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  1. Vikings, Ravens, Chiefs, Packers. I hope the Titans can pull off the upset - they will have to play a damn near perfect game though. Also do not want to see Pete Carroll and his annoying face move on
  2. Nepotism is the reason so many people get jobs? Who would've thought Edit: forced diversity is a sham. I get that the rule is well-intended, but if I were a minority and was interviewing for HC positions, I would hate going in knowing that I'm simply a pawn being used to appease the rule and not a legitimate candidate for the job. I imagine that would be even more infuriating than simply not getting a job, or being passed up due to my race. At the very least, it's patronizing as ****. Tl;dr - pick the guy who is best qualified for the job.
  3. I won't say the Vikings would be where they are right now if Darnold was their qb, but I can say with almost 100% certainty the Jets would be in the same spot if Cousins was theirs.
  4. No doubt. He'll be a wanted commodity after what he's done with the 49ers D. Head coaching gigs can be tough to pass up though - regardless of who they're with. I tend to agree about staying away however
  5. This guy. Whoops, I meant this guy. Get them confused sometimes.
  6. You can't do anything about head injuries. If this was 20 years ago I'm sure he'd be out there
  7. I'm only concerned about her mouth doing one thing, and it ain't singing. Anywho - great play by the Saints. Game is gonna come down to Kirk making the big play.
  8. Any chance Shakira and J-lo will pull a Janet Jackson and or Madonna & Britney Spears at the halftime show this year? A man can dream
  9. The only Josh Allen I acknowledge is the one on the Jaguars
  10. Excuse you - the loss was not on Allen. He's a scrappy gamer who makes the big plays in crunch time. It was obviously the refs, and the rest of the Bills team that was holding him back. By the way, did you know Allen has an absolute CANNON
  11. You are such a ******* chode. You might as well be a fan of another team at this point. No sh*t we are gonna rip on an AFC East rival QB
  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Suck a **** Allen. Him and the fraudulent Bills can **** off right back to buffalo.
  13. Frank Gore has no business touching the ball anymore. Why are coaches so ******* stubborn?
  14. Bills have been frauds all year - only beat up on the bad teams they played - so this isn't surprising. What will be surprising is if Allen leads them back for the win.
  15. Wait. So you mean Darnold doesn't suck? My world has been turned upside down. Back to 2019 I go
  16. I think the biggest reason people feel that Darnold regressed or at least flatlined (and I think it's mostly justified) is that there were some games and throws where he just looked completely uninspiring. From making a boneheaded Jameis Winston-like INT to his seemingly utter refusal to take some easy first downs via running, some of the games he played were painful to watch, not because they were atrocious (besides the Pats game obviously), but more so because the simple throws/reads/decisions for whatever reason just eluded him at times. Traits that you simply cannot have if you are conside
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