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  1. Has quickly vaulted to the top of the list of people I want to see get knocked tf out
  2. I'm mostly indifferent towards them, but can understand why you'd dislike them
  3. Can't quite put my finger on why I hate the seahawks, but I really hate the seahawks
  4. Yeesh. Bill o brien collapse vs andy reid choke job. Which will win out?
  5. Obviously there is no one definitive answer to this, as it certainly lies somewhere in the middle. That being said, his recent success is much more due to being the beneficiary of a great run game going through a historic stretch.
  6. Excuse me? Does this stat line not ring a bell? 5 catches, 89 yards, and 2 tds. I will not stand for this Stephen Hill slander any longer.
  7. Welp, I got both games wrong yesterday so I might as well go with the opposite of what I think will happen today. Texans over Chiefs. Seahawks over Packers.
  8. Great qbs are turnover prone and struggle to read defenses? Since when? That's just an asinine take on your part. The Winston comparison is still an apt one whether you acknowledge it or not. Want me to compare him to Josh Allen instead? Fine. Jackson is similar to that big goofy white qb in Buffalo. Happy? And you're right. I wouldn't say it in person as I don't associate with idiots so you'd never be in my company fortunately. The P in your name must stand for pussy with how much you're menstruating about someone having a different opinion of a player than you.
  9. I don't know what you mean by trying to be slick. The Winston comparison was simply a person who struggles to read defenses and is turnover prone - both of which apply to Jackson as a pocket passer. 5k passer with 30 ints. In short, eat a dick you race baiting bitch
  10. Yes he is. He is extremely poor when he can't make off schedule plays or run the ball. Make him a pocket passer and he's jameis Winston
  11. So glad Lamar got exposed. Great athlete, poor passer. His window is already closing
  12. Cousins hasn't played great, but there is absolutely no running game and wide receivers aren't getting separation. Can't win the game by yourself
  13. Vikings, Ravens, Chiefs, Packers. I hope the Titans can pull off the upset - they will have to play a damn near perfect game though. Also do not want to see Pete Carroll and his annoying face move on
  14. Nepotism is the reason so many people get jobs? Who would've thought Edit: forced diversity is a sham. I get that the rule is well-intended, but if I were a minority and was interviewing for HC positions, I would hate going in knowing that I'm simply a pawn being used to appease the rule and not a legitimate candidate for the job. I imagine that would be even more infuriating than simply not getting a job, or being passed up due to my race. At the very least, it's patronizing as ****. Tl;dr - pick the guy who is best qualified for the job.
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