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  1. This is all great and what not, but when is Joe Douglas going to speak up and let us know his exact process and plan leading up to the draft? He needs to stop getting a pass and start making some changes to the analytics department and be more transparent. He's already on the hot seat
  2. People here would rather resign robby at 12 mil than Adams at 15. What a joke. Idiots
  3. Oh by all means if someone is willing to pay you that much, go ahead and take it. I won't blame a player for taking what amount is being offered
  4. Upper echelon #2? Are you ******* high? Absolutely no one thinks he's anywhere close to a borderline #1 receiver, and if they do they should be institutionalized. He runs more than a go route, obviously, but just because he runs other routes doesn't mean they are done well. Surely you have to understand this, right?
  5. I've been all for resigning robby, but for $15 mil? Hell no.
  6. Have you been watching the wrong guy? Robby has shown he can consistently do one thing well, and that's the go. His routes are lazy and lack crispness. There are numerous examples from last year alone where the ball was thrown to an area where if Robby could execute his route better he'd be in a position to make a play on the ball, but instead the ball helplessly fell to the ground
  7. Robby is a terrible route runner and does one thing that's elite and that's the go route. If smith can take the top off a defense, yes he can replace robby
  8. Love me some nice ripe strawberries. And the jets line would be great at flag football. Can't block so it would be business as usual
  9. 1. Poole 2. Robby 3. Beachum Was close to selecting Lewis as the 3rd spot but the line was demonstrably worse without Beachum and he plays a premium position. Really looked at some of the LBs too, as they all played fairly well when asked to step up, but we have clearly seen how deep the position is on this team so no need to prioritize them
  10. I totally get the concern and it's a legitimate discussion to be had, but really what's the downside? A mill or two more for someone who could be a substantial upgrade at a position of need. Even if he sucks how much worse can the line be?
  11. I'm not sure if this was a veiled shot at me, but I'll respond as if it wasn't totally tongue in cheek. An extraordinary offer to me would be two 1's. I'd take that and run
  12. I'm definitely aware of Gio. The goal he had the other day during their domestic cup was pure filth. Dortmund could definitely be in the running; great atmosphere and stadium to go along with some dynamic young players (sancho, haaland, and the aforementioned reyna). I would probably choose an EPL team as it's easily the most accessible without having to get another bullsh*t subscription service. And agreed on the German league being the most welcoming for Americans abroad. Obviously Pulisic was nurtured there, but even going back to the early 00's, people like Steve Cherundolo were given
  13. I've always had trouble picking an allegiance to a team. Something about just picking a good team and then (hopefully) reaping the benefits of their success felt so phony to me. On the other hand, I couldn't imagine supporting a team like Fulham - I watched them closely for 5+ seasons as they seemed to be one of the first teams to embrace American internationals - and constantly see them fluctuate from league to league and never winning anything of merit
  14. I don't expect this to get a good response on a football board, but soccer is great - especially if you're just looking for something as an excuse to drink. Most likely answer though? Complain it's the offseason
  15. Most people would agree he's a great player (minus jets fans of course), and the idea that the Jets MUST trade him in order to rebuild was always stupid. That being said if a team were to offer something extraordinary, you'd have to take it, cause as much as Jamal likes to think so, Brady or Donald he is not.
  16. Williams is soft af. Shame we picked him over the real Josh Allen
  17. This Bills' season was a mirage. They didn't beat anyone good. Obviously you can only play who's on the schedule, so kudos to them for not pulling a Jets and losing to the dolphins and bengals, but I imagine their schedule next year will be more difficult and they'll regress
  18. 11th overall for a 30+ year old with a significant history injury? I'm stoned as **** and still nowhere near as high as this schmuck author
  19. A lot of people have already chimed in with pretty much my exact thoughts, but because I'm a horrible narcissist I'll still state my opinion. Idzik was bad, but Mac was downright ******* terrible. Even if some of his picks pan out (e.g. Darnold), the dude was absolutely ******* clueless and had no process for going about drafting players. You can obviously still draft good players out of sheer luck, but I'll take a sound process that was unable to be carried out, rather than stumbling ass backwards into some decent/good picks. You can live with poor results as long as the way you went abo
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