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  1. I had a good play in tecmo bowl a few years ago with the jets
  2. The narrative that Darnold is mentally weak is laughable and has no merit. If anything he's just not good enough. Not being good enough =/= mentally weak
  3. The beer I bought was pretty good. It's a nice day out. I don't have herpes (that I know of)
  4. I literally said he's probably not the answer. Just saying he was far from the biggest problem today
  5. Lol playing the dolphins and Jets. Better than I ever thought he'd be, but pump the breaks broski
  6. It's very obvious you've already made up your mind on Darnold and that you will criticize him regardless of what transpires on the field.
  7. Clown take. He's the only one who even showed up today. Admittedly a very low bar to hurdle
  8. No Darnold probably isn't the answer, but he is not the biggest issue with this team. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves
  9. Draft a 6'7" 370 lb mauler of a left tackle, so what does Gase do? Design runs for the right side. Innovator!
  10. Gregg Williams has a resume he can point to that contains continued success in the NFL. Gase has the exact opposite. Williams deserves the benefit of the doubt, Gase does not.
  11. He'll be much better with another team when they trade/release him
  12. You be proud of that stat line all you want. Watching him tells an entirely different story
  13. Definitely has not played well. And agreed. Try something different other than that bullsh*t we saw in the first half
  14. Darnold looks so much better on the move in a hurry up, so what does Gase do? Keep him static in the pocket
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