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  1. Do you not remember just how bad Eli looked for the first 4 years of his career?
  2. Not the best of throws obviously, but you have to catch that ball you eye-nutting wife-****er!!!
  3. Gase must close his eyes and randomly pick a play. There is no coherence or semblance of sense to what they do most drives.
  4. Most people will see it this way, yes. Not the Misanthropic Sam Darnold Sadist Club though
  5. This response is nothing but a red herring and deflection. I have said before Darnold has a lot to work on. The previous throw to Smith was garbage. But me saying that doesn't help your argument does it?
  6. He threw back shoulder as the safety could've lit crowder up or intercepted it if he threw it in front of him. But you're the objective one, right?
  7. There are a lot of questions to be asked about this team, but I think the most important question is what the hell am I doing even watching this game?
  8. I like Sam overall still but he's clearly having a bad game and still has a lot of things to work on. Unfortunately I don't think Gase is the one to get the best out of him either.
  9. Starting to think 44 got ejected so he didn't have to continue playing in this ass whooping
  10. Fair enough. If Sam missed that throw (and he's missed on some throws this year that are basically the equivalent in difficulty) he should be criticized.
  11. And the throw to Knox is why Allen will never be a top-tier qb in the NFL. He'll be a social media darling for some of the stuff he does, but when push comes to shove, he can't make the throws a NFL qb is expected to make consistently enough
  12. Well, according to @joewilly12 there's no possible way Tampa moves on from him, so they'll just have to deal with the bad that comes with the good.
  13. You think Winston is the answer there? You know what he is by now and that's a qb that will win you some games and also lose you a ton. If they were to sign him to a long term extension they would be stuck in mediocrity for however long the contract is.
  14. Wonder if Mike Evan's could be had? With the way Godwin has played and them probably moving on from Winston, I could see them offering him to the highest bidder to recoup some draft picks. Issa no on Green though.
  15. Not sure which is worse, the fact that the colts are down 27 and still running the ball, or that Booger is justifying them still doing so. Between the announcers and the stupid ref analysts who justify every sh!t call, the NFL must think its audience is as dumb as the players themselves.
  16. If you're implying that I am also Nico, I hate to break it to you, but I'm not. To... who? Darnold presumably? Darnold is better than Allen point blank. There are a lot of QBs that people on this forum think Darnold is better than, would do better if teams were changed, etc., and you won't see me defending the more outlandish ones, but I will certainly defend the stance that Darnold > Allen. But since I clearly don't think Allen is any good, I'm not exactly anointing Darnold the next coming of Brett Favre by claiming he is (and will be) the better QB.
  17. And potential is all you will ever get with him. He is woefully inaccurate and can't make progressions to save his life. Scary thing about him - if you're a Bills fan - is that he's actually gotten better this year and is still horrendous. The 2010 version of Mark Sanchez is a perfect comparison for him. Watching the Bills play it is obvious he is the weak link.
  18. I can't imagine anyone stating that Allen is good isn't full on trolling or delusional
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