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  1. it all depends where there head in the draft be smart T RG LB RB TE WR T
  2. i think they should go after what they needed for a whyl a line for zach wilson
  3. michel cater is good powerful but its whats behind em can thwy draft good back up
  4. robert sala and joe dougles and there Deffensieve has to be on the same page
  5. we need a cuple draft pick OL G QB RB T LG WR
  6. i think that josh mccdondles shoulduv; been in mnew york jets next yeaer
  7. i think we need to draft a line a T LG or a RG G
  8. ab your kidding hes a big discretion to a team
  9. who should we pick in 222 draft?
  10. the whole draft matters but the 1st 2nd pick in the frist round then they play it or just do what did to chad pennington
  11. i think we need another QB we wast our zach wilson once again
  12. you know what the jets should do next yeaer or the offseaon?

  13. do we need offensie QB LG RG or deffensie T CB S LB MLB
  14. zach wilson was a majoer bust cause they just thew em out there just like what they did with mark sanchez in 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
  15. i think its the Deffensie T S CB MLB RB and offensie QB LG TE RB WR
  16. you Actuly think that we could win this game where we are at right now next yeaer should be better then 2020
  17. he needs a back up T S CB RB WR TE OL
  18. we gotta be smart on what we need in 222 not picks that we dont need qb lt rg rb wr t t lb
  19. zach wilson had no time to watch how to throw they didnt help zach wilson they just therw em in there with no line
  20. i think that dolphines are easy but if sala puts in zach wilson in ill be right
  21. we need something QB RB RG LG T LB CB
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