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  1. Fair, however comes down to how they value Tua( who i don’t think much of). The number 2 pick gives them choice of Wilson or Fields. If they value either higher than Tua, jets have more to give, especially if they put Williams in package.
  2. If the Jets keep Darnold( less than 50% chance), there is absolutely zero chance they will make a pick at number 2, they will be trading the pick for add’l assets, and someone else will take Wilson or Fields at 2.
  3. Sewell is not going number 2 period, whether the jets make the pick or not
  4. His biggest claim to fame to be remembered for will be part of Desean Watson trade( the picks we got for him)!,
  5. Those incentives are easy, only way they are not met, is if he gets hurt... i would trade Sam tomorrow, for a 2021 3rd and a 1st in 2022
  6. 19th, you would basically own the 1st rd with 3 picks, could move up or down , etc...worst case, you can add 3 starters, if JD does his job right..
  7. No news here, doing exactly what i expected, due diligence , decision on sam by new yr, mid- march.
  8. Frankly with a “ real” qb, he catches 80-85 balls...
  9. He is not going anywhere, if anything, he gets extension, this team only has 4-5 good players, he is one of them
  10. I would think JD would want to see and speak with these guys, before pulling the trigger on Sam trade?
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