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  1. Yo Lonze, help a brother out, dont' want to lose my boy, he makes the best wings ever. Get me the indisputable evidence so I can show him our line is actually the goods. I googled it but coudn't find it.
  2. I guess you missed the part where he declared it was indisputable? For real, there are a bunch of clowns who know nothing, but think they are smarter than everyone else, and are making this board rough to read.
  3. Yo, I think you are really onto something. I was watching the game with my boy, and he kept saying how bad our Oline is. And I was saying no, the line is actually fantastic, one of the best, and its Sam Darnold that makes them look bad. He has WR open like mad, and instead of throwing it to them, he just holds it and sits around forever until the other team sacks him. I think you are right, the Oline is actually fantastic. Can you send me some of the easy to comprehend, indisputable evidence so I can prove this to my dumb friend who thinks its the line?
  4. Ive been at that conclusion for quite a while, those wins masked our deficiencies, but they were there on full display yesterday
  5. This is not news, everyone knows this, but it was so painfully obvious yesterday against the lowly Bengals. We have quite a bit worse offensive roster than the Bengals do. The Bengals have some WR's who can play, they have some D-Lineman who can get after the QB (at least against our crap line), Mixon is a good back. The Bengals roster is not good, but its better than ours is. Our Oline is woeful, absolutely woeful, and our WR's are atrocious as well. You see the Bengals WR's reach out and grab the ball with strong hands in tight windows on contested plays. You see many WR's doing this all over the league. Our WR's never, ever make a big time catch, hell, they are lucky to make the routine ones and even drop those too. Our WR's get very little to no separation, they are just terrible. Quincy was a big loss, and can not be counted on moving forward. Robby is fine as a stretch the D type guy, but absolutely nothing more than that. This off-season we need to focus on OL and WR big time. Id like to see the majority of the draft resources go to these two positions, and also the FA money. You can win in this league with a mediocre defense, which is what we have. You cannot win in this league with a terrible line and terrible WR's. We don't need an OBJ or Megatron WR, but we need guys who can get open and catch the damn ball. We don't have that.
  6. My approach is, recognize that the Jets are purely entertainment, and have no bearing on my actual life, at all. If they win the SB for the next 10 years straight, I don't make any more money, I don't have any more sex, I don't have to work less, my life will be exactly the same. If they win, I enjoy it, I like to follow them, and be able to talk to my family and friends who are Jets fans. I like to post on message boards about the Jets and converse with other fans. I used to let the Jets impact my moods, my weeks, no more. Those days are long gone. If someone asks me what my team is, I gladly tell them the Jets, and if they chuckle, or try to make me feel bad, I actually think to myself, what kind of loser derives self worth from their sports teams, as if they have something to do with success or failure of a sports team, or did something grand to acquire their fandom. Like Yankees fans who act like they climbed Mt. Everest and were bestowed Yankee fandom as a reward.....
  7. Thanks for bringing up the Wilson. Wilson is truly a top 5 QB in the league, and should hopefully end all the really annoying SJW nonsense going on in the thread.
  8. I thought I signed up for a Jets message board, not an SJW board. Did I make a mistake?
  9. Yeah, its not. Its me following the site rules. If you want to get the owner to chime in, and tell us its ok to have this discussion, I am all for it. Until then, I will continue to follow the rules, and you will continue to be a very hostile person. Good day.
  10. No doubt, there are not a lot of people with Jacksons combo of traits. The other thing that will help is if a player like Jackson has sustained success in the NFL and doesn't get hurt with his style of play. A huge part of his effectiveness right now is his running threat, if he is not as much of a threat to run the ball, his game changes quite a bit. If he can have a long term career and keep doing what he is doing, he can change the QB position for the better for future players.
  11. who said I felt attacked by it? I am always happy to engage in intelligent discussion and learn from other peoples perspectives. I am simply trying to follow the site rules, and I am quite sure that the owner of the site would not want back and forth on race issues or perspectives on race. If the owner wants to give the go ahead, I am happy to have some intelligent convo.
  12. I feel bad for you, it must suck to go through life so angry at everyone and everything all the time. I hope you at least had a good thanksgiving and some good food with friends and family.
  13. any conversation revolving around race is deemed to be political on this site, and is to be avoided. If I am wrong on that, someone feel free to correct me.
  14. This seems like its political, and Im trying to be a good poster and not engage in political discussion on the forums.....
  15. The Bengals are the best 0-11 team in the history of the NFL
  16. Toms post is another reason not to overemphasize any specific metrics. Metrics can always be cherry picked to suit a stance. Besides, the Jets by almost everyone's account here, have a bottom 3 roster in the NFL. Hell, there were parties in the streets when Macc was rightfully handed his walking papers for this reason.
  17. I can only hope that Darnold is good enough to justify that.
  18. I think the first few paragraphs are totally fair. I think any realistic Jets fan has to understand the difference between potential, projecting, and being there now. I do believe that if you give him a decent line, not even great but decent, get him a few more weapons, you can win with Darnold. I'll hold off on the special category for when I see it. NFL QB is one of the hardest jobs on the planet, there are 5 on the planet that are maybe elite at any one point in time, 15 or so that are really good at any one point in time, and 60 or so who can even do it at any one point in time. Based on the number of people on the planet, that is pretty telling. As for your last paragraph, there are at least a handful of "Jets fans" who are clearly rooting against him. The reason is likely because they have gotten so far out on the he sucks, or never will be good bandwaggon, that they don't want the egg on their face for being wrong. I think most people who put the Jets above their personal feelings and interwebz street cred, are rooting for Sam to be that guy, but there are also some quite vocal posters who are clearly rooting against Sam.
  19. I don't think I posted any photo in this post did I? I definitely didn't intend to.
  20. Yeah, Im not saying Dak is bad, at all. I think hes a decent QB. But its ludicrous to say how bad Darnold is, while touting Dak as some great QB. Look at Dak last year before they got Cooper, he was mediocre at best. The bigger point is, the players surrounding a QB have a big say on their success. Dak has a stacked offense, far, far greater than anything Darnold is working with. If Darnold put up that performance last night against the Bills, with that line, that RB and those WR's, Dak would be in Sanchez territory for most Jets fans, and Im not even saying wrongfully so. It really just goes to show you the few posters who for some odd reason are rooting for Darnold to fail have some weird agenda. If youre a Jets fan, its far and away the best scenario for Sam to be legit. Not saying he is, but its what any Jets fan should be hoping for.
  21. You have taken your hatred of Darnold to a level where if the Jets somehow get it together and put a decent team around Darnold, and the Jets succeed, you will be rooting against them. Strange stance to take if you actually are a Jets fan......
  22. Lets not forget an incredibly weak division and schedule. #advancedMetricsRule
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