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    No he is not, he is marginally better than Crowder in slot if that, and has had a Hofer throwing to him, Crowder has had sam and flacco. He was never going to be considered by Jets, and should not be. Plus he an ...
  2. 4 more months of this is going to be painful, but need something to get through winter , right? During the tournament, many more qbs will be highlighted, and get the chance to impress further. Then, during combine, virtual or real, we will get to hear how small someones hands are, etc. Douglaus has some great options , lets get a real coach, and go from there, i will declare myself undecided, for now.
  3. Define Kings ransom?. Its a qb league, if a team loves a qb there, they wont hesitate, we have 500 posts debating wilson and Fields, other teams will be doing the same...
  4. Disagree, Carolina has new gm coming in, and strong rumors out of charlotte that they will move on from Bridgewater and draft a qb. Make no mistake , there will be alot of interest in number two pick, if Joe decides to trade it.
  5. These games are very important for the top qbs. They will be playing against strong competition, and this may be the last to time to showcase live. There is likely no combine, and ‘pro days’ are likely going to be virtual.
  6. correct, we are not drafting a wr early, one or two in free agency...
  7. You realize schuster is a slot wr right, we already have crowder who is as gd or better.... that is not the wr we are signing, bank on it.
  8. Yeah threw for100 yds for whole game, 44% comp, and 2 ints. Rb had 330 yds, and defense gave up zero pts in second half, yeah, Justin was reason they won.......
  9. Will have another 4-5 months to debate this, and yes, its all a crap shoot, spent the entire pre-draft talking rosen, sam, baker, and allen.... and Lamar goes 5th and wins Mvp...... there are no experts on this forum for sure, and the Nfl screws up all the time.
  10. One other usual variable to add into assessing the value of the number 2 pick. Both washington and the Colts will likely be looking for Qbs, and both are very likely to be in the playoffs and picking in the 20s. Thats a ton of Draft capital they would need to pay to move up, and likely would have to include following yrs number 1. Just use the jets trade for darnold from 6 to 3, as example, trading 3 twos just to move up 3 spots!,
  11. I am hoping a few other teams (denver, washington) feel the same way you do, we will do even better when trading it.
  12. I was a Fields fan until i actually watched him in every game this yr, They played only two good teams, Indiana and Northwestern, and he sucked in both games. Not wasting top pick on him. I believe it was ‘defense wins championships‘ that got me to really watch him. Might be 4th best qb in this draft
  13. This is possible, even for playoff seeding, is it worth it to have trevor in your division for next 15 yrs?.. Answer is No... Add in that colts dont even have a qb next yr.
  14. Yeah, possible, but how do you keep Gase, when he is already on record saying he failed to develop Darnold over the last 2 yrs? At this point, would just be pure stupidity by ownership, which sadly, is possible.
  15. Allen will have made several pro bowls, and will have made several division championships and play-off runs, and Fields will be a back-up holding a clip- board somewhere...
  16. Also true, with the Pats playing stidham , and with gilmore out- the Jets will also win this game
  17. Still can’t quite believe we won this game. Of all the remaining games, never once thought we would beat the 18 pt favorite Rams! That said, clearing my head, and now starting to look ahead... I have been watching all the top college qbs for weeks, and right now i trade the 2nd pick and acquire another 1st plus, stay with Sam, load up on weapons in draft and free agency and go from there, if a qb is there that we like with our Seattle pick, or our early 2nd rder, pick him and let him compete with Sam. I would not take Fields or Wilson at 2 , but someone will want to trade up...
  18. Would like to see Minshaw throw it 50 times vs. this depleted secondary... this will be a game today...
  19. Think positive, they can ‘ go for it on 4th down’ more now!,
  20. I feel good about the kicker signing. Rams 33 Jets 9
  21. If i were a fan of other teams in afc east, i would root for that too. JL will very quickly be the best Qb in that division. That said, they have zero chance of beating seattle or the rams, and maybe a 25% chance of beating browns. Will likely come down to Ne game which Stidham plays. Really rooting for a Jags win in next 4 wks, which would seal this thing.
  22. And i am not disappointed in Mims at all!
  23. It is clear that Claypool is off to a stronger start than Mims. That said he has a HOFer throwing him the ball , and Mims has Sam and Flacco. Enough said.
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