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  1. The less posted about Darnold, the better, its the last thread i plan to read on him. He is just another guy , playing for a different team, i truly , could not care less about him.
  2. I agree , i don’t think we will have an 80-85 catch wr this yr, but several will have 50 plus..
  3. Mike tomlin d coach, Ben R
  4. Seattle is not going to win less than 9-10 games with Russell Wilson. Pick will likely be 15-20 range, ours likely top 10.
  5. Yes, cut both smiths, or put on practice squad
  6. And another 80 mill in cap space next yr
  7. Really?.. maybe they should just stop the draft after 3 rds... . Because no picks after the 3rd rd ever make an impact... i dont think he makes all 6 , probably uses to move up a few spots..
  8. Relax, i am ok if we keep him, just not sure JD is gonna spend 10 mill on 4th receiver....
  9. Absolutely not, for rest of night, sign sherman, and see what you can get for Crowder, if nothing, cut him and use 10 mill on another fa cb, etc
  10. Agree, and i think he will drive a much stronger trade, than most on this board are proposing..i am confident of that..
  11. Absolutely. 3 1s and 2 2s, in a reported stronger draft.. one caveat, i would not make the trade with a team like kc or tampa, since pick will likely be around 30, not great value considering its next yrs pick..
  12. They definitely use the charts as a baseline, but there are many exceptions, its pure supply and demand, and i disagree about this pick, there are 3 or 4 guys that were predicted to go in the 1st, and are in high demand. Even rappaport reported that Joe may be able to trade it for a 1st next yr
  13. No, even if we drop 5-6 spots, a third is minimum...and better be a high one...
  14. Per the pts system, the pick is worth 560 pts, that would be something like chicagos 52 and 83, to me, not nearly enough to move down...i would take 52, and a two next yr.. for example..
  15. Exactly, as i said earlier today, this is not a time to trade for chart value, this is a very valuable pick, and i want to significantly exceed the point system number
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