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  1. 4 minutes ago, Scoop24 said:

    Using DJ mock trade for example. How are your draft picks gone you still would have 1st every single year but one? Jets have 2 1st in next 2 drafts that absolutely can get creative with a deal.

    Cap space wouldnt be gone where on verge of having a 100 million with nobody to pay as usual. His 40 million will leave you with more than decent amount cap left . Not to mention the trade would force Houston to pay most if not all his bonus money. 

    The idea that acquiring Watson wouldn't allow you to build a team is ridiculous. 

    100% agree, let’s start with facts in making any arguments, this thread is already filled with a bunch of misinformation. Watson is only a 16 mill cap hit next yr, so the impact on free agency for 2021 is minimal. After that his salary escalates to over 30 million, just like other franchise qbs ...and if you keep Darnold you will be paying him over 20 mill in 2022, which is beyond ridiculous...

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  2. 23 minutes ago, UnknownJetFan said:

    Guess this will warrant another thread later but Saleh will move Jets to a 4-3 so Q should play that 3 technique DT with the larger DT version next to him of Fatukasi with Sheperd backing up at DT  Then Basham at one DE spot and Huff/Zuniga at the other DE spot. At LB hopefully Mosley at MLB and Jenkins at SSLM. Then for that 4-3 D we draft the OLB Edge player we have sought after since Abraham. If that works we should mainly need 1-2 CBs to pair with Poole/Hall and we can have a solid D which as we see in the playoffs is still very valuable. Without that the Bills would not be going to the AFC title game.

    Jenkins will not be back, the front seven will have at least 2 new starters, minimum.

  3. 33 minutes ago, Jethead said:

    Mosley should love this change. Need two new OLBs though.

    He and q will benefit greatly from this change. We sometimes forget how good Mosley is. 4 time pro bowler, under 30 , with very low mileage. We saw what we can do with 1st and only game he played( i was there) , totally dominant until he got hurt and we were shutting out the Bills before he got hurt. I expect him to be pro bowler again at the mike lb this yr.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Untouchable said:


    I think every Jets fan would make this trade. The Texans on the other hand, would laugh their t!ts off at you and immediately hang up the phone.

    In order to obtain Watson, the Jets are most likely going to have to give up every major asset that they’ve acquired over the last year.

    All 4 of those 1st round picks over the next two years will evaporate.

    And then you’re bringing in a QB making almost $40 million a year and sticking him in the same sh*tty situation that he’s presently in with the Texans.

    Neither you nor I know what the deal would be, that said, i would have to see what it looked like. Since we have not had a franchise qb since the 1st few yrs of Namath, i would likely pay the price. 

  5. Regardless of your beliefs on this , its about to get very real. He will not be returning to the Texans. So , it comes down to whether you want to put together a package to get him. I would send the 2 and next yrs 1.. and maybe another 3 this yr... If that gets me a top 10 qb for next 10 yrs, i am in. We would still have plenty of picks, and Fa $$ to build around him...for those who want to stick with Sam, he will Never be anything close to Watson, Never.

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  6. We have all given JD props for being diligent and doing his homework. Assuming thats true, alot more to play out with whether Sam stays, and much of it is about Value. For example, what if a team towards bottom of 1st(steelers, colts) offers you a 1 for Sam?. What if the offers for the number 2 pick, are alot lower than Joe expects? What if the interviews with Wilson blow them away OR the opposite, he bombs... These are just examples of the type of questions that need answers in the coming months, before any decisions are made. Until then, expect Jd and Saleh to say nothing but great things about Sam. 

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  7. 20 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:


    In other words, if Cincy or even Miami want Sewell, trade up and pay up.  If Atlanta wants to be guaranteed the QB of their choice they better move up from #4.

    The Jets are hanging a big FOR SALE: NO DISCOUNTS sign on the #2 pick.  And, I love it.

    Mind you, they could also just stay there and take Wilson, and none of us would be shocked.

    Exactly, at this point in the process, you do two things, pump up Darnolds  value, and the value of the #2  pick. That will begin to determine what your real options are. As far as Wilson and the draft, that will come when Saleh , Jd, and the oc pour through Wilson film in detail, go through combine/ pro days, interview Wilson multiple times etc. 100 percent sure no decisions made there yet. Adam is not going out on much of a limb here, because its at least a 50% chance. 


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  8. I will also add, this is great news for quentin, has chance to develop into double digit sacks dt in Salehs defense. Also good news for the rest of jets young defensive line. Mosley(jets) Also perfect guy to run and call salehs defense. Finally, Saleh knows the value of a pass rush, we Will have one next yr, whether high draft choice or free agency

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  9. Whats interesting is we don’t here anything  about the Jets bringing anyone else in.... seems odd after the back to back smith and saleh visits. My guess is they are currently in negotiations with one or both... If not, by tomorrow am, we should hear of any upcoming visits..

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  10. Just listened to eisen interview again. He said he would start the clock over with wilson drafted at 2, rather than stick with Sam. Great thing about Sports media today, most is available, just Need to listen.

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  11. 15 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

    It was a pretty meh interview (Moose and Maggie), but I got the impression that if Jeremiah was picking for the Jets, he’s keeping Darnold and trading down.

    If you read the thread, you would see your ‘impression’ is wrong....was on eisen and said he would draft wilson and start over

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  12. 3 minutes ago, Greensleeves said:

    I put this in another thread - said he has been around great O-lineman (Joe Thomas and Ogden) and Sewell is NOT a generational talent. Not even his top tackle. He also said Chase was a better prospect than Smith. He feels Wilson goes through his progressions better than Fields and I think Darnold if I remember correctly. 


  13. 4 minutes ago, bla bla bla said:

    - Eagles chose Pederson's assistants last time, that same GM is still there

    - They are in horrible cap situation

    - A QB controversy with a QB on a nearly untradable contract


    I don't think Philly is going to be a threat. I think the Chargers, Lions, and Falcons are bigger threats.

    Totally agree, if he takes Philly job tells me he is dumbass... 

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  14. Pats love Mayo, would be a tough loss for them, too bad! Regarding Saleh’s potential hire, as with most things it can go ether way regarding Darnold. In the Sf game, Sam was his usual unproductive self, even with Sf playing many backups for most of game. He threw a meaningless td with 3 minutes left in game... so yeah, he may be a decent fit for wc offense, but i think wilson would actually run it better...

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