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  1. Darnold looks like he couldn't care less right now. Has had some receivers open
  2. I see why Allen and Darnold are good friends. They both can't throw the ball
  3. Think those are boiled peanuts? And I don't think there's much to them, but I'm sure some would beg to differ
  4. I honestly wish he was starting cause he is absolutely terrible. Did manage to cash in on one elite year and his mouth so good for him though
  5. Kupp just signed a 3 year $48 million extension. Would you feel comfortable giving these figures or something comparable to JuJu? Why/why not?
  6. I just turn the power up to full on my bidet and receive the same results. Pass
  7. Lots of factors, but people generally don't like politics and virtue signaling shoved down their throats - even if some of it is necessary/justified.
  8. Why does it have to be 20 passing only? We all count Jackson's, Watson's, and Allen's rushing tds. Why not Darnold's?
  9. Didn't expect him to contribute much this year anyway tbh
  10. Re-reading the original post, I probably should've made it more clear that it wasn't to annoint Mahomes (who has already had that done long time ago), but more to state the rest of the challengers don't measure up.
  11. That after last night's game, Mahomes is the only QB in the AFC you'd pick to start a team over Darnold. Watson? Has shown the incredible ability to pad stats at the end of games and convince people he's a game changer. He's not Lamar Jackson? 0-2 in the playoffs. Not to be taken seriously Bills RB Josh Allen? Lol, please. This year, Darnold will surpass all of the players listed above and claim his spot as a top 5 QB in the NFL. It's a great time to be a Jets fan.
  12. FP is full practice. Crowder and Perriman are fine
  13. How you been @Trolly McTrollface? Not loving the new username
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