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  1. Soon we will hear, he is spending the night in nj...
  2. Omg, does anybody truly believe part of the interview was deciding if Sam is gonna stay or go.? If you do , you are nuts! I suppose you also think we decided who we are picking at 2 and 23 in these interviews too?! Comical. At best, Joe received Salehs impressions of Darnold... and they will work through the analysis over the coming weeks/months..
  3. Not a threat, no way he goes to that..... show!
  4. And btw, are we now considered ‘insiders’ because we are a fan of a team??! If so, i guess we are all Jets insiders!
  5. Sadly, i would not be surprised if Darnold stays...and hopefully the gm who watched him all season, Practice, games, etc., has more input than a guy coming over from new org, that has seen him once
  6. Good take here, Jd even said bulk of scouting has been done prior to these final 2 games. We all know what the options are, it will start with hiring new coach and determining Darnolds trade value...
  7. Wrong.... This, as Saleh comes in for 2nd interview...
  8. If Sam put up the same numbers as Field did tonight against top competition we would be thrilled!,
  9. I had him at 2 before this game, and i still do...
  10. If they do this, Jd will be following Gase out the door...
  11. Lets face it, he gets an extraordinary amount of love on this site, for having done very little. His 1st draft to date was average at best, and his free agency performance stunk, failed to really improve the offensive line, brought in zero pass rush, and lost our best wr in free agency. He now has 100 mill in cap space, lots of draft capital including 2 number 1’s, and the opportunity to hand pick his own coach. In short, any solid gm, with this amt of opportunity, would be able to dramatically improve this team. He is now on the clock, lets see some real good decisions, and more importantly,
  12. I said this weeks ago, no chance.
  13. Have you ever heard of free agency, with 100 mill in cap space. We will fill most of these holes..prior to the draft..
  14. Even when compared to Jets, Detroit is an awful team/organization.
  15. I would not pick him, but remember in Cincy, he was given zero $$$ to sign free agents etc. i think he can draw good coordinators...
  16. Ok, lets make this real, our #2, Quinnen, and Sam, and we take back Watt and his salary..
  17. And maybe is just stupid? There a reason he is part of media, and is not a gm or even in nfl personnel at all
  18. Awful job on this mock, zero, and i mean ZERO chance, Fields go outside top 5
  19. This is a very good pt, and part of equation, we are all assuming we get a 2 plus... what if thats not his market? Can’t you just decline 5th year, keep him, he is relatively inexpensive near yr. Wouldn’t we still get a 3 comp pick if he signed with someone else as Fa?
  20. Here is how. What if its Daboll, who has watched him in the same division for 3 yrs, and probably has a book on him, good or bad. Also, Josh allen and Sam are good friends, maybe he gets some additional feedback there, as to how Sam was coached, etc. That said, if its me, i am drafting Fields.
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