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  1. Don't sign anyone... complain. Sign someone... complain. Let's all have a midol and a snickers and call it day, shall we?
  2. LOL not even a full day into free agency and we're determining the winners/losers? Joke of a thread
  3. Sleepy Joe (Douglas)? Jk... things always get blown out of proportion the first day of free agency when teams don't make moves.
  4. All will be well when we sign Glasgow, cooper, and later Thomas in the draft
  5. He was absolute garbage the last few years especially last season. Why would you want him?
  6. Diggs is a good but not great player who gets hurt a lot. I know this season is all about helping Sam but you can't help at all on the trainer's table. Not sure how I'd feel about acquiring him for Maye
  7. Yes - seasons over. Why even play the games? ****in nut up and make the most out of a bad situation. No one ever said JD was going to have it easy
  8. Make it happen Tanny! 3rd rounder and Aaron Donal.. er, Quinnen Williams!
  9. Changing the playoff format is dumb as ****. The format was perfect. I understand the sentiment here may be that is helps the jets, but a watered down version of the playoffs? Blech
  10. Feel like there would be video out on it already. Don't believe it Edit:nailed it
  11. Darnold is so good it's scary he's just scratching the surface
  12. If you thought the posts were serious, I'm not sure what to tell ya
  13. How does this make any sense for the panthers? There must be some additional compensation not yet known
  14. LT: Any LG: One Center: But LG: Brian RG: Winters
  15. All I'm saying is Darnold has 0 playoff losses and 0 playoff interceptions. These are #facts
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