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  1. Easily the worst sports site available. Bunch of 22 year old clueless Jets fan boys!,,, Zero clue on the 60 yr history of the team. Due some fing reseach please. Please ban me from the stupidity of this crap.




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  2. 1 hour ago, Jet Nut said:

    Don Shula, D coach, Marino

    Jim Mora, D coach, P Manning

    Belichick, D coach, Brady

    I gave up.  You get the point, HCs hardly work with QBs to the degree that theyre sitting with the every day developing their QBs

    Mike tomlin d coach, Ben R

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  3. 16 minutes ago, fltflo said:

    Just keeping in mind that this is stage one of two, 2 ones 2-2’s and 3 3’3s next year. We are going to really stack this team with talent after next years draft.
    We might end up with one of the youngest and most talented rosters in
    the NFL in the 22 season

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    And another 80 mill in cap space next yr

  4. 9 hours ago, Morrissey said:

    6 picks tomorrow.. lol

    There aren't 6 players worth picking left to take.

    Really?.. maybe they should just stop the draft after 3 rds... . Because no picks after the 3rd rd ever make an impact... i dont think he makes all 6 , probably uses to move up a few spots.. 

  5. 27 minutes ago, Defense Wins Championships said:

    No way do you cut Jamison Crowder!

    He's an awesome receiver who has ability to get open for a young Zach Wilson. 

    He's also the perfect veteran WR leader for young hopefuls in Mims/Davis/Elijah. 

    Injuries happen too. 

    When healthy omg. Davis/Mims/Elijah/Crowder is potentially A+ for Zach. 

    Behind an up and coming talented O-Line? Where our WRs could have time to burn secondaries?

    Crazy to CUT Jamison Crowder or even trade him right now...

    Relax, i am ok if we keep him, just not sure JD is gonna spend 10 mill on 4th receiver.... 

  6. 45 minutes ago, 7561526667 said:

    I have another take on trading down (or at least I think I do). Where the Jets are sitting with the 2nd pick in round 2, JD might be able to get a first rounder in next year's draft, especially if he's will to move back into the middle of the 2nd round. We have seen this type of trade in the past, but the Jets have never had a GM who could pull off such a slick move. Maybe JD is just that guy.

    If Douglas wants to get back in the 3rd, he could always package a 4 & 5 to do so. This would leave the Jets w/3 1's next year, and still be able to get back into the 3rd round.

    Absolutely. 3 1s and 2 2s, in a reported stronger draft.. one caveat, i would not make the trade with a team like kc or tampa, since pick will likely be around 30, not great value considering its next yrs pick..

  7. 21 minutes ago, adobolo2 said:

    I know people don't think teams don't use the value chart anymore but I believe they still look at it, if we were to trade back and receive a decent 3rd round pick we will have to go back as far as the 50s.

    The only exception is if a team is desperate for a player and I can't see a player on the board that any team will be that desperate for.

    They definitely use the charts as a baseline, but there are many exceptions, its pure supply and demand, and i disagree about this pick, there are 3 or 4 guys that were predicted to go in the 1st, and are in high demand. Even rappaport reported that Joe may be able to trade it for a 1st next yr

  8. 18 minutes ago, adobolo2 said:

    If we are to trade down let it only be a few spots and pick up another 4th round, if there is a  player we like in the 3rd we can use one of our three 4ths and two fifths to trade back up again.

    I think joe will target players tonight rather than just trade back for the sake of extra picks.

    No, even if we drop 5-6 spots, a third is minimum...and better be a high one...

  9. 19 minutes ago, ScarletKnight89 said:

    I know Jets fans probably don't want to hear it, but Christian Barmore is another guy who would be tough to pass up on at pick 34. He's another interior defensive lineman, but he's a monster. He shouldn't still be available. 


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  10. 53 minutes ago, Augustiniak said:

    They are setting themselves up to draft weapons next year.  Gotta love the douglas plan.  Darnold has to realize his jet career could have been different with douglas as his gm from the start, though i think he will be the same erratic qb in Carolina.  

    Yep, i don’t ever see Darnold being a top 20 qb. If jenkins is there, take him, otherwise, take a strong offer to trade down... line will have been remade...

  11. 2 hours ago, bealeb319 said:

    Next year we have two first two second a third and two fourths. May not help us much this year but we aren't going to win the Superbowl this year no matter what we did. Might as well take the best guys you can and finish patching holes next year.

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    Yes, this team is in early stage rebuild. Its a 5 win team at best. Goal is to set up foundation with Ol, establish new qb, and get new offensive and defensive systems in place. Next yrs draft and free agency will be all about adding top play makers..

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