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  1. How did this thread manage to become about Darnold vs Mahomes
  2. I'm indifferent towards Mahomes, but I'm ******* elated that genetic generic lottery winning bitch Garoppolo didn't win and ending up choking. **** that guy and his perfect smile having pussy ass
  3. Lol - I don't like Shanahan's face so I'm all for this result
  4. If the 49ers end up losing Shanahan has no one to blame but himself for refusing to the run the ball - the damn identity that got them here
  5. I won't make bold proclamations on Darnold or anything, but so far this game is a picture perfect example of why you can't neglect the offensive line. Cocksucker Maccagnan
  6. KC are in a tough spot here (obviously). They've lived and died throwing the ball all year, but can't continue to let mahomes drop back as their oline is getting beat like a drum
  7. I got what I came for. Jlo and shakira gyrating on my television
  8. Would really love for shakira and jlo to just scissor for the entire halftime show. Would be a record breaker
  9. Definitely plays this up as part of his shtick. Worked out well for him
  10. I've no clue what the Jets will ultimately do in regards to extending Jamal, but I'm sure whatever they decide will end up being the wrong choice
  11. Won't be upset if they do extend him. Won't be upset if they don't and trade him (the obvious caveat being appropriate compensation).
  12. I would trade Jamal Adams for a bag of footballs! As long as Quenton Nelson came with said bag.
  13. I think the game will come down to KC and if they are able to stop the 49ers rushing attack. They've been better at stopping the run as they've gotten healthier, but I still feel they are susceptible to a strong ground game. Not sure who to pick in this game honestly. I don't think it will be a blowout either way.
  14. Pair him with Jack Conklin and the o-line will be all set!
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