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  1. Knew Mac Jones would suck the second he had to drive the ball down the field. Kid is captain check down
  2. Durrrr MaHoMeS wItH a No LoOk pAsS. Let's show it 5 ******* times
  3. Lol the cbs have been arguably the best position group on the team so far. Sit down mo
  4. Gotta say, Mac Jones plays like a ******* pussy. No shot they will win with that dude when they actually need to push the ball down the field
  5. Welp, there's no "silver lining" in that one. That was an absolute disgusting throw
  6. The crying in here is unbelievable. It's a one score game but you'd think everyone has to sacrifice their first born after some of the reactions
  7. Short yardage offense overall throughout these two games so far has been unimaginative
  8. Everytime I go on messageboards during the season I'm reminded why I stopped doing so
  9. At least be good at talking sh*t if you're going to do it, you chowder-eating cum stain
  10. Mac Jones' arm is weak as ****. Not concerned by him at all. Or Tua (obviously) while we're at it
  11. Should reevaluate your stance. This just makes you seem like a terrible person
  12. And? People are happy he got hurt, I don't give a **** if he was a billionaire, you don't root for people getting hurt
  13. What? **** Sam. What a loser mentality. He's a good dude, but he doesn't play for us so **** him
  14. Some of the responses in this thread are beyond sad. He's still a ******* kid who might've gotten a season-ending injury. Good lord
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