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  1. Really am not a banned poster. Run an IP thing on me if you'd like. I've just lurked - for quite a while - on here and more so JI in the past.
  2. I've never posted here before, so go right ahead. I've lurked for a while so I have a general idea of most of the prominent posters
  3. Does your pedantic, pretentious posting style ever get tiring? I imagine it does.
  4. Never said they played well, but christ you'd swear they lost by 50 the way this board is reacting
  5. That is all. Scanning the board, I'm not sure you'd be able to tell.
  6. I like Sam but it's a stretch to say he played good today. He definitely left a lot of plays out there today.
  7. Darnold has a bad game but manages to get the win, on top of having a solid day statistically and people here complain, but Josh Allen does the same thing and he's the next coming of Big Ben. Lol
  8. Benigno is a loser and a clown. This schtick is all he has left to maintain his waning relevance. Doesn't mean he's wrong though.
  9. Darnold has shown he has the ability to become a very good qb in the NFL, while also showing he could be a bust. Not sure why anything else needs to be said. Pushing the narrative either way right now is being disingenuous
  10. Josh Allen is definitely better than I ever anticipated him being, no doubt. And he's definitely not just along for the ride, (e.g. Sanchez in 09 and 10). That being said he doesn't need to carry the team week in and week out, but that's what happens when you have a competent coaching staff around you along with good drafting. He's been a game manager and playing well within the confines of the offense, but I still don't see him putting the team on his back when their defense inevitably struggles at some point. Just to further my point, he's never thrown for 300 yards and has averaged only 215 pass yards per game this year. He's the poster boy for people thinking team success = qb success. Edit: forgot the topic. Yes, so far McDermott seems to be a very good coach and should get some consideration for coach of the year if they finish out the season strong.
  11. Is this the Darnold-blaming circle jerk thread, or has it been moved to a separate thread already?
  12. I'll bite and take this at face value. What could he have legitimately done today that would've changed the outcome, or at the very least made the offense put up a more respectable showing? For what it's worth - I did not think he played well today, so I'm not here defending him as if he was all world.

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