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  1. I'd throw a 6th/7th for him, no more. They must obviously be asking for higher than that of course, as multiple people here have already pointed out that he would be a Viking if they had reasonable demands
  2. Dude is an absolute lunatic. For his sake he should hope something is genuinely wrong with him, only so he has the slightest chance of getting it fixed
  3. None of these players are on the team anymore
  4. Thread title is misleading. Please change to "People who love to hear themselves talk"
  5. Wanted to see more of perine with the first team
  6. He's clearly dealing with something? Why even speculate it might be drugs, or women, when you damn well know you haven't a clue what it's about.
  7. He was playing for the jets, so can't say I blame him
  8. In conclusion... there is no conclusion Wilson is obviously so much better than everyone else
  9. I can safely say I hate every single person involved in that
  10. All these practices threads do is remind me what utter garbage twitter is. sh*t sucks
  11. Can we start banning people from posting Darnold threads? This is getting ridiculous
  12. Wish they would've let him take a shot or two down the field. Pretty boring debut tbqh. Standard preseason game 1 stuff I suppose
  13. False. Facebook lies all the time. Actively silencing people they don't agree with
  14. Sh*t I mean the guy did part the red sea. Imagine how well he can split a defense! Blank check
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