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  1. Agree, Sam is gone, too many reasons not to keep him....
  2. This is good, I want them to interview at least a dozen candidates, then narrow to 4-5 for 2nd interviews. No need to rush this process, there isn’t one guy i believe we have to have. I am fine if this takes a month or more...plus sometimes some people shake lose late. I know, that can also be a bad thing, i.e. Gase!
  3. He is doing this to keep Giants out of playoffs, crazy stuff!
  4. Relax, it just prompted the post, by all accts , he has done a terrible job this yr, And now he puts Sudfeld in.... awful
  5. Yes, thats what prompted my post....
  6. Pederson is making some terrible decisions, and could be fired this week. Similar situation to when Miami fired Gase, and we hired him.
  7. He does not need to dominate Alabama, Just playing well against top team in country, after out -playing ‘generational’ qb, seals it
  8. I think Lawrence is the number 1 pick , no matter what outcomes are. Fields performance in one or both games will determine if he is firmly the number 2 pick. Best outcome for Jets, whether they select or trade him. If he wins both games, he will be the Jets pick
  9. Not necessarily true, it just means the do not want to invest the 2 in fields or wilson, they may like trey or jones as much, and get at least a 2022 one,( likely more)for making drop to 9
  10. If carolina is still at nine, this is where i go, to jump up to 2, package would need to include next yrs one. If you still wanted to go qb, either jones or lance will be there at 9. If not, there are the miami pass rushers, the alabama wrs, and potentially the te.
  11. Makes sense-— - was Jets qb coach for pennington in 2007 - has helped develop Josh - looks like minature joe douglaus Draft Fields who has similar skill set, and see if Daboll can develop..
  12. Seriously, you really don’t think Jets are contacting agents right now? Get real please, they will have at least a couple of interviews lined up for next wk. For all we know, Gase already has been told.
  13. I like him and think he and martindale will get interviews. I couldn’t care less that he from def side of ball, needs to be the Hc, for entire team, and hire strong coordinators...
  14. They will have hired a coach by mid to late january. The jets won’ t have even decided their plan for Sam by then, the work on the draft and free agency will be in early stages. The coach they hire will be part of free agency and draft discussions, and won’t be told in january, that he has to keep Sam.
  15. Exactly, not comparing their skills, but do I need to post Brady’s combine pics to further illustrate the pt?!
  16. I don’t think its the right thing to do, but i think these last two games will weigh heavily on whether Sam stays. If he plays well in both games, added to solid game vs. Rams, i think there is a good chance he stays. If he plays poorly in both games, i think they move on...
  17. And washington will also be picking a qb. If the win division they will be picking in the 20s, if not closer to 10
  18. Not happening, the Jets will get their wr in free agency..if for some reason they strike out the trade down to 4 or 5 and pick him there...
  19. Fant is very ‘cuttable’, over 9 mill cap , but only 2 mill dead money to cut... he is gone...
  20. I agree with Cimini, of all the scenarios, they will Not be taking Sewell. This will become obvious during free agency, well ahead of the Draft, they will look to upgrade from Fant... , and likely add a guard.
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