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  1. You have brought up a nuanced interesting topic that requires thought- this was the wrong place to do that. Here people want to fire Gase after a loss- not exactly intelligent people who understand roster construction.
  2. This article was so stupid I am surprised it was not embraced by members of this board. Members of this board are all about the Jets signing the overrated in Clowney and a bunch of guys in their 30s who should retire. Why stop at this list- why not call Michael Irvin and Jerry Rice- based on this aging past their prime receivers are a priority. This article is so bad I would expect it to be written by a frequent commentator on this board. The type of guy who spends all their time here "policing" the New York Jets message board. If you are policing the Jets message board you are liter
  3. This is an interesting read but most readers here are not smart enough to understand it. Nuances in the game and conducting a roster are lost on people not smart enough to tie their shoes. 25% of this board is intelligent and will be able to read this article. The other rabble lives in a progressive dream world or barely literate enough to get through the article.
  4. If you actually read a newspaper and stepped out of the world away from this board for 2 minutes you would know he hurt it in the Jags game and has a recovery time of 9 days. I would like to know the collective welfare benefits received by people on this board.
  5. Name them- Belichick won 6 and has another ring or 2 as a coordinator. What other Belichick disciple won a Super Bowl? Do you mean the Giants won 4 Super Bowls? Yes they did but the Jets will get #2 before the Giants get #5.
  6. He was the water boy- that is how he got his start. Mangini began as a "defensive assistant" which is the water boy. I am not insulting anyone who works hard and climbs the ladder in a business. I am saying the Belichick coaching tree is not impressive.
  7. Just so wrong with Gase? The ignorance level on this board is outstanding. I know- this board is populated by a bunch of "neighborhood" guys. The type that don't really go a mile beyond their houses and live in their own worlds of corner stores, smokes, sitting on the stoop and talking about high school. Gase went 7-9. The Jets did not post a winning record because the front office was in shambles and took the philosophy they would rely on washed up offensive linemen. Think about it- again I know people on this board are adverse to thinking. "Trader Mike"- even though he never made
  8. When one looks at the state of the New York Giants it is as if they are being run by people with an intelligence level consistency with most on this board. That is to say it is as if they are being run by incredibly stupid people. Am I the only one who sees the similarity between Joe Judge and Eric Mangini? It seems all the "best" qualities of Judge are the same that made Mangini a top coaching prospect. Again- this board so most people here don't have the capacity to remember things beyond last week. For the limited few- remember how "can't miss" Mangini was? Mangini was essentially
  9. Rob123

    OL Draft

    Most people on this board do not have a high school education, let alone graduate college. Most people here look at people on the show Jersey Shore as role models. Those who did go to school, are the "progressive" type and simply not very bright. There are a few who know what they are talking about, I would say about 25%. Remember one very important thing, unless you are a former Jet, 25000 post about the Jets on a message board makes you a loser with no life. Go on a date. This post is meant for the intelligent members of this community. The draft is coming up and again the idea
  10. Enough. I just assumed 62 was your birth year.
  11. No but if the Jets get a first rounder as Miami did they will be a better team with whoever they take with the pick than they are with Williams.
  12. I agree with you but remember- there were some questions on Mahomes. I remember that draft with all the experts saying "project" as it related to Mahomes. If any football exec tells me they want to pass on a guy because he is a project to develop I will accept that.
  13. Yeah ok- I am sure self satisfaction is something your very familiar with after all the practice.
  14. Number 9 was traded by Miami this past off season. Brett Favre as well.
  15. What is the deal with past tense- I think Maye will be productive for awhile.
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