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  1. He was never going to sustain the level of holding he had during the last 2 years at his age. Plenty of players have 1 great season followed by a regression to the mean
  2. Yikes. Tough to watch indeed. I've seen some breakdown by Sabo regarding Darnold before and they were never this bad. That being said I don't think Darnold is quite as bad as these show. He is clearly not the answer though, and it's time to move on. He needs a complete reset and a year on the bench elsewhere if he hopes to salvage his career. He's totally shell-shocked and just guessing out there
  3. Denial is the first step. Congratulations, you are on the road to recovery
  4. The sun revolves around the earth. Boom - you're wrong again
  5. Dude - YOU initially bumped a dead thread for the sole purpose of trying to prove me wrong. Admittedly, I am doing the same thing. You just don't feel it's justified when it's not you doing it
  6. I never said Watson wasn't a capable qb, just incredibly overrated Oh, so don't move on after you bump the thread, but move on when I do it? Got it
  7. @JiF @Jet Nut 229 yds and 1 td prior to a garbage time stat-inflating drive. Texans offense was utterly non-competitive today Just bumping since you guys had to bump his first good game this year
  8. So many wins he's got too. Glad this is settled
  9. I never said he only had 1 good game. And if this is absurd, why do you persist? Clearly I'm not changing my mind. And you'll only be stooping to my level if you continue
  10. I suppose we'll see. 1 good game this year doesn't make him a top qb
  11. That win they got from that game will really jump start their season. Remember to bump this at the end of the year when I'm proven right
  12. I stand by what I said. Dude is overrated. And at $40 million/year he's not worth it. Not even close
  13. It was a joke but people take this forum thing seriously
  14. Simple dislocation. Non weight bearing. Gonna be fine in 3 weeks
  15. According to some morons here Flacco looked good soo
  16. I know people like to push the narrative we let him walk, but didn't the jets extend an offer to him and he just chose to go to play for his old college coach?
  17. Logged in today as I knew I'd see a thread like this. JN does not disappoint
  18. I wasn't the one who initially compared the two. The insecurity of others immediately hijacked this thread into a Watson vs. Darnold debate
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