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  1. This was made prior to the failed comback attempt. And since when did "almost" coming back matter?
  2. Yes, he objectively sucks. I'm taken by another man though, so I have to turn down your offer
  3. Yeah he's not as good as Watson. Not close.
  4. Who said he sucks? He's overrated. He was just paid $40 million/year and his team is winless. He needs to shoulder most of the blame, cause he has to elevate his team - regardless of how bad the coach or the team around him is. Right?
  5. I lied, but it was only for the excuse of getting a beer. I swear
  6. You are arguing that Baker is better than Darnold. I was not. I never said Darnold was better than Baker
  7. I'll save you the time. I won't respond or care enough to read let alone respond
  8. What a pitch to Odell. Only first overall picks can do that stuff. Update: almost 300 yards rushing
  9. You said Darnold would be bad but ever so slightly better on the Browns and Mayfield would be better here cause he's better than Darnold. How the f*ck else would this be definitively proven outside of the scenario I said?
  10. If Mayfield comes here and Darnold goes to the Browns, I suppose you will have your chance
  11. Lol the 200 yards running might help. Just a thought
  12. Is the most overrated player in the league by a wide margin. Change my mind.
  13. Wait what? It's not even close. Darnold by far is a better player and that's saying something because he's been mediocre at best so far in his career. Sanchez had a top 5 team around him and still had a 12:20 td/int ratio. Good God people have lost their minds around here. Recency bias out the ass.
  14. Ya know, I used to think there was no such thing as a bad 69, then came McDermott
  15. If you think Jackson would be nearly as good here you're kidding yourself. Better than Sam, sure.
  16. The last two drives will do absolutely nothing to change anyone's opinion of Darnold. It's quite literally a microcosm of his career so far.
  17. Started the Colts D in my fantasy league!! Let's go! Or not ☹☹
  18. Even with a good amount of evidence pointing to Darnold not being the guy, Gase has twice as much out there to definitively say he's not the one. Darnold probably isn't the guy, but Gase is certainly not helping whatsoever. Both can be true, just a matter of which you determine to be the bigger factor. Chicken or the egg thing tbh
  19. I thought your takes couldn't get any worse and yet you've still managed to out do yourself here
  20. Lol bunch of chicken littles in here make Darnold the scapegoat
  21. What? According to this board he should overcome a terrible line, coach, skill players, and play calling all by himself.
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