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  1. Michael Mayer would look great as a Jet (just not in the new uniforms)
  2. Hahah, when the announcers say you're no match for Tyler ******* Higbee it's a good time to just call it a day
  3. I think I'd marry Saleh and f*ck Zach, so the only options left is to kill maye. Did I understand the assignment?
  4. This must be a coded message. No other explanation for it
  5. I recall Cashman playing quite well when he was on the field. This seems like ages ago though
  6. I don't think the line has gotten better simply by virtue of Becton being out. These guys weren't together at all before the first game of the season, so it does make sense (in theory, reality is always different) that they would progress and gel once they played together for a while
  7. I know some people did, but I was never on that bandwagon, especially considering how much cap space the Jets had/have
  8. Depends. You and I have both posted in here, so
  9. He seemed to be getting open in Denver, just that the oline and Zach were awful that day. I'm actually not worried about Moore at all
  10. Mods please rename this to guys with small c*cks*
  11. Mac Jones has a noodle arm. Guy is afraid to throw down the field/can't because his arm sucks
  12. Still good and a very important part of this team
  13. Not particularly, and that's not a knock on his play, but that bloated ******* contract. And absolutely positively no way "thanks Mac." **** that guy
  14. Won't say that yet, but keeping your qb upright always helps
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