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  1. Lots of sloppy football all around the nfl so far. Not to make excuses, but it's almost like guys need to play in order to get ready for the season
  2. At this point I feel like Amazon is going to own my first child when the time comes
  3. Brady must be taking hgh. I refuse to believe you can be this old and not have some kind of fall off. I suppose it does help when you basically don't get hit anymore
  4. Got him on the fantasy squad. You already know Not starting him tho
  5. I think all of the "pop-culture-mixed-with-football-shows" suck, but I would pay a lot of money to have Kay Adams and Lauren Shehadi from the MLB morning show scissor around my head
  6. Games like this Bama one remind me why I just can't get into college football. There are maybe 2/3 teams a year that can actually win the damn thing. If the 1st ranked team in the country has a mile wide gap between them and the 15th ranked team, how am I supposed to get excited for big games?
  7. Why do you guys continue to entertain the shtick? I just don't get how people continue to fall for it
  8. Sir, this is the internet. Please do not bring reasonable level-headed discussion into this
  9. If Zach Wilson has the goods I couldn't give a **** less whether Douglas has or hasn't had a good first couple years
  10. We got a 4th round pick for a player we thought might just be cut outright, so why is this ninny complaining? Oh that's right, it's the internet, someone must always be wrong
  11. I'd throw a 6th/7th for him, no more. They must obviously be asking for higher than that of course, as multiple people here have already pointed out that he would be a Viking if they had reasonable demands
  12. Dude is an absolute lunatic. For his sake he should hope something is genuinely wrong with him, only so he has the slightest chance of getting it fixed
  13. None of these players are on the team anymore
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