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  1. Wait.. this... THIS is the "yelling?" Much ado about nothing. Good lord. Social media and the need to react to everything instantaneously is a virus
  2. Honestly a bit confused by your response. I feel like you're just saying things that are closely related to what I said but not exactly refuting or agreeing with it.
  3. Who cares? Teammates and coaches yell at each other all the time
  4. Better than I ever thought he'd be, but like a lot have touched upon, his playing style isn't known for it's longevity. As a somewhat side note, they have been hyper-efficient on offense this year to the point where it would be nearly impossible to duplicate next year. Like Peyton, Brady, and and the most recent example Mahomes, things eventually regress to the mean and that's when the great ones truly separate themselves from the pack. Not saying that Jackson won't be great, but at the same time I would a larger sample size of games where everything doesn't go in their favor. Obvio
  5. There's 0 reason Gase should be back, so of course the Jets are going to do exactly that. Guy can't make an adjustment to save his life.
  6. Lol Darnold is under duress all game and gets nothing but criticism, meanwhile Jackson has to shuffle his ******* feet once and Aikman is deepthroating him
  7. Looked like a miscommunication. Sam has thrown some bad INT's but it's at least to a guy. That one, not so much.
  8. All things considered - even though there are no moral victories - this could've been worse. Team is at least showing fight. Clearly they are a step (probably more than a step) down in talent level compared to the Ravens
  9. If the Ravens are going to move the ball this easily, you might as well take some shots on Lamar. At least those 15 yards won't be added to the stats at the end of the game
  10. Can we get a real ******* team around Darnold? Kid has unlimited potential
  11. Really am not a banned poster. Run an IP thing on me if you'd like. I've just lurked - for quite a while - on here and more so JI in the past.
  12. I've never posted here before, so go right ahead. I've lurked for a while so I have a general idea of most of the prominent posters
  13. Does your pedantic, pretentious posting style ever get tiring? I imagine it does.
  14. Never said they played well, but christ you'd swear they lost by 50 the way this board is reacting
  15. That is all. Scanning the board, I'm not sure you'd be able to tell.
  16. I like Sam but it's a stretch to say he played good today. He definitely left a lot of plays out there today.
  17. Darnold has a bad game but manages to get the win, on top of having a solid day statistically and people here complain, but Josh Allen does the same thing and he's the next coming of Big Ben. Lol
  18. Benigno is a loser and a clown. This schtick is all he has left to maintain his waning relevance. Doesn't mean he's wrong though.
  19. Darnold has shown he has the ability to become a very good qb in the NFL, while also showing he could be a bust. Not sure why anything else needs to be said. Pushing the narrative either way right now is being disingenuous
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