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  1. Spencer Rattler is an enormous douchebag so I'm glad this kid took his spot. Couldn't have happened to a better guy
  2. You make this thread only after 1 good game but ignore the other 20 game sample size where he's ghost?
  3. The most Jets thing ever would be to have a talented, promising young qb who never reached his potential because his coach died in a bicycling accident. Larry David couldn't even make that sh*t up
  4. Don't get me wrong, the guy is a great guitarist, but I hardly think he should be setting the standard when it comes to qb evaluation
  5. I was simply just referring what Gruden was calling him - I just happen to also agree with him about Goodell
  6. This isn't surprising, or at least shouldn't be. Feel like a lot of rookie qbs struggle with turning their back to the defense
  7. Yeah they knew exactly what they were doing. Goodell doesn't care about him saying racist, homophobic stuff. He cares he called him a f*ggot pussy - which he is though. They were going to keep releasing stuff until Gruden had no chance to coach anymore
  8. This will be locked, but it was over for him the second he called the commissioner - correctly so - a pussy. The NFL was going to keep releasing things until it was untenable for him. No shot supreme chancellor... er uhh Commissioner Goodell was letting that slide
  9. Hey nothing to see here, just two qbs who just threw for over 400 we could've had.
  10. Should just lock this now. Can't disagree with what he said about Goodell or Biden though
  11. Hitting holes can be difficult. Not that I'm speaking from experience of course
  12. Cc: freezing cold takes on Twitter
  13. Zach was the main culprit today, but God damn if it's not one thing it's another with this team
  14. "Fool's gold" and "counterfeit" are generalizations you dumb f*ck
  15. 5 games in and you're gonna make sweeping generalizations of the guy?
  16. I don't get it on multiple levels. I've seen that play blown dead numerous times but nope not this time. Of course because it goes against the jets
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