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  1. we wish that Mawi would come back i rember watchinn em play back in the eraly 200s mid 90s
  2. Deffensie they have to go after first then go after the best QB or T LB G
  3. i know its still erly but its not erly to began the hot stove
  4. agane we gotta rebuld once again its joke a qb that has a little bit of exprince
  5. no i think he should with mike white then start freash next yeaer with QB T RB MLB
  6. zach Wilson isnt that good he needs to be on another and start mike white next yeaer
  7. i 6think that they should start mike white over zac
  8. zach wilson needs to a seat and watch for a year or two
  9. after yeasterday game i think Mike white deserves to be the one zach wilson is done .i think that sala has some work to do
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