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  1. In before duh lock! Isn't part of this to educate people on the plight and injustices black people face compared to others? To villainize a guy who sees things differently, seems to defeat the entire purpose of "educating" those who don't understand. It's self-defeating.
  2. I voted over for everyone cause I'm high af and I'm feeling generous
  3. I'd say doing something like that would make him extremely qualified for the Jets gm position, tbh.
  4. Technically yes he did, but that was the hand he was dealt with unfortunately. Can't look at it in a vacuum imo
  5. Wtf? This isn't about our Sam linebacker? I'm disappointed
  6. If the Jets were a general manager they'd be Mike Maccagnan
  7. Figured I'd combine 95% of the current topics into a slightly different, but sure to be equally divisive thread. Discuss... or lock.

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