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  1. ill say this one more time Adam gase sucks as head coach idk why would the jets GM woody johnson thinking of giving Adam gase all that money in 2020
  2. hes a Lil bitch he wants to get paid when no one has the money. go play some where else where the money who has it .
  3. your a Brady dick rider why casue once again brady and russin are together again down in buccaneers
  4. i give em a c thers still alot of peaces missing
  5. i think they should he helped 50 persent of there problem that was wrong with the Jets .
  6. what is the New York Jets in 2020 Draft grads 1 a 100 2 b 80 3 c 50
  7. i think that the bills will be the team to beat in the AFC the bills are going to probably win there Division with the jets in the wild card.
  8. Brady can turn around that bad bucs to with mike evens and Chris Godwin and his buddie Grok

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