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  1. i think that they have more to lose if wilson dosent work out
  2. its going to be a larnin yeaer for the Rokie zach wilson
  3. zach wilson isint ready yet give em next yeaer so he has 1 yeaer to learnin yeaer dont start em im excited for 221 i have a fealling that dougles wont throw em .ike what they did with mark sanzez
  4. adam gase had nonething in MAI NYJ at least sala has somethin
  5. more is going to some with the jets after they figer out to do with zach wilson next yeaer
  6. GM joe dougles and head coach robert sala hast to be on point and work
  7. 5050 i think with starting em right off the shout is a bad move for use
  8. i think that jets QTA is rushing him in to the line just like they did with Mark sanchez in 07 08
  9. i dont know about that i think his not ready right off the shout all the best to the OTA tryin to figger out
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