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  1. I mean he didn't lie, just didn't tell the truth either. Somewhere a politician smiles
  2. I think it's funny. Not particularly a knee-slapper, but at least chuckle-worthy. If I said RIP and condolences, the outcome isn't going to change, so why can't I make a joke about it? I'm not the one who killed someone through their idiocy, so you should really direct your ire towards that person.
  3. Please update thread title to "Henry Ruggs kills person"
  4. Oof - apparently rumors going around Ruggs got a DUI and is charged with killing someone
  5. Shamelessly hoping Marlon Mack gets traded to help my fantasy team
  6. You must be tons of fun at parties
  7. How anyone can listen to Francesca at all - or ever did for that matter - boggles my mind
  8. I think it helped that he could look at himself hard in the booth in relative privacy vs being unable to do so on the sideline. Makes a world of difference
  9. Is legit as ****. Discuss
  10. Not even on the Zach sucks bandwagon, but the fact the offense looks competent with White at the helm is not a good sign for Zach
  11. Only the jets could quadruple the other teams yardage and be tied. Just bizarre
  12. Great news. I'm starting the Bengals defense this week in fantasy
  13. What about scientology? Is that off limits? Maybe Tom Cruise is onto something, idk
  14. Please. Embrace the suck like the rest of us you jamook
  15. He really does seem to be a shell of the guy who was hired. Already gone is the exuberance and fire displayed on the sideline from his days with the 49ers, replaced with a deadpan, what-have-I-gotten-myself-into look
  16. Cimini is a stone's throw away from Manish in the credibility department so I'll take this with a grain of salt
  17. Just you wait. Our OC was looking at himself hard. No stopping us once the money shot happens
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