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  1. Gase couldn’t take a High school team to the State finals let alone win it.. he’s absolutely pathetic. 3rd and 9 and we draw up a 2 yard quick out? Are you kidding me!? He’s completely inept. They’re so unprepared each week it’s pathetic and agonizing to watch. And for Greg Williams being some type of Defensive guru? Forget the 3rd and 31.. we cannot get off the field if our life depended on it on 3rd down. It’s absolutely pathetic. I knew they’d convert some how some way on that 3rd and 31. idk why I continue to watch this horrible excuse for an NFL team
  2. “No Mono Darno” “SoCal Sammy”
  3. I like the move, veteran presence in the QB room is a must. We can’t have a repeat of last year at back up. Darnold can learn a lot from him, and yes would much rather have Dalton on the Jets than go to the Pats... Dalton always chops up the Jets.. At a reasonable price, I’m buying!
  4. Very well said! As we all know “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and our Championship run will not be built in one draft. I concur, JD is the guy at the helm creating his vision. Am I afraid the Johnson brothers may hinder that vision? Yes.. who isn’t? But all in all I trust that JD is the right man for the job, and will continue to put this Franchise in the right positions to be successful. We can sit and argue about what we should’ve could’ve would’ve done during the draft but what’s done is done, we have who we have and I am always a firm believer of the “Jimmy’s and Joes” over the “X’s
  5. For sure! Was Born in ‘92 so been a fan for about 28 years!! Originally from Jersey, had season tickets from 96 to 04 when my family moved to FL.
  6. He was definitely a hard working kid, did have that “Can’t tell me nothing” attitude but when it came to workouts and practice he seemed to always bust his tail and compete with his teammates. But hopefully he’s grown up a bit and really hones in on learning and doing what he can to take care of his body to give him longevity in the NFL.
  7. Was an Intern Strength Coach down at “The U” a few summers ago while Cager was there. He was a freak athlete in the weight room! Dude would stack multiple box jumps and just float up there. It was incredible, I’m only 5’9 and he jumped on a box that was easily eye level. Off vert! I’m glad we took a shot on him. He’s an animal when healthy. Wish we could’ve landed Deejay Dallas he was also a warrior in the weight room and has great leadership. But I’m cool with Perine back there will Bell.
  8. Absolutely. This just proves this mans incompetence! What a horrible teammate. Forget his illiterate twitter posts, this is inexcusable. You don’t go on National TV and act like a little Fan Boy claiming how it’d be a “Dream come true” to play with the man who’s beat us for the last 20 years! Unbelievable. Regardless of his “Dreams” you don’t say that. You back up your QB. He could’ve easily said, “Yeah that would be cool, but Sams my QB!” If I’m JD my minds made up. I don’t want a guy like that on our team especially with the “culture change” going on. Thanks for playin’ Robby! S
  9. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  10. Gase has zero business being a head coach in the NFL. As if we couldn’t be embarrassed enough this year, the Jets go out and put that sh*t show on and offer yet another winless team their first victory of the season. The penalties are atrocious, absolutely terrible effort, Gase can’t handle a 3 game win streak and chokes against an 0-11 team?! Says all week how Bengals have a strong interior defense, so it makes total sense we run up the middle and completely throw out the plays that have been working for us that last 3 games? The OLine is God awful, what a horrible performance. Complete
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