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  1. were playing like we want that 1 or 2 pick next yeaer draft thats why were playing like crap
  2. who do you think that we should draft next yeaer qb rg wr rb t t cb
  3. we shoulduv gotten josh Aline at QB rather then this zach wilson thats alright cause i mad a beat with my self next yeaer
  4. now we could not have to play calvin ridley so tight
  5. how would you draft there style of play callin for there week 3 win
  6. lol the jets should just suck cause next yeaer draft they should just play like the way that they are now and just hop for the best next yeaer
  7. frist thing that adam gase sucked as a coach and 2nd gase just thew in the rokie QB with no teacher
  8. we should win we have to play D aganst bridgewater
  9. i think thats a fare qustine but i like to Zach wilson and tuker and see whats the play book of sala
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