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  1. From full participant to limited. Hopefully it's just a blip on the radar but not ideal to say the least.
  2. I do believe he is inspired to show people he can still make a difference (even if he's lost a step), but I cannot in good faith say he will be used appropriately by our coaching staff.
  3. Pick 6 of Buffalo RB Josh Allen on the first drive of the game
  4. I took you as more of a Dirty Sanchez guy, but the bowtie is good too
  5. Ahhh the Cleveland Steamer. A tried and true classic. Allegedly
  6. They have a word for ladies like this. Whores. The word is whores
  7. Speaking of jizz rags, Rosenthal definitely has a few of them lying around
  8. What happened with Zuniga? Was he even able to get one practice in this camp?
  9. Enjoying refreshing citrus beverages are nothing to be ashamed about. Or so I've been told
  10. Beers drank: 6 Regrets later in the day: tons
  11. Who cares? Most people have Darnold ranked around there anyway. It's up to him to prove them wrong
  12. Trubisky is terrible. He's everything you don't want in a QB.
  13. Overrated. Not nearly as good as he's made out to be
  14. Definitely got shafted by the Kalil trade. Line played better once he went in. Wish him the best. Seems like a good dude
  15. Anything less than a season which sees the Jets at least in the hunt until the end (8-9 wins in poll) should result in Gase getting the axe.
  16. Matt Gay was just released by the (definitely not gonna crash and burn dream team) Buccaneers. Do the Jets pursue? Ficken doesn't inspire exactly inspire confidence
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