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  1. Did he step away from coaching? Wonder if he had an illness he decided to not disclose
  2. Because for all his faults from a football perspective, he's not a whiny prima donna off the field, he's a respectful person. Parents seem to be the same way. Something about apples and trees. I'd be shocked if he even had a "camp" of people like that around him. Doesn't seem to be his deal. One of the few things in his draft profile that actually turned out to be true. He also isn't helping himself, seeing as how he's been terrible, so bitching about other things outside of what he can control - while valid - would seem awfully shortsighted and petty
  3. Man this guy really does suck. And I don't mean Sam Darnold
  4. Reminds me of a slightly bigger Chad Johnson
  5. I didn't read the entire thing, so if he said he can be "fixed" he's probably wrong, yes. "Moving on" however, whether it's the Jets from Darnold or vice versa, is the correct take imo.
  6. But but but 5 sacks!!! Can't pick and choose when you want statistics to be relevant to your argument. Cherry picking at its finest
  7. Damn lots of saltiness in this thread. Sanchez was by no means a good (or even average) qb here, but it doesn't make his comments incorrect
  8. I thought this was going to be about dicks
  9. Lol - and people think I'm dumb for claiming a certain qb is overrated. Some of the opinions/claims in here are horrendous and reek of pseudo-science
  10. The jets shouldn't wear anything but the kelly green uniforms they once wore. That plus the simple "jet streak" helmet
  11. Your daughter probably knows a lot of pedantic football statistics with you as her father, so I'll take that as a compliment
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