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  1. I don't get it on multiple levels. I've seen that play blown dead numerous times but nope not this time. Of course because it goes against the jets
  2. Should've started playing man and get in their ******* grill before they got comfortable
  3. Here's the backbreaking drive down the field for a field goal followed by a forced throw that turns into an INT. You all know it's coming
  4. Wonder if AJ Brown is regretting betting those game day checks on Moore being ROY
  5. I too make enormous character-defining judgments from 5 games of football
  6. It's actually a bit funny when you take a step back. I'm not even made at that shank, I larfed
  7. This is on the coaching staff - team is totally and woefully unprepared to start games every week, this one especially. Most importantly though, I woke up to watch this. I could've stayed in bed with sugar plums dancing in my head
  8. I mean, I don't think the defense has been playing great but the Falcons have been helped out by the refs on both drives
  9. Straight up get the f*ck outta here with these flags. What is this ******* horsesh*t
  10. Not really - Instagram is popular for a reason
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