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  1. For any of you who have watched many Seattle games, you know they are not going anywhere in the play- offs, let alone the Sb. The defense is simply awful vs the pass, and teams like bucs, rams , etc, have/will beat them. I’d take the under on hawks signing Adams. I know thats alot of egg on their face, giving up as much as they did, but committing 15 mill annually to this clown, is even worse!,

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  2. This is so easy to fix, most of these guys barely graduated hs , or were phys ed majors in college, while being 2nd tier tier football players, and are stupid  as ..... , joe is no different. Bring in a parcells type, like mets did with Alderson to be President of football operations, joe and coach report to them, that person reports to ownership. Joe was over-promoted just like in corp world. He needs guidance and is not ‘ the guy’. Add a real coach into mix, and at least you have foundation.





  3. Exactly, the $$$ is a Huge part of this equation. Gase has a better chance of coming back than Darnold, 125 , and 130 yards last two games, there is bad, and there is Sam. I am going to look up the 10 worst offensive lines, and i bet Sam is the worst qb , of any of the them....and i will further guess that the Jets dont have the worst OL in the nfl.

  4. It’s like arguing over what beer or wine you like, others opinions are not important, you are not going to change your preference. Once again, i listened to Carton for yrs, and i prefer some fun and variety , not just 5 hours of complaining about local teams. Back to the morning comments, totally irrelevant , David letterman started  with a morning talk show.... if the show fails, it wont be because of time slot.... 

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