was RG III.   Even Cam Newton, who is a huge, strong dude wore down.  It is exciting to watch a one man offense, but it wont last.  I personally get ticked off when a QB starts tearing it up with his feet.  I want to see those players get hammered.   It is like watching an NFL team with a Lou Holtz option offense.  They would be begging for a stretcher case. The QB is going to run down that channel only so many times before he gets decapitated. 

  16. 7 hours ago, Losmeister said:

    wheres @THE BARON  to say how stopping LJ is easy meat?

    Here is The Baron.  Ready, willing and able to take his lumps ! 

    After the Jets won a couple of games, I wanted to make the season interesting.  I had the rather foolish idea that they would beat Cincy and Miami, thus setting up a somewhat meaningful game against the Ravens.  Such a game could be hyped and discussed, at least until the Jets get smoked,,,

    Just a demented and beaten down Jets fan trying to drum up some much needed excitement...

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